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The Right Resistance: Expect more senile Joe Biden cursing storms as the race heats up

With forgiveness to my now adult children, if they’d told me when they were little – back when I was therefore theoretically still in charge -- that I was failing at every aspect of my job as father, I’d have done a little screaming myself.

So is it any wonder that there were reports last week that all-too-embattled president senile Joe Biden threw a whopper of a temper tantrum when his staff informed him that he was trailing badly in the 2024 general election polls (according to those who were there or are familiar with the president’s bout of unforced and personally embarrassing acrimony towards his own people)? Not only losing in public opinion, but also because his policies are driving the unpopularity?


This was most definitely not workplace behavior, was it? And they say Donald Trump is a hothead?


Anyone who’s watched the hair sniffin’, child repellin’, women’s shoulders massagin’, senate staffer molestin’, prodigal son’s rear coverin’, nude swimmin’ (in front of female Secret Service agents), American Dream ruinin’ and mentally deteriorating old dolt knows from experience that anger is the primary emotion in senile Joe Biden’s repertoire, so when one of his episodes makes national headlines, it must’ve been a humdinger of a yelling storm!


After all, if senile Joe’s performance during the State of the Union Address a couple weeks back was any preview into the status of his mental state these days, Biden must constantly dwell near the breaking point. Anyone who’s watched Biden throughout his half-century-plus career in the DC swamp understands that it doesn’t take a lot to separate him from the present. Reality inside Joe Biden’s head differs markedly from every other space on earth, so he’s one uptight octogenarian now.


How bad was it? In an article titled “Biden screamed and swore during private meeting after being told he is losing to Trump: Report”, Jack Birle reported at the Washington Examiner:


“Biden has been ‘second-guessing’ travel and messaging for his bid for four more years amid other frustrations, according to a report from NBC News. The report cites several people familiar with the Biden campaign to illustrate the frustrations the president has as his 2020 opponent appears on track to beat him, according to most polls.


“Biden was reportedly ‘seething’ after he was told his handling of the war in Gaza had caused poll numbers in Georgia and Michigan to drop, with the report alleging he shouted and swore. He has also felt ‘cocooned.’ The president wants to speak more with voters and has been frustrated by restraints placed on him.


“In preparing his State of the Union address, Biden attempted to eliminate rhetorical flourishes to explain his accomplishments instead. The address, which was earlier this month, was fiery and saw Biden interact with a rowdy congressional audience. Biden took advantage of the stage as one of the most watched political events of the year to make his case for why voters should support him instead of Trump in November.”


If I didn’t know better, I’d say you could substitute the name “Trump” for “Biden” in the above blurb and this line of reporting would fit right into the narrative describing the former president’s conduct from the previous administration. How many times were Americans treated to news leaks from the inside suggesting that Donald Trump himself was often enraged and yelling at people?


The tales were legendary. Whenever a Trump White House staffer was sent packing, he or she would make the rounds on the morning news shows detailing how Trump the unhinged political grouch was just one second away from a total meltdown that would bring down the republic. Or something like that.


Tidbits on Trump’s temper were legendary. Who knows, perhaps it’s due to presidents believing that they can get away with acting like fathers who feel empowered to spread a little vocal discipline around to their underlings. Spare the rod, spoil the child, right?


But where Biden is concerned, it’s a big shocker. It’s also no big secret that Biden frequently loses it in front of staff, his wife, his family, his ice cream shop attendants and anyone else who’s unfortunate enough to be within actual shouting range of the frustrated old geezer when he embarks on another uninhibited-by-common-sense cursing bender. After a while you’d think people would just realize that senile Joe isn’t the kindly old doofus he portends to be – and that he’s really just a lying jerk who’s gotten away with the ruse his entire life.


It also might be that Biden has reached the magic moment of personal self-awareness and crystal-clear realization where the thought hits, maybe in his case, for the first time, that he’s not the political savior or founding-fathers-level, once-in-a-generation change agent that he perceives himself to be. For far too long – basically, his entire adult life – senile Joe has been used to those around him praising him for his upbeat personality, his wealth of (misguided) ideas and his professed abilities to heal divisions and get along with everyone.


Picture a mentally challenged child who adults endlessly praise as a means of encouraging the youth. That’s senile Joe in a nutshell!


For those who aren’t deluded liberal sycophants or singularly devoted to political power, Joe Biden has always represented kind of an outlier in politics, almost Ted Kennedy-like in his uncanny survival abilities, but oblivious to the actual situation. Think about it – he’s not too bright, not too charismatic, not too articulate, not too good looking or wealthy, yet he’s slid by and prospered nonetheless.


Senile Joe’s never been in the military so he doesn’t strike a heroic pose or anything of that sort. Biden’s not the man who could command a room with a Patrick Henry-like orator’s charm, strength-of-purpose and talent. He’s always just been “there”, yet he’s somehow managed to survive a lifetime’s worth of political pitfalls and still ascended to the pinnacle of power.


But it’s all been phony, too. Similar to a two-man golf team playing a four-ball match against another duo, senile Joe’s the odd player who commits mistake after mistake after mistake yet is “carried” by his partner and then takes credit afterwards for the team’s success when they end up winning the championship based on the stronger partner’s stellar performance.


The cold, hard fact that Joe ain’t really that great is maybe catching up to Biden and he’s having to face ugly reality for the first time in a long, long time – and he doesn’t like it. There’s little doubt that senile Joe himself and his closest inner circle of protectors actually believes he possesses some kind of magic political potion that won’t ever result in failure if ingested as diagnosed.


Hence, Biden thunders that those polls are wrong! The media is against me! Trump is a charmed cretin who’s made a deal with the devil and that’s how he’s ahead now! The people will rally around me! You’ll see! You’ll see! I’m not stepping down!


It’s a messaging problem! I don’t get to talk directly to the people! You people work for me, yet you’re always telling me where to stand and what not to say – or what I can say! Turn me loose to be me! Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton didn’t have anyone telling them what to do, did they? I smoke all those fools! I speak the people’s language!


Of course, you’d have to insert several “bleeps” into the dialogue to make it genuinely senile Joe authentic. Joe Biden has always been a nasty, temperamental man, but now that his cognitive restraint is leaving him, literally by the hour, there’s no filter anymore and he doesn’t care who hears him rant and rave and gesture and grit his teeth and call everyone “Jack” and make a scene unbecoming of someone in charge of the nuclear codes.


But none of that matters now because Democrats are stuck with him. Both he and Trump clinched the delegate totals needed to secure their party nominations at this summer’s conventions. Talk will continue regarding the faint hope, among some, that senile Joe and his foul moods can be replaced or supplanted when enough Democrats decide they’d had it with him, but unless he himself comes to that realization, he will appear on November’s ballot.


The other alternative, of course, is to give in to Biden’s wishes and allow him leeway to campaign as he seemingly desires to, such as conducting town hall-type meetings and working the ropes and pressing the flesh just as he did all those years ago when he still possessed a functioning brain and could lie his way out of any tight spot simply by telling stories about the old days and his associations with famous names who’d long since gone to their rewards.


Is there still some magic left in that toothy Biden smile, his personal interactions with “real” people and the bounce-on-your-knee grandfatherly relatability? Or would senile Joe simply gaffe or fart (like he did in front of the royal family) his way to even lower polling numbers? Here’s thinking the latter possibility is more likely. Just the other day Joe wandered off the stage unexpectedly to greet a baby in the audience.


Biden has simply become too unpredictable to follow the tight script written for Democrat candidates who are supposed to stick to talking about Trump and the threat to “democracy”, abortion, “voting rights” and January 6, 2021 without deviation. Senile Joe, however, wants to spread the word on how great his economic policies are.


No one was surprised when it was all over the news that Joe Biden had yelled and cussed out his staff over his low poll standing. The cognitively challenged old fool doesn’t understand much anymore, and asking him to take a realistic approach to his 2024 election chances is beyond his capabilities. Joe Biden’s world exists within his own skull. Does anyone hope to visit?

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Joe, the so called, self prescribed “Catholic” is just a demon. And God is taking notes every day.

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