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The Right Resistance: Does America really need another former president’s wife to run in 2024?

See if you recognize this scenario. Clear your mind if you’re able and go with me for a minute or two.

Say there’s an American political party, and it’s desperately searching for a candidate to compete against an immensely popular (at least with his own base) semi-former incumbent from the other major party in an upcoming election. The most obvious challenger to this political juggernaut is proving to be less than inspiring at best and downright incompetent and offensive at worst. Behind the scenes, whispers begin about who might act as a “break glass in case of emergency” type savior candidate.

Because the balloting involving these candidates is still a couple years away, there’s time to pore over the analytics of the different contenders, and, upon conducting a thorough process of elimination, your organization settles on the wife of a retired politician. This woman was very much involved in the day-to-day public relations effort for her husband’s administration, but firmly denied that she ever influenced policy decisions in any way. Perhaps because the lady was widely viewed as being detached from the ugly political arena, she was well-regarded by large swaths of the citizenry. In essence, she was seen as “above the fray” and could be counted on to stand by her man but still maintain a close connection with ordinary people through frequent media appearances and overwhelmingly flattering news coverage.

Upon exiting office, the dutiful wife continued in the role of hubby supporter while pursuing activities that would still provide her a separate identity. All the while, the woman actively disdained politics and swore she would never be interested in her spouse’s old job because of the mean and foul nature of the business.

Nevertheless, party faithful wouldn’t take “no” for an answer, and kept up the pressure so that she would eventually succumb to the political power bug and agree to enter the proverbial campaign ring. The initial reaction to her renewed interest in the spotlight was greeted with great fanfare by her husband’s party’s voters and the media. Anyone care to guess who this woman is? A number of clues ruled out Hillary Clinton. Big Bubba Bill’s gal had the political urge since day one and persistent talk of her running the White House in his place while he chased skirts weren’t entirely unfounded. Ol’ Crooked Hill accepted the self-appointed role of universal healthcare advocate and ran with it. The slobber from Democrat senators pooled on the committee floor while interviewing her in the early days of her effort. The episode helped explode Rush Limbaugh’s radio career and led to the Republican wipeout in 1994.

Hmmm… political wife. Supposedly not interested in politics. Said to be the best candidate to stave off a former incumbent, Donald Trump’s, mounting a comeback. Yeah, it’s Michelle Obama. None of this has happened yet, but with senile president Joe Biden and his hapless cackling gal pal veep Kamala Harris floundering like a lifeboat-less Titanic passenger in the frigid North Atlantic, who could help but speculate?

Would “Mrs. Big O” really do it? Myra Adams wrote at The Hill:

“As of this writing, a 2024 run by Mrs. Obama has been characterized as a ‘baseless rumor,’ injecting fear into Republicans' bloodstreams to help fundraising. For years Obama has consistently rejected the prospect. During a 2018 interview, when asked about a 2020 run, she famously said, ‘first of all, you have to want the job,’ the implication being that she didn't want the job.

“Still, Democrats in 2023 might be desperate enough for party leaders to encourage Mrs. Obama into considering the job. This group could argue that ‘your party and country need you’ to stop either Donald Trump or Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis — which could appeal to her patriotism and become her game-changing reason.

“When I told a Republican activist I was writing about Michelle 2024, he gasped, ‘God help us. She could beat any of our candidates. It’s a good thing she doesn’t want to run.’ An accurate assessment, and what follows is why Mrs. Obama is the Democrats’ ‘break glass in case of emergency’ candidate…”

Adams then offered ten arguments for why Mrs. Big O could be the Democrats’ female knight in shining armor-type 2024 candidate. Certainly not an endorsement of the concept, but also not an outright dismissal, either. For what it’s worth, about a year ago Myra Adams declared that she was leaving the Republican Party because of Trump. An establishment Republican, Adams worked for both George W. Bush’s and John McCain’s presidential campaigns. This basically revealed she’s no Trump fan, but does it make her a #Never Trumper? She kind of sounds like a Liz Cheney-clone. Who knows? But was Myra seriously advocating for Michelle Obama to run? I won’t bother reviewing Myra’s ten reasons why Michelle could run. Instead, I’ll present more persuasive -- and realistic -- evidence that Obama’s wife would choose to stay in her comfortable seaside Martha’s Vineyard estate and Georgetown mansion life rather than “save” the liberals from themselves.

First, the novelty of a black woman identity politics candidate will have completely rubbed off by 2023. Unless Mrs. Big O is under consideration by senile Joe Biden for the current Supreme Court opening, a different African-American woman would have already stolen a large part of the political tabloid spotlight by the time the national campaign rolls around.

The country is busy litigating the merits of Biden’s campaign vow to consider only black women to fill the next high court vacancy. Americans would go through another round of identity politics soul-searching if Michelle Obama were to suddenly burst out of retirement to run for president. Like Trump in 2015, she’s never held political office before. But she’s also never been vetted or had to endure the waves of unfriendly pokes and probes by the opposition media, either.

Mrs. Big O has delivered a number of political speeches, and she’s quite good at it. But standing up on stage and having to look your opponents in the eye -- to my knowledge, she hasn’t done it. Politics becomes a lot less fun when you’re the party frontrunner and suddenly you transition from anointed savior to dumbfounded queries of, “Why the heck do you think you’re qualified to be president?” Or, “As Barack’s wife, do you have a political philosophy of your own?” And, “Didn’t we already try the wife thing with Hillary Clinton?”

Somehow, I doubt an endorsement from the hags at “The View” and Oprah Winfrey would make Michelle instantly successful. Her doe-eyed TV appearances won’t carry the day in the big arena. No substance equates to losing -- big-time. Second, in the primary process, Mrs. Big O would have to compete against Kamala Harris. It’s true, Joe Biden’s veep is no political heavyweight; we saw it during the 2020 Democrat primary campaign, the general election campaign and throughout the last year as vice president. But the scenario changes when Kamala’s on a debate stage and she’s forced to defend herself against an insider/outsider interloper like Michelle Obama.

Kamala Harris’s legacy will be determined by her ability to follow-up -- and defend, if need be -- senile Joe Biden’s presidency. Already viewed as an under-qualified and generally disliked affirmative action candidate, Harris will come prepared if she chooses to try to be the Democrats’ 2024 presidential nominee. There would be no deferring to Michelle Obama in that case. It could get contentious and nasty -- a cat fight between entitled liberals! Who’s more ethnic? Who would be more ground-breaking? Who’s more in touch with the “woke” leftists, Kamala or the Democrat establishment like Michelle O? Who would Bernie Sanders choose?

Establishment Republicans like Myra Adams see Mrs. Big O as a formidable opponent. I think she’d wilt like a newly planted flower in the desert sun.

Lastly, the biggest reason Michelle Obama won’t run is because the sleaze of the Obama administration has yet to be fully exposed. Fair or not, much of her husband’s dirty dealings would taint Mrs. Big O’s candidacy whether she had anything to do with his decisions or not.

There’s much more to tell in terms of the Big O’s role in “Crossfire Hurricane”, which hopefully the country will begin exploring once Republicans take back majorities in Congress later this year. With Democrats in charge of the House the past three-plus years, liberals were more interested in getting at Trump than discovering how intricately the deep state was involved in the Russian collusion fiasco.

Republicans will call a different set of witnesses, subpoena different documents and ask real questions. What did Obama know and when did he know it? How about senile Joe? What was Michelle doing at the time?

Mrs. Big O won’t escape her husband’s massive ethical conundrums, nor his race-baiting, cultural destroying policies. Add in her own ethics problems and she’d spend a lot of time explaining herself, including her lack of “vision” for governing.

Americans are heartily sick of legacy candidates. In one form or another, they’ve rejected the Bushes and also the Clintons. Michelle Obama may look like an attractive alternative to senile Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on the 2024 Democrat ticket, but there’s no way she’d jeopardize her cushy “retirement” life to run for president. Can we stop talking about it now?

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It would be fun to watch a presidential debate between President Trump and Ms. Obummer. I just wish I had more confidence in the GOP--the mid-term election should be the proverbial slam dunk, but . . . !

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