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The Right Resistance: Fauci’s momentum killing doom and gloom crushed by common sense

“Let’s keep it goin’.”

It’s a rally point often heard in sporting contests as momentum builds and players and fans alike hope that whatever mysterious force is propelling a string of good fortune won’t suddenly abandon them at their moment of greatest need. Some might call it superstition. Baseball teams have been known to turn their hats inside-out and put them on backwards in “rally cap” fashion to inspire the benevolent luck gods -- or whatever you want to call it -- to grant them just a few more flashes of glory.

Momentum is coveted in politics too. Every Election Night people tune-in to their network of choice hoping to hear of victories in far off places that might signal a trend. For presidential elections, you can usually tell within a couple hours who has the “juice” so to speak, and the pundits either parrot the good news or try to find signs of hope amidst a string of losses.

2020 was the exception. But that’s another story.

Like a boulder rolling downhill reaching a flat terrace, momentum can instantly cease, too. Such is the case for today’s purveyors of COVID-19 panic, namely liberal Democrat politicians and their government bureaucrat enablers like Dr. Anthony Fauci, all of whom take obvious good tidings and twist them around to be harbingers of doom instead. With the nation clearly recovering from the worst of the China virus pandemic -- or what was overhyped all along as a grave threat to human existence -- these desperate souls are working to reverse the tide and thus preserve their power and influence.

Too late? People are thoroughly sick of Fauci’s negative poo-pooing of good news on COVID-19. We might even say Fauci’s dark foreboding is the antithesis of the “rally cap.” He’s hoping for a rain delay right in the middle of the excitement. Joe Concha wrote at The Hill:

“[T]hings seem to have turned in recent weeks as the ubiquitous Fauci continues to hold interview after interview with the same message about the way Americans should conduct themselves after being vaccinated. Last weekend, for example, MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan asked Fauci the following question: ‘What is the message to vaccinated and unvaccinated Americans as to what they should and should not be doing right now? For example, eating and drinking indoors in restaurants and bars ... is that OK now?’

“’No, it's still not OK,’ Fauci replied, citing new cases still above 50,000 per day before adding: ‘If you are vaccinated, please remember that you still have to be careful and not get involved in crowded situations, particularly indoors where people are not wearing masks.’...

“Living in fear for the foreseeable future seems to be the overall message that many Americans are hearing from more than a few doctors who really need to get their media-exposure diets under control.”

In other words, these momentum killers continue sounding the alarm to preserve their celebrity and power, not to cheer the “rally” as a sign that our “team” -- a.k.a. sensible American society -- is winning now. There isn’t a scoreboard in this proverbial contest, though the doomsayers are very fond of death totals, new case numbers and the occasional reported failure of one of the approved vaccines.

Oh no! Someone in state X got the Johnson and Johnson one-dose vaccine and they still came down with COVID! So what that they only developed mild symptoms and they’re quarantining after the positive test, we’re still in danger anyway! Lock down the airports! Shutter the open restaurants. Bar the door on that bar! Arrest that stupid heartless loser who took off his mask! Cretins, all of them! Where’s Dr. Fauci when you need him?

Concha’s piece included a tweeted photo from the Biden administration featuring himself, Vice President Kamala and all the members of his cabinet spaced out in a responsible, socially distanced manner. All of them have been vaccinated. All of them are wearing masks in the picture. If they’re so confident in the efficacy of the vaccine -- as they’re touting to all those Trump supporting rednecks who still refuse to get poked (advertising on NASCAR and Country Music Television? No joke!) -- then why the distancing and the masks?

Everyone knows the instant the photographer concluded his or her work that each of the liberals reached for their dang face diaper strings and ripped the thing off. Then they probably flung it in slingshot style into the nearest round file, their phony PR façade concluded until the next time they’re called upon to sustain the ruse so the “sheep” will remain passively compliant to the dictates of the senile shepherd and his octogenarian henchman (Fauci).

Who would’ve thought the most powerful 80-year-old on the planet is a man nobody had heard of before last year? The Democrat primary race boiled down to old (Joe Biden) and older (Bernie Sanders), but there’s still little evidence that Americans don’t trust anyone under eighty years-old anymore. Remember, this is the same dope smoking, venereal disease flouting free-love 1960’s generation whose slogan was, “Don’t trust anyone over 30.”

Now they’ve turned the logic on its head -- and they’re forcing everyone under retirement age to conform to the whims of the “scientists.” I can’t say for sure, but when did Dr. Fauci complete his medical education? Was it in the 20th century? (Wikipedia indicates he graduated from Cornell University’s Medical College in 1966.) Has Dr. F been keeping up with his professional continuing education requirements? Shouldn’t someone ask him?

President Trump offered a different kind of message, one intended to prolong the “rally” and provide people reassurance that his administration was doing everything possible to not only combat the pandemic but also find a cure (vaccine) to save lives. He promoted businesses being permitted to reopen. He encouraged schools to welcome back children and teach them life skills, as their risk of infection -- and that of their teachers -- was demonstrably minimal.

Trump completely stopped wearing a mask once he’d contracted COVID and beat it. His doctors told him he was immune and that he couldn’t spread the virus to others. Why keep wearing it as “theater”? Senator Rand Paul famously challenged Fauci a few weeks ago over the continuing need for immune people to wear masks.

Still the horror house scenario resounds from the ruling class.

Not even the provable success from states like Texas and Florida persuade the rally killers to brighten their horizons. In their eyes, to do so would only hasten the day when TV appearances dwindle and normal people start being happy again. And free people don’t need nanny state government politicians and bureaucrats telling them what to do. Masks would disappear. Faces would reappear. And maybe, just maybe, a lot of folks would realize that Trump and the Republicans were right all along.

The Rolling Stones once crooned, “Time is on my side” to the 60’s generation, but momentum is on the side of liberty lovers today. It won’t be much longer and a lot of folks will be saying “Let’s keep it goin’” and the Anthony Fauci’s of the world will slunk back to their places of obscurity. Hopefully that day is coming soon.

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It's time to stand up and be heard. Lord Fauci has worn out his welcome on the Public Stage. Call your US Senators and your US Representatives and urge them to clean out this aged relic from the DC Swamp. This guy is an Administrator, not a doctor. The Tax Payers would gain more than his excessive salary if he got lost, we would save our economy and perhaps our nation. This guy is indirectly responsible for the COVID-19 issue around the world. He must be fired for his underhand action to fund the Wuhan Laboratory. Where are the actions by the FBI and CID in searching his fiscal actions as Public Servant?


Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
Apr 16, 2021

Suspended from face book 30 days have to regroup:

King Biden legacy, it's true he has never had an original thought of his own, currently all his plans come from the left, the man who wanted to be president, really never had a plan of his own, or any dream for America of his own, except too destroy Trumps accomplishments. He is mentally unfit to be our President, this guy spent a life time of lying or stealing others ideas, he is a relic from the past who should have stayed there, not any new ideas, only spend and tax, spend and tax, this does not solve problems, he can't solve problems because he is not a leader, only someon…

Replying to

You hit the nail squarely on the head. The "Ruling Class" is telling us to shut up and obey the dictates from Fantasy Island, DC and the number of vaccinations performed is simply an indication of how obedient We The People are. I have now learned that there are no Covid samples in existence; only Influenza A and Influenza B. And the vaccines are what?

A line from the old movie "1000 Years From Now" becomes eerie regarding Biden: "He betrayed his own people; I could never trust him but he did sit in the Chief's Chair." Well, Biden is in the Chief's Chair now and the Chinese will never trust him. Fasten your seat belts; we are headed for…

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