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The Right Resistance: Do you sleep better than you did three months ago? Kamala Harris thinks so

Is Joe Biden sleeping better these days?

Admittedly, it’s an odd question to ask, and honestly, I don’t really care how the placeholder president sleeps regardless of the answer. Here’s guessing that the cognitively challenged 78-year-old stumbles off into dreamland fairly easily and remains there until some loud crash, disguised as an alarm clock, stirs him from his coma-like slumber. Senile Joe’s brain function probably doesn’t register on any type of medical device, so it’s basically impossible to determine if he’s awake or not.

But in essence, we should hope the president gets his proper rest, because what comes after him would arguably be worse (though it’s hard to say how). Senile Joe’s bosom gal pal, sidekick and “last person in the room” vice president, Kamala Harris, earlier this week boasted that Americans are sleeping better with herself and bumbling Joe at the controls of the federal monster’s moving parts. Even further, she promised lots more of the same as we approach the completion of the administration’s first hundred days.

Scary? Maybe we should just try sleeping on it. Dave Boyer reported at The Washington Times:

“Vice President Kamala Harris claimed Monday that Americans are sleeping better now that she and President Biden are in power and said the White House has no plans to slow its agenda of massively higher spending, major tax hikes and transformative social programs...

“At the administration’s 90-day mark, the vice president said Americans are feeling a sense of relief. She said nearly 200 million people in the U.S. will soon have received COVID-19 vaccinations, about 159 million have received stimulus checks and more are benefiting from job creation.

“’Help is here,’ she said at Guilford Technical Community College in Jamestown [North Carolina]. ‘And hope is here, and things are looking up. Schools are reopening, businesses are reopening, grandparents are seeing their grandchildren in person… We are delivering real, real relief, and the American people are now able to breathe easier and sleep better.’”

All because of Joe n’ Kamala. Lucky, lucky grandparents! Forcibly sequestered when they weren’t being herded into blue state care facilities for a possible trip to the morgue. The world is livable once again!

Hmpf. “Real relief.” Tell it to the communities along the U.S.-Mexico border that are shouldering the heaviest burden in the illegal immigration crisis. How are these folks sleeping at night? Or, how are the tens of thousands of illegal aliens faring in the hotels and other federally provided-for accommodations getting through the dawn? Do their temporary quarters feature Spanish-language cable TV with free movies and swimming pools for the youngins? American taxpayers are doling out tens a of millions a day to ensure that the invaders get their recommended third-of-a-day of sleep.

It's the rest of us who fret. Is there a return on this “investment” of money that Democrats always talk about?

Boyer pointed out that Harris didn’t mention her recently appointed position as overseer of the Biden administration’s effort to deal with the border crisis. Kamala is set to visit Canadian border state New Hampshire this week, but due to its small size and localized economy, the Granite State is one of few that probably doesn’t feel much pain from the throng of illegal aliens plaguing this nation. So what’s she doing there?

It’s obvious -- staying as far away from the epicenter of responsibility as possible. Hmmm, let’s see. Kamala Harris making appearances in eternal swing-state North Carolina and New Hampshire in the same week. If ol’ senile Joe elects not to run again -- or should I say, the Democrat powers-that-be decide it for him -- then Harris hopes to leave a good impression on two states that will be crucial in determining whether she gets a chance to move up a notch on the Constitution’s executive totem pole.

It's strange that Kamala’s and the administration’s strategy is to tout more government spending, however, since the Biden people haven’t taken long at all to shatter any inkling that they’re guarding Uncle Sam’s purse strings with impunity. She’s also bragging over the vaccine totals, but the medicine was developed under Donald Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” and individual states have their own plans to stick it in arms (if you don’t believe it, see Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s brilliant implementation prioritizing the most vulnerable).

Biden’s government is taking the lion’s share of credit for the COVID eliminator but people with common sense recognize the boasts are mostly hot air. Likewise, the “stimulus” checks sent out by the federal treasury could/will eventually contribute to hyperinflation. Will Harris be as proud to own up to the Biden administration’s spending record when the euphoria wears off and decent people recognize it was all just a giant snow job?

If Americans are truly sleeping better these days it might be because they’ve set the DVR to record one of senile Joe’s speeches, which would no doubt cure even the most severe case of insomnia if played over and over again as needed. If the text and delivery won’t do it, maybe the brief pre-approved establishment media question and answer session will shut your eyes for you.

Biden’s handlers have largely hidden Harris up to this point, shuttling her off to small local events and limiting her public input to standing behind senile Joe at various signing ceremonies. She conveniently wears a mask, which disguises her facial expressions. If only she’d had the face diaper during the lead-up to the Democrat presidential primaries, she might’ve done better! The woman rotates between phony smiles and noxious frowns. What’s it going to be today, Kamala, the crazy fun lovin’ everyday gal or the bomb-throwin’, race hustlin’, patronage seekin’ former Willie Brown’s girlfriend that we all know and (don’t) love?

The old saying -- made famous by Barack Obama -- is, “you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig”. One wonders whether the Big O would’ve said it if he’d realized then that the clever analogy would be used against some of his own party’s future candidates.

Beyond surface appearances, Kamala’s words are even more frightening. By promising an even greater stepped-up emphasis on jamming through huge spending initiatives and leaving future generations with the price tag, Harris was simply confirming impressions that Democrats will do anything to realize their sinister aims while they still have the power. Fledgling administrations don’t have the greatest track record in first midterm election tests, and this one’s arguably more destructive than either Obama’s or Bill Clinton’s ever was.

Republicans certainly must be planning to link the Democrat senate majority to Kamala, since she possesses the tie-breaking vote. Democrats are gambling that Harris is right -- that Americans are sleeping better these days -- because a wide-awake conservative and populist voter will be more motivated than ever to ensure that the run of Democrat boondoggles ends just as soon as practicable.

At the same time, the days of Democrats being able to cower behind COVID-19 are rapidly coming to a close. As soon as Americans begin resuming “normal” life and tossing the stupid masks to the side, there’s going to be heck to pay for all of the economic fallout from the lockdown period. The pandemic’s government-fostered victims have not yet begun to assert themselves, and when they do... watch out.

Democrats impeached Donald Trump -- twice -- simply because they didn’t like the man. Republicans wouldn’t necessarily be against returning the favor for senile Joe, but removal from office would mean Kamala Harris would take over the White House. It’s hard to imagine a scenario where keeping Biden as president is desirable, but we’ve found one.

Thinking of Kamala leading the country is enough to deprive anyone of sleep.

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