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The Right Resistance: Fauci, Christmas, Normalcy and the Wrong Track feeling under Joe Biden

Household members couldn’t help but chuckle the other day as we noticed that the syrupy sweet love story and (by and large) traditional value promoting Hallmark Channel is

beginning its annual “Countdown to Christmas” in, get this, two weeks. That’s right folks, on October 22 you can find wall-to-wall, nonstop Christmas spirit 24/7 (or close to it) nine nights before Halloween all the way through New Year’s and (slightly) beyond.

Strolling through department stores as kids, we joked about Christmas displays cropping up earlier and earlier each year. Whereas the end of Thanksgiving -- or the beginning of Advent -- used to be considered the beginning of the Yuletide season, these days you can see Santa signs and twinkling lights around Labor Day. Why not the Fourth of July? Why not Groundhog Day?

If only preparing for the Messiah meant the same to everyone. But not in our contemporary COVID-worshipping American culture, where “woke” people seem to prefer seeing LeBron James play on December 25th to going to church.

At any rate, Dr. Anthony Fauci made news this week by waffling on whether Americans could expect to gather “normally” this holiday season, since last year’s festivities were poopooed by the powers-that-be and an election result that left 75 million people feeling more like the Grinch than a jovial Christmas caroler or Nativity worshipper.

There’s been plenty written and said (including a lot of curse words) about Fauci and his legendary inability to accurately interpret data or prognosticate the future. No one outside of the most terrified of housebound liberal souls listens to the octogenarian dolt any longer, his birthday on Christmas Eve notwithstanding. For Fauci to even hint that there might be additional “voluntary” or otherwise government lockdowns on Christmas this year is absurd. Americans want to gather with their family, friends and coworkers to do what they’ve always done at the end of each year -- take a break, relax, exchange gifts and eat and drink in copious amounts.

As Joe Biden might say, “It’s who we are.”

By now, even those who don’t pay close attention to the news and facts knows about COVID, the available vaccines and the issues surrounding government mandates on masks and getting the shots. Statistically speaking, the afflicted numbers keep increasing, but again, much of the sickness appears to be entering the U.S. courtesy of our porous southern border and then allowed to spread through governmental incompetence and/or ineffective policy. We aren’t stupid. Celebrating Christmas is a no-brainer, which should make the current Democrat leadership happy.

The fact is, because of overzealous idiots like Dr. Fauci, Americans have had it with senile president Joe Biden’s administration after less than a year. We’re headed in the wrong direction alright, and it ain’t north, south, east or west we’re talking about.

“President Joe Biden's arrival brought an immediate improvement in the [right track, wrong track] numbers. The wrong track number was still higher — that seems to have become a permanent feature of American life — but by May, the gap was down to single digits, once as low as six points.

“Then came August, and the number of people who believe the country is on the wrong track began to grow, while the number who think it is on the right track began to shrink. Now, the gap has grown to 28 points — more than it was at any time in 2018 and 2019. Biden pessimism has set in.

“And why shouldn't it? Inflation, a debacle in Afghanistan, a debacle on the southern border, falling voter confidence in the president's job performance — together, it is a recipe for greater pessimism about the direction of the country. No, Biden pessimism has not reached the depths that were common during the Obama years. But it appears to be headed in that direction.”

Why shouldn’t it, indeed. One doesn’t need to watch the evening cable news talk show hosts to see that things are going nuts around us. Just this week Americans were treated to video of illegal alien leftist losers following Arizona Democrat Senator Kyrsten Sinema into a restroom (in a secured and locked public building, no less) to accost her over her lack of support for Biden and the congressional leadership’s “Build Back [More] Better” universal welfare program.

The big Biden sure-to-be-boondoggle comes with a $3.5 trillion price tag, which Sinema happens to think is too large. As a result, some leftist organizer paid a handful of pathetic goons to stalk Sinema at her weekend place of employment (teaching a class at ASU) and indulged the country (via social media) to actual footage of a U.S. Senator entering a restroom stall.

Tell me, since I’m obviously having a hard time grasping the current culture… is it considered proper and acceptable to vent your First Amendment Rights at all times, even when public officials are relieving themselves? Besides that, do illegal aliens even have First Amendment rights, anyway? I’m not a [practicing] lawyer, but I’d imagine that there’s no such privilege for “undocumented” people who squat on U.S. soil without permission.

Does this look like our country is on the right track to you?

Liberal federal government officials like Fauci and Biden have succeeded in making feeling “normal” a fleeting concept. It used to be that “protesters” would at least leave politicians and other celebrity-types alone at home or in the public John. Would Sinema have had more luck if she’d run outside to a porta potty and switched the dial to “Occupied” while shouting for the scum to leave her be for a few minutes?

Wrong track? Heck yeah. People are tired of going to places of familiarity and fondness and finding “closed due to lack of staffing” signs after COVID. Using one local example, a number of restaurants in the place I live are having extreme difficulty staying open because they can’t find enough bodies to serve their customers. It’s not that residents and tourists aren’t willing to go out to eat any longer -- because they’re afraid of the phantom Chinese Communist Party (or Wuhan, if you prefer) virus -- they’re frustrated by planning to go somewhere and then being restricted in what they can expect.

We have local fast food restaurants that regularly close down their dining rooms -- not because patrons object to wearing stupid masks, but due to no help to manage the public spaces. Who would’ve ever thought you can’t go to Taco Bell on weekends because there’s always a sign on the door saying, “Drive-thru only. Sorry.”

Much to Fauci’s and Biden’s delight, COVID paranoia still prevails more than a year and a half after the original “Fifteen days to control the spread” campaign. It shouldn’t be hard to recall that it was former President Donald Trump who pushed reopening the American economy in the spring of last year so the faithful could go to Easter services. And now Dr. Fauci is wavering on whether it’s safe to come together for Christmas in 2021? And he says it’s based on the numbers? When will the coast be clear, Dr. fuzzball, in 2030?

Maybe it’ll take Fauci going completely senile for him to forget all about COVID. Biden has already traveled most of the way to the care facility and all he talks about is “vaccines” and saving people and responsibilities and the rich paying their fair share. Nonsense. Fauci should be in jail for financing the whole thing at the Wuhan lab -- thank you, Sen. Rand Paul!

Meanwhile, Americans see the current ruling party bickering over the size of more spending packages while prices keep going up in the supermarket, the local box store and at the gas pump. “Progressive” Democrats threaten to shoot down the prospects for the “moderate” pseudo infrastructure package unless their economy wrecking 2500-page bill is approved first. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema say they want to hold the line at a token $3 trillion ($1.5 for infrastructure and $1.5 for welfare) and they’re depicted by the media as betraying their president because of fiscal miserliness.

You know things are on the wrong track if Saturday Night Live (or some other left-leaning media entity) casts Sinema or Manchin as Scrooge for a corrupted twenty-first century version of “A Christmas Carol” this year.

Then there’s the fact that the Senate parliamentarian may need to be the one to keep amnesty out of the Democrats’ gigantic budget reconciliation bill. The parliamentarian already indicated that the Dems’ original plans weren’t related to the budget, but they’ve come up with a new scheme to try and sneak it through (thank you, Mark Tapscott).

What’s there to like, America?

Christmas might be arriving early at the Hallmark Channel and at the department store, but our American freedoms are in continual peril with people like Dr. Fauci and Joe Biden making policy. It’s no longer a fight to simply secure the right to congregate for a church service or Christmas dinner, it’s the entire notion of being free to live our own lives that’s at risk.

That’s the very definition of “wrong track” in my mind.

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I refuse to wear the stupid mask anymore.


Mike M
Mike M
Oct 08, 2021

I treat everything that both Bite-Me Biden and Full-of-s**t Fauci say and do as nothing more than the words and actions of senile old Communist fools. As far as I'm concerned both of them are beneath the dignity of contempt.

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