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The Right Resistance: Foreign speculation that senile Joe Biden will quit is greatly exaggerated

On the final day in May – and the morning after the atrocious “guilty on all counts” farce verdict in New York City was announced -- it’s time to consider who would/could replace senile Joe Biden as Democrat nominee this year if he’s displaced somehow.

No, not Donald Trump. He’ll take this travesty of justice and turn it to his electoral advantage. Wait and see. Real Republicans will rally around him. The cowards and shirkers beware.


Granted it’s been a while since we’ve posed the “replace senile Joe” question and Biden’s popularity – or lack thereof – within Democrat circles seems to go back-and-forth like so many stalks of wheat swaying on the windy Kansas prairie. There’s no rhyme or reason to it, no physics equation that explains it or make sense of it, yet the unevenness persists. In Biden’s particular case, desperate (to hold onto power) liberals aren’t just drawing straws to fashion a way to survive.


With each Biden gaffe or official White House release of corrections to the faltering president’s blunder-filled speeches there appears to be renewed urgency among Democrats to find an alternative to having Biden run through the normal political convention nominating process and then watch him lose, rather badly, to the archfiend (to Democrats) Donald Trump in November’s election.


Trump, as everyone who’s paid attention to American politics in the past decade or so comprehends, has assumed the mantle of worst-case scenario for purveyors of socialism, leftist authoritarian-ism (COVID vaccine mandate, anyone?) and the utter destruction of American rule of law, sovereignty, military readiness and effectiveness – and common sense.


In Joe Biden’s world, biological men who claim to be women (and dress like them) are treated according to whatever they say they are rather than confronted with offers to help them recover from their bout of psychosis. But his loyalists, up until recently at least, have stuck to the notion that he could/should win. Is their trust eroding?


Could Biden resign? If so, what then? In an opinion article titled “Biden is denying reality – he’s losing this election”, Henry Olsen wrote for the British publication The Telegraph recently:


“That early debate date signals something else, something no one yet wants to seriously discuss: the possibility that Biden may yet drop out. The Democratic convention does not begin until August 26, almost two months later. The first presidential debate typically attracts the most viewers. This might not apply this year, as none has ever been held in the summer. Nevertheless, scheduling the debate in late June gives Biden time to recover his standing and go into the convention on an upswing...


“... A campaign whose candidate is even lightly considering leaving the race will do anything to stop that possibility from gaining traction. Even quietly admitting on background there’s something amiss will give rise to the inevitable talk that perhaps Biden isn’t the best person to face Trump.


“Those thoughts, though, must be occurring to many Democrats. It is impossible to underestimate the fear and loathing Trump inspires in Democrats. They genuinely believe he will try to become a dictator in a second term. Biden’s incumbency is the only thing that already holds off an open rebellion among leading Democrats. Continued failure to look like a plausible winner will likely start to eat away at even that massive advantage.”


Isn’t it funny how American politics plays like a Yankee soap opera all throughout the world? Foreigners probably know little or nothing about the true internal ruminations of the United States, but they sure understand presidential horseraces. Why? Because the president presides over the most famous nation on the globe, but he also makes visits, travels extensively, receives establishment news media coverage wherever he touches down and typically invites questions from non-U.S. journalists who ask him what he’s doing about such and such international problem, etc.


The American president is like a British royal in that sense. Even his family is the subject of gossip and tabloid magazine exposure and, “Is he finished?” conjecture in the pundit class.


The mere notion that a columnist in a foreign-based publication would write on the possibility of Biden stepping down is fascinating, isn’t it? Do American political journalists discuss royal succession in everyday conversations in the same manner? Will King Charles abdicate the throne before he reaches such-and-such birthday? What’s Meghan Markle and Prince Harry up to these days?


A glance at Olsen’s bio reveals he’s not British, but he writes for the U.S. version of the U.K. newspaper (The Telegraph), which indicates that foreign sources not only value the moneymaking possibility of maintaining American versions, they recognize that U.S. politics is interesting to practically everyone, everywhere. Or at least the British tabloids love Democrats.


I don’t blame Olsen then, or anyone else who covers American politics, for revisiting the possibility, no matter how remote, that senile Joe Biden will voluntarily listen to the whispers of his growing number of detractors and take himself out of the 2024 race. Needless to say, there are many reasons why this scheme will likely never take place in reality, however.


First and foremost, it’s long past personal between Biden and Trump, just as it was between Crooked Hillary Clinton and Trump and would be personal between [name new Democrat nominee] and Trump, too. It’s no stretch to say that senile Joe Biden really, really, really doesn’t like Donald Trump. They were never buddies -- not co-riders on AMTRAK nor business chums bilking some foreign entity for all it was worth like in the Democrat’s clan.


No, the hate and resentment between the two is real. For Trump it’s because Democrats in general are never honest regarding what they really want – which is power – and therefore can’t be negotiated with. Dealmaker Trump loves sitting across from an adversary and hammering out the details on a “Getting to Yes” scenario which ends up benefitting the American public and his agenda.


Democrats don’t work that way. Ever. They don’t care about the “game” – they just want to win stuff for their leftist ideologues and donors.


Second, senile Joe Biden earnestly believes he’s the only one who could beat Trump and spare the country from the anti-democracy “dictator” that they’ve convinced themselves that Trump would become. To Biden, no one else could possibly be in position to accomplish the feat in the same manner that he could, supreme confidence built over decades never losing to an opponent. Ever.


Third, for senile Joe to walk away now, it would be embarrassing and a tacit admission that he’s well past his prime and ready for the senior living center. If there’s anything that Biden still values – other than power and the ability to ride “My Airplane” to wherever he wishes to go – it’s his legacy and place in history as a president.


Delusional Biden thinks he’s due credit for the American economy booming (again, his own view), and African-Americans having civil rights and Hispanics achieving the American Dream and gay people being accepted and loved and female human beings being able to kill their unborn babies whenever it pleases them. Why would he ever give that up?


Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, Biden won’t walk away because he suspects, probably correctly, that the Obamas would fill the Democrat power vacuum by having Michelle O take his spot on this November’s ballot. The establishment media always tries to portray the Barack Obama/Joe Biden friendship as tight and unbreakable, but here’s surmising the two of them really don’t like each other all that much.


Barack clearly thinks that senile Joe is a moron who’s lucked himself into power and would be back in Delaware munching on crab cakes and ice cream and building sand castles if it weren’t for the Big O agreeing to shoulder Biden’s idiot carcass everywhere around the political world sixteen years ago. Meanwhile, senile Joe thinks most of Obama’s so-called “accomplishments” were realized because of Biden’s stellar advice and willingness to stay in the background while accolades were handed out to the first black president.


I can’t say for sure, but senile Joe could figure that he wouldn’t be given deference over hand-picking his successor, even though Biden won nearly all of this year’s delegates – and they’re pledged to him. Once out of power, the Obamas would surely swoop in to act as the “White Knight” saviors of the Democrat party, and who would be brave enough to challenge them for leadership? Not even the Kennedys and Clintons carry that much say these days.


So, those are the arguments for why senile Joe Biden won’t ever resign as 2024 Democrat presidential nominee. But if he were incapacitated in such a manner that it was impossible for him to go on as Democrat-in-chief, who would be next-in-line?


Kamala Harris, that’s who. The Constitution has already weighed-in on the question, and if senile Joe suddenly opted to move out of the White House, the very same movers would be waiting to install Kamala and husband Doug Emhoff in their place. Kamala would no doubt then “clean house” of many of Biden’s favorite personnel hoping to make her own stamp on history as the first female president.


And if we conservatives think senile Joe Biden is contemptuous of American traditions, who could say what Kamala Harris would do – or the freaks she would find jobs for? It’s a scary thought. Maybe those foreign “political soap opera” fans wouldn’t be quite so enthralled when they witness the change in mores and customs in the land of the free.


For those Democrats who think that getting rid of Biden would solve all of their 2024 worries, having Kamala Harris take over could cure them of their fantasies. Besides, if Biden summarily took himself away from the fray, what else would the establishment media members have to squawk about?


The calendar says that another month has passed in the 2024 presidential horserace, with the poll numbers not having moved all that much – except to increase Donald Trump’s narrow lead. The Trump “hush money” trial hubbub will melt away soon and more than likely, the 45th president will return to the campaign trail. What happens next? It’s anyone’s guess.

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