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The Right Resistance: Does Biden doc scandal open another door for a Trump 2024 comeback?

Donald Trump can still win.

The way some folks talk these days, it’s as though the former president hadn’t already announced a third campaign and he’d instead decided to retire to the care facility for over-the-hill politicians until they move on to the great campaign in the sky. But Trump is still very much alive in the 2024 race and appears to be pursuing the type of quiet public relations drive that’s helped revive his reputation in the past – mainly by avoiding excessive controversy.

It's not a stretch to claim Trump’s prospects have improved – somewhat – in the new year. With president senile Joe Biden embroiled in his own classified document scandal, much of the negative attention on the former president himself has dissipated to the point where more people actually want to talk more about Biden than Trump these days. And that’s a rare occurrence, indeed.

Though opinion polls don’t necessarily reflect a grand revival on Trump’s part – at least not yet – the public has yet to fully grasp the length and breadth of senile Joe’s latest brush with the ethics police and the law. And it shouldn’t be overlooked that the Republican House majority is just getting started on its array of investigations into the Biden family sleaze that goes way beyond boxes in a garage. There’s much more to uncover where Joe Biden is concerned and all of it will eventually filter its way into the 2024 conversation.

Can Trump defy the odds – and some would say, common sense – to make another improbable run at the White House? Trump’s GOP naysayers are reportedly sounding the alarm to the weak at heart. It can and will get nasty, folks. In a piece titled “Republicans warn against writing off Trump’s chances in 2024”, Max Greenwood reported at The Hill:

“Trump is set to make the first public appearance of his 2024 campaign [this] week in South Carolina, where he’s expected to unveil his leadership team in the state. He will be joined there by two of the state’s most prominent Republicans, Sen. Lindsey Graham (S.C.) and Gov. Henry McMaster.

“Trump is also moving to reclaim control of his social media accounts two years after he was booted off of Twitter and Facebook in the wake of the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

“[A week ago] his campaign sent a letter to Facebook’s parent company Meta, arguing that Trump’s ban from the site ‘has dramatically destroyed and inhibited the public discourse’ and asked that his account be reinstated. Trump’s once-powerful Twitter account was returned to his control in November after Tesla CEO Elon Musk bought the company, though Trump has yet to resume using it.”

For Trump to even fathom not using his Twitter account is, in my opinion, a huge mistake. Where else does he have the capacity to reach tens of millions of followers with just a few strokes of the keyboard? I’m guessing it’s because Trump doesn’t want to increase the already considerable reputation and fortune of Elon Musk – who has been openly critical of Trump – but if the former president is serious about winning the presidency again, he’ll change his priorities.

It's understandable how Trump prefers using his own TRUTH Social in this instance, but with Musk’s rigid insistence on free speech and non-interference in opinion, many of the objections to using Twitter have disappeared. It’s only a matter of time before Trump re-ups his account.

And yes, it does look as though Trump is ready to get back “out there” in the campaign sense. It appears like he’s held back a bit recently – not only to let his public image heal some, but also to discover whether any of his potential opponents would tip their hats as to their 2024 intentions. So far no one has, but it doesn’t mean they won’t – and soon.

But with senile Joe Biden now dealing with a special counsel probe of his own, it seems a lot less likely that Trump will be indicted for the Mar-a-Lago document kerfuffle. And when compared with the dirt that will be exposed on Hunter and the Biden family corruption enterprises, Trump’s problems are miniscule by contrast. At the same time, many observers, myself included, continue to believe Trump needs to be pressed – and pressed hard – in the Republican primaries, and there may be better party candidates for 2024. We’ll see.

Meanwhile, Democrats would love to see Trump make a full political recovery – so he can be the GOP standard bearer.

Let’s not paper over it – despite their statements suggesting they want Trump to be gone for good, Democrats are hoping like heck that he is the Republican nominee in 2024, so of course they’ll insinuate that the 45th president is still a threat to win and his name should be kept in the news. While the notion is most definitely true – Trump can win because he has more political lives than any cat ever had – Trump’s extremely high unfavorable rating will always serve as a lead boot on his ability to swim to shore.

Democrats aren’t dumb. When it comes to assessing the ease or difficulty of a political race, they always hedge their bets on the amount of sleaze and vitriol they can heap upon an opponent and have it stick. The establishment media will invariably take their side of the matter, so the more sensational the allegations – “Trump is in bed with the Russians!” – the more they’re likely to advocate for that person to oppose them.

In addition to the obvious poll benefits, Democrats know they’ll need to spend next to nothing vetting Trump, since that’s all they – and their media pals – have been doing for the past seven-plus years. With his tax returns out in the open and every current Justice Department employee having been assigned to make a legal and criminal case against Trump, what’s left to do?

Then there’s the hostile establishment media, which would like nothing better than another couple years of featuring Donald Trump’s mug on their front pages and nightly cable broadcasts. There’s a reason why all the liberal news channels took a ratings dive in 2021 when Trump wasn’t around to regularly assault. Who wants to hear some blabbering talking head complain about Mitch McConnell? Or, even now, Kevin McCarthy?

A superhero, in this case the Democrats, needs a really evil villain to battle, not just a harmless-looking guy who says mean things about “woke” and “climate change”. Not even taking Ilhan Omar, Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell off of their committees would get anyone truly riled up. But put Donald Trump on the screen – or read one of his Tweets – and the ballgame changes!

The nominally pro-Democrat voter drops whatever he or she is doing to pay attention to what Trump just did or said. Where Trump is at issue, Democrats don’t need to hypnotize people to get them to notice. And no matter how many times they kick him and lie about him, Trump keeps coming back at them like hockey mask wearing Jason Voorhees in the “Friday the 13th” movies.

There’s another reason why Democrats crave to go against Trump. Any of the other prominent Republicans who’d possibly face them would likely be favored to win. No one can foresee how the Biden family document scandal will turn out, but here’s guessing that senile Joe will still try to run for reelection, and if he does, who would tell him no?

Last week, Biden’s 2020 savior, South Carolina Rep. Jim Clyburn, said he’s convinced Biden will give it another go – and that Democrats should not oppose him. What does this indicate? It means Biden will have the all-important African-American primary vote behind him, and any Democrat who commands the party’s biggest and most loyal bloc of voters starts off with a huge advantage.

Perceived electability is all that matters to Democrats. If they’d really cared about Joe Biden’s family foibles in the past, they would’ve put more stock into reports of Hunter Biden’s dealings prior to 2020. It’s not like Hunter’s drug addiction, penchant for pursuing females who aren’t his wife and his fondness for selling his dad’s name for personal profit were completely unknown to them. Democrats just didn’t figure it would ever catch up with them. They still might be right.

Black Democrat voters recall that Biden was Barack Obama’s vice president and the former community organizer’s legacy is inexorably tied to the current president’s fortunes. Simply put, if senile Joe goes down in flames, so does the dream for Obama’s permanent American transformation and his “Hope and Change” ruse.

There’s obviously still a long way to go for both parties in the 2024 presidential race. Thus far, Donald Trump is the only declared candidate, but there will be more. The Biden document scandal took some of the official heat off of Trump’s person, but we’ve yet to see where it all leads. One way or another, it’ll be a heck of a 2024 campaign.

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No matter who the Republican nominee is, he or she will be vilified by the establishment media arm of the Democrat party. When they can't find anything substantial, they just make things up. Democrats never criticize policy and achievements. They always go for the jugular on some personal characteristic. And when all else fails, they find many ways to stuff the ballot box. Oh, and they lie, lie, lie.


Jan 24, 2023

You might have missed it, but John Bolton has said that he's running. I suppose that he hasn't done the paperwork yet, but he went on some British show (!) to say he was running a couple weeks back. I can see why you wouldn't mention him since I highly doubt that Bolton has any support at all. The Democrats are running their own candidate for President, so they have no use for a Bolton or a Liz Cheney (until they are out of the race, so they can be useful idiots again). We've got Mike Pence and Nikki Haley beating around the bush. They are trying to generate buzz about their potential announcement, but I just think no one…

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