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The Right Resistance: Frustrated and angry Democrats blame Joe Biden for loss of message

At the White House, a conundrum is taking place. Could the scenario look and sound like this?

--“Hey Dr. Jill, where’d I put my message?” Joe Biden queried his wife after getting all spiffed up to meet the media a few days before Easter in Iowa.

The mentally slipping embattled president doesn’t remember much at all these days, as issues from high gas prices to skyrocketing food and utility costs to the hard-to-define war in Ukraine are leaving the already challenged man hard pressed to come to grips with one set of explanations he can employ to convince the country and world that he’s really doing a great job and that no one need fear that the globe’s most powerful government is spiraling out of control at a holy time when Christians and Jews repeat the most sacred of annual observances.

Senile Joe’s people and dwindling collection of supporters held a conference call with the president several days prior to this anticipated media scrum, and each staffer and/or legislator was tasked with devising and presenting a list of bullet points and short descriptions for the simpleton chief executive to refer to during the open microphone inquisition. Granted, the mainstream corporate establishment media doesn’t typically probe Democrats too deeply for fear of exposing their complete dearth of substance and rationality, but there is that Peter Doocy guy from Fox News who always drops an embarrassing demand at the stuttering fool’s feet. And we can’t have that.

“Where’d you last have it?” Dr. Jill patiently answered her husband, never quite knowing how to respond when the near octogenarian forgot where he put something of importance, which has become practically an hourly occurrence. She’d never let it be widely known, but Joe once left a copy of the nuclear codes in a public John, a potential disaster that was only staved off by her quick thinking and sharp command to the president’s Secret Service detail to retrieve the papers before they fell into the hands of Vladmir Putin’s henchmen, who Democrats insist are following them everywhere. “Perhaps you should worry more about whether a bird poops on you while you’re speaking, Joe” Dr. Jill offered clairvoyantly. “There are some things you just can’t control. Don’t worry about the message stuff.” “Duh, Dr. Jill,” Biden retorted, more annoyed than usual, his patience at an end with seemingly everyone asking him where he’d last possessed a trinket or the keys to their Delaware beach house. “If I recalled where I last had them, then I wouldn’t need to find them now, would I?

“I may not be the sharpest stick in the stack, but even I know that,” the president candidly confessed.

Dr. Jill didn’t know how to counter Joe’s latest personal insult. The much older man usually saved his most pointed barbs for Republicans or constituents asking him uncomfortable questions at a public forum, but lately he’d lost his ability to distinguish friend from foe. Maybe it was because habitually friendly and reliable news sources like the New York Times and Washington Post were turning on him over precious son Hunter’s curiously missing laptop.

She couldn’t figure it out. But Democrats in general are questioning more and more the administration’s message -- where it is and why isn’t it working. They’re wondering if Joe even has anything that guides him. Alexander Bolton reported at The Hill:

“One Democratic senator, who requested anonymity to discuss the failure to boost Biden’s job approval rating, said there’s little chance of changing the political environment as long as the pandemic and high prices continues to weigh on people’s lives. ‘I think we need to overcome inflation and continue to fight COVID. It’s not so much the message, it’s actually getting it done,’ the lawmaker said.

“A second Democratic senator, who also requested anonymity to discuss the party’s bad poll numbers, said Democrats and especially Biden need to do a better job to publicize the accomplishments of the past year such as the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan, the $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure plan, the $1.5 trillion omnibus spending bill and postal reform.

“But the lawmaker said it’s difficult for Biden to focus on the domestic agenda when he’s managing the international response to Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine. ‘We need to go out and sell the stuff we’ve already done. The president needs to be out there doing that too. That’s gotten harder because of Ukraine, because his time is taken up with that,’ said the senator.”

I would argue that Ukraine has actually made Biden’s marketing job easier. With establishment media sources still blanketing TV screens with sickening images of purported Russian atrocities or featuring Ukrainian politicians lecturing on why Vladimir Putin is about to lose this war, senile Joe hasn’t needed to account for why things are falling to pieces here on domestic soil.

Sure, senile Joe has labeled rapidly increasing inflation “Putin’s Price Hike” and done his best to blame the Russian president for everything from higher gasoline prices to costlier food, but sane voices point out that the trend began long before any Russian soldier placed his boot on Ukrainian territory. Thanks largely to the Democrats, Americans have heard nothing but “Russia, Russia, Russia” since about mid-2016. In essence, Democrats are reaping what they’ve sowed. The same goes for the public’s sour disposition regarding COVID-19. Democrats demagogued the subject to death during the early phases of the 2020 campaign and couldn’t let it go once the pandemic spread across the country and world. Liberals gleefully saddled Donald Trump with the weight of the plague even when blue state governors like New York’s Andrew Cuomo and Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer were killing off seniors by the thousands by ordering infected individuals into their midst in care facilities.

If Democrats are feeling the pain now it’s only because they’ve propped up and overdramatized COVID so much that weak and scared worrywarts are obsessed by it. How many people do you still see wearing masks even when it’s been proven that the flimsy barriers provide statistically negligible protection against getting the virus -- and that vaccines and treatments are turning COVID into little more than a seasonal flu type inconvenience for 99+ percent of the population?

Just wait until Democrats throw a tizzy over a “spike” in cases this fall and run like millions of Chicken Littles into town squares shouting, “the sky is falling--again! The sky is falling--again! Bring back mail-in balloting!” Americans will laugh all the way to the voting booth while using their leftover masks to wipe public restroom floors rather than restrict their breathing again for literally no reason.

Democrats are so desperate for something -- anything -- to say that they’re making what amounts to a “we acknowledge that things aren’t great today, but it would’ve been far, far worse if we hadn’t passed our $1.9 trillion ‘Economic Recovery Plan’”. Other Democrats quoted in Bolton’s article speculate that the president isn’t doing a good enough job of selling his and the party’s “accomplishments” with the Rescue Plan, infrastructure slush bill and their Herculean but fruitless efforts to stamp out COVID and keep people safe.

“We tried… we really, really, really tried! Give us credit, losers!”

In other words, Democrats feel the nanny state isn’t getting its due while ordinary folks and families struggle to pay for basic necessities. What a bunch of ingrates Americans are! The federal treasury gave everyone checks, right? Didn’t Uncle Sam make sure unemployed folks were compensated for being kicked out of work by government decree? What about extending subsidies for Obamacare? Free healthcare, what’s wrong with that?

It’s like anyone should feel indebted to the Democrats for cancelling the Keystone XL pipeline and curtailing domestic energy production while constantly whining that 9000 (or whatever number they use) oil drilling leases have gone undeveloped.

And the oil industry is price gouging, too! Democrats return time and again to their anti-business rhetoric whenever their own actions cause a supply shortage. But statistics don’t lie. If Joe Biden is frustrated that he can’t find his lost message it’s because his handlers haven’t come up with one that sticks with most Americans, the ones who’re having to live with the disastrous impact of his administration’s personnel and policies. Add the fact that the White House’s preeminent spokesman is the gaffe making career politician himself and there’s little daylight at the end of the tunnel for the liberal crowd.

They can’t turn to gal pal veep Kamala Harris, either -- her ratings are worse than Biden’s. Likewise, Democrats can’t rely on their congressional leaders to carry the load. If senile Joe is said to be too old and too white, how would substituting 82-year-old and on-her-way-out Nancy Pelosi be an improvement? Or nasally condescending obnoxious New Yorker Charles “Chucky” Schumer?

The radical wing of the Democrat party has so completely taken over the core of the party that it isn’t politically feasible to drop the president’s emphasis on race baiting, climate change hysteria and fear mongering over COVID. If Biden were to suddenly soften his message, for example, the boo birds of the “progressive” conglomeration would be almost as critical of their faction leader as the opposition Republicans are.

No one’s surprised that senile Joe Biden has lost his message and can’t seem to find it anywhere. Selling a load of lies isn’t exactly the easiest thing to begin with, and the 79-year-old lifelong plagiarizer and truth bender has never been good at it. Easter is all about sacrifice and reflection and glorious resurrection. Democrats don’t understand any of these concepts.

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Apr 14, 2022

The problem for Dems is that these so-called accomplishments actually aren't accomplishments. They are the source of the inflation. All the spending they do, in the People's name. However, the People get only a fraction of the money...the last stimulus could have given everyone $10k - no questions asked - but instead it was 1400, if you could jump through some hoops. Biden told Georgia voters that it would be 2000. Can't even keep that promise! The only accomplishment they have is, "no more mean tweets!" That is not nearly enough for the bulk of the population.

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