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The Right Resistance: Flailing and Shrieking Teletubby-like Democrats about to get bounced

Now less than 24 hours from the bound-to-be dramatic Election Day, 2022, I surveyed this year’s uneven federal midterm campaign searching for an appropriate real-life analogy to

explain the Democrats’ prolonged bizarre behavior throughout, and came up with a couple scenarios encapsulating the liberal party’s excessive and abhorrent fearmongering and anguish.

First, I harkened back to the fishing days of my youth with my dad and brother. Whenever one of us landed a fish, I felt a little sorry for the captive as it flopped around helplessly on the boat floor until transported to the fish basket on the outside of the vessel, the final destination for the slimy soul awaiting its journey to the cleaning hut and eventually, our dinner table.

Then I thought back to the moment a couple years ago when a hawk swooped down from a high point in the neighborhood to a bush in our backyard and grabbed a bunny, which then emitted an indescribable shrieking sound before succumbing to the predator bird’s powerful talons and beak. The rabbit’s death throes were brief but unforgettable, yet very little sympathy ensued from the onlooker, myself, for one of the creatures that had destroyed so much of our garden.

The circle of life, right? So there you have it. Democrats have acted like a landed fish flagging in a boat and a bunny that had consumed one too many of our flowers and left itself exposed to a bigger and smarter hunter. Like the above two examples from the animal kingdom, liberals have flailed around feebly, fruitlessly – and desperately. And if nature and politics is just, tomorrow they’ll suffer the consequences for their oversteps.

If you require an additional image, once again, dramatic film demonstrates a concept in American politics. In the closing scene of the 2000 classic thriller, Gladiator, the film’s main character and hero, Maximus, takes on Roman Emperor Commodus in an epic duel to determine the fate of the Empire. Fans of the action and intrigue packed production should recall that Commodus had stabbed Maximus in the kidneys prior to fighting in front of tens of thousands of cheering Romans so as to secure for himself a seemingly insurmountable but unmerited advantage.

Despite the mortal wound, Maximus summoned what remained of his legendary strength and skill to outwit Commodus. Using the Emperor’s own dagger (which the man kept hidden in his sleeve and then yanked out when he’d had his sword knocked away by his opponent), Maximus aimed the sharpened point towards the younger man’s vulnerable throat, readying for a final deathly thrust.

Right then, Commodus used his arm – which Maximus had been broken during the brawl – to vainly lash at Maximus, a futile effort to survive. The pathetic blows glanced off Maximus, who then completed his mission of gaining revenge on the man who had mercilessly tortured and killed his wife and young son.

Yes, Democrats are like Commodus, too. Their errant last-minute punches aren’t saving them from electoral purgatory now. Some of the things they’ve done and said over the course of this political season simply can’t be justified with normal explanations, either. They’re defenselessly grasping for something – anything – to give them another chance at policy hegemony. And it isn’t working.

Even Hillary Clinton emerged lately to try and make hay over the strange kook-attack on Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul in the haven for all nutty lunatics, San Francisco. In a report titled “Hillary Clinton Slams 'The Level of Just Plain Crazy, Violent Hate Rhetoric Coming Out of Republicans'”, Susan Jones wrote at CNS News:

“[Hillary Clinton said during an appearance on Joy Reid’s MSNBC program] It's President Biden who is trying very hard to inject new energy into our economy. And it's working. Here in New York, where I'm talking to you from, two huge announcements that were in many ways promoted because the Congress, the Democrats finally passed something called the Inflation Reduction Act.

“So the Republicans talk a good game, but they rarely do anything, other than try to take away your freedoms, undermine the quality of our life, make our political discourse violent, instead of bringing people together.

“Why reward that behavior? You have a chance between now and next Tuesday to send a very clear message. We want people who don't laugh at a hammer being hit on someone's head. We want people who will help us solve our problems. And we sure don't want anybody getting elected who's going to put Social Security and Medicare on the chopping block.”

Pfft. If this doesn’t bring mental imagery of a fish flopping around a boat after being caught with a hook in its mouth, I don’t know what else would do it. And to think this woman could be about halfway through her second term in the White House. If ol’ Crooked Hill, as expected back then, had prevailed in the 2016 election, she almost certainly would’ve been reelected to complete the sixteen-year-long Obama/Clinton transformation/unravelling of America. That, my friends, is a scary thought.

Thankfully fate – and tens of millions of MAGA-loving conservatives – intervened to send Madame Clinton to the dustbin of history where she’s consigned to making appearances on nutcase fringe MSNBC hosts’ (like Joy Reid) propaganda shows where she can spew invective about Republicans and how evil they are to suggest that the Pelosis – both Nancy and hubby Paul – live privileged lives at the taxpayers’ expense.

It just demonstrates that these deranged political opportunists will say anything to maintain their power, including linking a homeless illegal alien Obama admiring homosexual psychopath – like the San Francisco assailant -- to conservatives in Congress as well as candidates such as Arizona’s Kari Lake out on the campaign trail.

Fortunately, these outlandish Democrat statements and lectures are only received by a small percentage of the electorate. The type of American voter who would tune in to Joy Reid’s program has already left the common-sense building and now resides in liberal fantasy land where Joe Biden reigns supreme over a climate change-free fiefdom powered by windmills and solar panels and every happy enlightened gender binary world citizen owns and uses electric vehicles.

In 2022, it's almost as though Democrats up and moved to Teletubby Land.

Those with children who grew up near the turn of this century probably recall the children’s show “Teletubbies”, where four gender-less beings (neither humans nor imposing space aliens) frolicked around not harming the environment and doing a bunch of stupid stuff that only a preschool aged child would find interesting enough to watch every day.

Teletubby language was virtually unintelligible, ranging somewhere between human baby talk and Star Wars “bar scene” alien babble, which frustrated parents but seemed to delight the still developing children. If I didn’t know better, I’d say today’s Democrats are the modern iteration of the Teletubbies, the difference being the latter creatures didn’t fixate on race and gender – and that’s all Democrats think about nowadays.

The four Teletubbies were green, purple, yellow and red – colors of the rainbow – and also came in different sizes. Somehow, I doubt the smaller ones were envious of the big purple one, named “Tinky Winky”, a shapeless overweight blob who towered over the rest. In fact, all the tubbs appeared to get along famously in their make-believe environment.

The flopping, shrieking and powerless punching Democrats of the past year, which includes Hillary Clinton, anyone at the White House or their spokeswomen, party leaders in Congress and every single representative and senator (Tulsi Gabbard officially bailed on them, remember?) couldn’t latch onto any particular message to sell to the public.

Democrats first tried getting people hyped up over abortion due to the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision, but it turns out Americans weren’t quite as put-off by states setting their own rules for the unborn as liberals figured they would be. A recent poll even showed Republicans making big gains with suburban white women, one voting bloc Democrats counted on to put them over the top tomorrow on Election Day.

Democrats also tried blaming inflated gas prices on the oil companies, huge food price increases on grocery stores and other retailers as well as attributing the horribly destructive Hurricane Ian to “climate change” and Republicans’ insistence on energy independence and sensible environmental stewardship. They also tried pinning the Afghanistan debacle on Donald Trump’s lapel, since the former president was the one who made the initial call to get out of the backwards Islamic country. Meanwhile, Democrats (and a lot of neoconservative Republicans) got us hunkered down in Ukraine and still resist calls for a negotiated end to the world economy tanking war.

A persistent theme in Democrat 2022 campaigns has been Trump himself, along with a forlorn liberal hope of keeping the January 6, 2021 “tourism riot” in the forefront of Americans’ minds. It’s as though liberals expect this country’s voters to ignore horrible government policies to safeguard “democracy” because of one afternoon’s excessive emotions.

A lot of folks, including conservatives and Republicans, felt powerless to do anything about what was going on in this nation on that January 6th. It was almost like being a fish out of water or a bunny in the grips of a big mean bird. Or a weak man with a broken arm who’s about to get eliminated by a revenge-seeking gladiator.

In essence, Democrats have attempted to paint just about anything that went wrong in the past two years on Republicans and conservatives even though the liberal party has controlled the executive and legislative branches this entire time. Eventually Americans stopped listening to their bogus explanations and recognized how out-of-touch Democrats are with reality.

Democrats mismanaged the 2022 campaign from the beginning. Instead of taking ownership of bad energy policy decisions and general mismanagement, they doubled down on failed ideology and tried blaming the out-of-power Republicans – or Donald Trump – for every bad thing that happened in recent times. They’re helpless now. But don’t feel sympathy for them -- make them pay.

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If something happens and the Democrats somehow pull this election out of the hat, it will defy all logic. Your last two sentences are the key. Let's hope we prevail.

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