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The Right Resistance: Durham probe findings of Hillary’s spying won’t matter a darn to Democrats

In the not-so-distant American political future, politics junkies could easily see this:

Democrat 2024 primary debate moderator: “The next question goes to Secretary Clinton: A lot of Washington insiders are saying, including many in your own party, that if you were the Democrat nominee on this year’s ticket that you are damaged goods with American voters because of the Durham investigation and alleged proof of your spying on Donald Trump in 2016. How do you react to such worries?” Hillary Clinton: “Spying? What spying? We don’t need no stinking spying! “The evidence that Donald Trump was as dirty as a Russian prostitute’s unmentionables in a Moscow hotel room was incontrovertible, Don [Lemon]. Do your research -- I know just the materials you need to see. Trump had been all over the world and was as corrupt as they come. So what that the hotel didn’t have any records of him ever being there? We had very good sources -- trusted sources -- that he was deeply involved with Vladimir Putin planning a future invasion of Ukraine. “We heard it directly from Hunter Biden through his Ukrainian contacts that Trump was intricately tied to the Russian criminals that hacked mine and the DNC’s email servers, even though the FBI never asked to look at either of them. Hunter had smoked crack with a Chinese hooker who knew someone in the Russian government and she spilled the beans. “You should believe me now, just like you’ve always put stock in mine and my husband’s political instincts and penchant for the truth. Let’s move on, shouldn’t we?” (The crowd erupts in applause and Hillary beams as her fellow Democrat candidates turn towards her and clap. In unison, they speak into their microphones as though on cue, “Enough of the damn Durham spying thing”, (just as Bernie Sanders had put to rest Clinton’s budding email scandal in 2015.) “This is just the latest manifestation of the vast rightwing conspiracy that Republicans have been waging against my husband and I for over thirty years now. They’re playing to their base -- you know, the racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic—you name it. The basket of deplorables. They only hate me because I’m a woman and they don’t want a woman to be president.” Looking at Kamala Harris at the lectern next to her, Clinton concludes, “That’s why there was so much criticism of Vice President Harris in Joe’s administration. Republicans could never tolerate a woman of color as their president. That’s why you should choose me as your nominee instead. I’m white but I can do a black accent whenever politically advantageous.” --This scenario isn’t so hard to imagine, is it? Seeing the news coverage of Special Counsel John Durham’s recent findings and revelations on certain right-leaning news entities has made it seem like the proverbial smoking gun has been discovered at long last and that it will convince waves of liberals to suddenly abandon the Clintons and their political offspring in favor of truth and justice in American politics. Republicans, and especially Donald Trump supporters, love every second of it. For, assuming what Durham unearthed can be proven true, it means everything Trump has claimed over the past few years was absolutely correct. Sleazy Crooked Hillary Clinton’s campaign did spy on Trump’s campaign and kept up the snooping when the outsider president moved into the White House. Many (most?) of us never doubted it for a minute. There was enough there to see the Clinton people weren’t on the up and up. Thankfully there were sufficient numbers of voters in key states to give Trump the Electoral College win in 2016. But Democrats don’t care how tainted Hillary is and the Durham evidence wouldn’t sway them one iota in 2024. They even said so themselves. Susan Ferrechio reported at The Washington Times:

“Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is the subject of accusations in court documents that her campaign spied on Donald Trump, but supporters in her party are shrugging off the claim ahead of her much-anticipated speech before the New York State Democratic Party Convention...

“Democrats say the bombshell accusations from special counsel John Durham are just more reckless attacks, and they won’t let it spoil daydreams about Mrs. Clinton standing in for President Biden in 2024 if necessary.

“’I think this is going to be met with an eye roll,’ Dora Leland, chairwoman of the Chemung County, New York, Democratic Committee, told The Washington Times. ‘People are tired, or at least Democrats are tired, of all the incessant attacks on her, and a lot of them just come up warrantless and without any basis in fact.’”

Admittedly I don’t know that many Democrats, but I’m guessing they’d say something similar to what Leland surmised in the previous paragraph. Liberals have an uncanny ability to circle the proverbial wagons when confronted with a credible accusation that might stick -- “I did not have sex with that woman, Miss Lewinsky” -- and wouldn’t allow something so superficial as spying on Trump ruin their fantasies of a Clinton presidency part II. The American people would, but not Democrats. They’re (almost) all like Adam Schiff now. Think of the typical Democrat grassroots voter as a mama bear and Hillary as her cub. Encountering them on a walking path in the mountains, the mama bear instinctively charges who or whatever comes within smelling distance of the pair. It doesn’t matter that her cub has been raiding campsites and leaving fetid evidence of her presence all over the campers’ gear and sleeping bags while gnawing at their arms and legs. All the mama knows is the cub is in danger. End of story. Hillary Clinton is like a movie horror monster. Just when it seems as though her political career has been killed and buried for a final time, she appears in the next scene with bigger fangs and a nastier disposition, if that’s even possible. Her relationship with Russia isn’t exactly pure, either. There was the Clinton Foundation’s Uranium One scandal where the former first couple sold out U.S. national security to pad their own pockets. There was also the failed “Russian reset” when Hillary was the Big O’s secretary of state. It turned out the Russians didn’t care half as much about starting fresh as Clinton and Obama did. Who knows, maybe they Russkis recognize fraud when they see it. If Hillary Clinton does indeed enter the 2024 Democrat presidential primary race, it’s hard to see who might stop her from winning the nod. Democrats love Madame Clinton as much or more than they do Michelle Obama, who hasn’t accomplished anything for them other than smiling for the cameras and cutting into Donald Trump. But who among them hasn’t done that? Hillary, on the other hand, has been through the wars for over three decades now. A tougher, more seasoned fighter doesn’t exist in the liberal party. Not even Nancy Pelosi compares with Clinton’s fabricating skills. She learned from the best, Big Bubba Bill! Or did he learn from her? CNN’s Chris Cillizza wrote the other day that it wasn’t a foregone conclusion that Joe Biden would lose the Democrat nominating contest if he actually runs for reelection. The pundit’s reasoning was that even though senile Joe isn’t polling well among Democrats who say they would prefer “someone else” today, as soon as his challengers are named, the voters could reconsider. That’s likely true if you put Biden up against Kamala Harris, crotchety old fart Bernie Sanders, wimpy incompetent Pete Buttigieg or the boring snooze-inducing windbag Amy Klobuchar, but what if Hillary Clinton were thrown into the conversation? The aforementioned pols are all “B” list political performers compared with super-duper celebrity Hillary. Add the fact that Clinton is now viewed as a sympathetic character (because the 2016 election was “stolen” from her, right?) and the woman’s star rises even higher in the race and gender obsessed Democrat party. Hillary could personally be brought up on criminal charges in the Durham probe and it wouldn’t make any difference with Democrat primary voters. In fact, she’d probably look better to the leftwing of the party because she would’ve demonstrated that she was willing to do anything to beat the Republicans. If Trump is the one running against her, watch the sparks fly! They might have to have Mitt Romney positioned between them on a debate stage to prevent the two from going after each other.

Republicans shouldn’t get their hopes up that the findings from the Durham investigation will bear meaningful political fruit in the upcoming elections. Most Americans’ opinions on the spying/cheating matter were already formed long ago. Not even the 50th anniversary commemorations of Watergate will sway the skeptical. Democrats in particular simply don’t care about high-level shenanigans, especially where a Clinton is involved.

Time will tell whether Hillary Clinton will jump into the 2024 Democrat primary picture. Senile Joe Biden will continue to struggle, more facts will come out about Democrats spying on Donald Trump and pundits on either side will either ignore them or swear they’re a game changer. The fact we’re talking about another Clinton candidacy is telling, isn’t it?

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6 comentários

If you convince yourself that the other side are basically Nazi's, as the Democrats have, then anything to win becomes justifiable in their minds.

Mike M
Mike M
19 de fev. de 2022
Respondendo a

Liberals are convinced beyond any shadow of a doubt that they are always in the right and that they are morally superior to everyone else. So to them that means they have the right and the moral obligation to dictate to everyone how they should live, how they should think, and everything that they should do. Therefore anything and anyone that opposes their will has to be either forcibly changed or eliminated. And they justify their Satanic stupidity by reasoning that the ends justify the means because it's all for the greater good.


Democrats don't care. It's looking more and more like a Clinton-President Trump rematch in 2024. Bring it on!


Mike M
Mike M
18 de fev. de 2022

I'm morally certain that the evil old Communist witch sold her soul to the devil in exchange for the Presidency and she's bound and determined to collect. The wild card is if the Demonrats think that she's damaged goods and drag Michael aka Michelle Obama into it. Now that would be a cat fight worth watching!

Mike M
Mike M
18 de fev. de 2022
Respondendo a

No telling what would happen if Michael Obama and Komrade Hitlery Rottenheart Klinton had a knock down drag out fight for the Demonrat nomination. But it'd be fun to watch!

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