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The Right Resistance: Gavin Newsom and Kamala latest Dems vying to conduct outrage orchestra

There’s an old song that the cast of “I Love Lucy” famously sang as they departed their TV home in New York City headed across country for an extended stay on the west coast: “California, here I come!

These days, as has been denoted by many, many publications, citizens of the Golden State are abandoning the geographically diverse paradise in droves, driven from their once heavenly surroundings by an unrestrained influx of illegal aliens, oppressive taxation, one party Democrat leftist governance and a general feeling that the state’s best days are behind it.

Fortunately – or unfortunately -- California’s politicians aren’t adhering to the greater exodus movement, but there’s no doubt that the nation’s most populous state holds an enormous amount of political sway in Congress and in the White House. Of course, the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, is from the San Francisco Bay area, as is Joe Biden’s vice president, Kamala Harris. Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy also hails from central California.

Adam Schiff is from southern California as is Maxine Waters and Ted Lieu – a rollcall of losers!

Now comes word that both Kamala and California Governor Gavin Newsom, the slick-haired, COVID mask mandate defying sleazebag who bested a recall effort last year, have been working behind the scenes to mount presidential runs of their own if senile Joe Biden, as anticipated, either resigns his term early or opts not to try for reelection in 2024.

In a report titled, “Newsom and Harris court Democrats and donors as one-and-done Biden speculation builds”, Katherine Doyle wrote last week at The Washington Examiner:

“Newsom, Harris, and other Democrats have lately been in touch with donors, leading to speculation that they are preparing the foundations of a future campaign.

“A finance executive and fundraiser for Biden’s 2020 campaign told CNBC that Harris and Newsom had both reached out to him in recent weeks. According to the outlet, Harris has also been in contact with early political allies and supporters, including billionaire businesswoman and philanthropist Laurene Powell Jobs, the widow of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, and Vanessa Getty, whose husband is an heir to the billionaire Getty family. The 2024 race did not come up in meetings at the vice president’s residences, sources told CNBC, but the moves suggest Harris is preparing to tap her donor base for a future run alongside Biden or not.

“Harris has also taken on a stepped-up role in the wake of the Supreme Court's abortion decision, meeting with advocates and speaking at events across the country to warn how the ruling could extend to other constitutional privacy decisions. The issue has animated Democratic voters and could provide a boost to Harris.”

Something needs to boost the woman. She’s at least as unpopular as ol’ senile Joe himself and Kamala’s first attempt at running for president two years ago went down in flames faster than a spent booster rocket on a space mission. Voters were turned off by Harris’s feather-light affirmative action resume and her lack of defining issues as well as her inarticulate, snobby nature. Therefore, perhaps advocating for killing babies and gay marriages is where Kamala will hit her stride!

Newsom, meanwhile, has been going out of his way lately to deny that he’s interested in taking Joe Biden’s job despite numerous clues that the privileged San Francisco leftist is contemplating such a quest. According to Doyle’s report, Newsom has been especially vocal about national Democrats not acting nearly outraged enough over the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade.

Needless to say, pampered limousine liberal Newsom has all the fire in his belly that the most ardent of screechy radical feminists require. The alphabet people (LGBTQIA++++ whatever) seem to love him, too! Liberals savor a good public display of rage, don’t they?

You would think that sooner or later Democrats would tire of baseless outrage. While one can train for weeks to build up the necessary endurance to run a marathon or perform a particularly challenging dance routine in a theatrical production, it’s not like you can go to the fury store for another can of “outrage” to restock your depleted mental pantry.

That’s probably what senile Joe is experiencing now – there’s only so much resentment and bellicosity that he can inject into his daily routine. As Americans, we know it isn’t good for the president to wake up every morning harboring a chip on his shoulder, but does longtime swamp dweller Biden begin his day by practicing gritting his teeth, or rotating between whispers and shouts and then pointing his finger at inanimate objects?

I mean seriously, how long can someone sustain irritation over the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision? Democrats, like the coven of kooks (the usual suspects, AOC, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, Cori Bush, et. al.) that got fake-arrested last week because they were blocking the street must’ve realized that their publicity stunt wouldn’t result in any substantive change in policy.

Their “protest” was all about increasing their fame and stroking their egos, nothing more.

The ire sideshow was certainly bound to get the hags at “The View” and regular watchers of MSNBC all up in arms, but these hardcore leftists are already eternally at the ready for a raised fist or shouted slogan, bent on killing babies in the womb or punishing oil industry executives or ordinary poor people who complain about having to pay $5 a gallon at the gas pump and couldn’t dream of buying a pricey electric car in their lifetimes.

The truth is, all the left has is emotion and wrath. Think about it. “You’re not wearing a mask!” or, “If you’re not vaccinated, you don’t care about others’ health!” or, “Guns kill kids and you still want to own one?” or, “Corporations pay no taxes!” or, “Transitioning individuals are committing suicide at alarming rates!”, or, “Defund the Police!” or, “Women are now going to be forced into back alleys!” or, “The climate is careening towards disaster!”

Can’t you just picture Senator Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren shaking with indignation, her voice quivering as her eyes bug out of her head whenever she speaks?

Critics of Fox News host Tucker Carlson frequently chastise him for stirring up the anger of the Trump mob (their term, not mine), but regular viewers of his always insightful program note that Carlson himself frequently laughs at the subjects he’s mimicking. Tucker looks to be having a great time exposing the left for their heinous hypocrisies, and if he’s truly pissed off, he does a remarkable job of disguising it.

Many of the people hating on Tucker Carlson make the same assertions about Donald Trump – that he’s a foul tempered eternal-grouch who uses ketchup bottles as projectiles and often tries to grab the wheel of the presidential limousine. But the attendees at a Trump rally are having a terrific occasion, and so is the speaker.

Optimism sells in every aspect of marketing but particularly in politics, which is one of the reasons you don’t see Republicans and conservatives out rioting and burning down treasured institutions. That’s the purview of leftists and anarchists, people who could care less about a cause other than destroying the last vestiges of traditional culture. If it were up to these people, the Stars and Stripes would be replaced by a rainbow flag or a BLM banner.

Yes, there is the lone conservative exception – the January 6 melee – but by the looks of it there were a good number of agitators among the throng of decent citizens. The rabble rousers were compromised individuals sent by the government or paid by leftists to make trouble. Don’t forget that the police fired teargas into a peaceful demonstration to get it all started – and the situation went downhill from there. And still the crowd didn’t trash the place, either. As decent citizens, they mostly left the building and grounds as they found them.

The outrage that Trump voters felt, myself included, was that the Republican ruling class and the establishment media wouldn’t even look into the claims of fraud or irregularities. They’re still not doing it, either. How many times have we heard “Trump’s false claims,” or “discredited allegations” about matters that have never been fully litigated?

Distinguished conservative Mollie Hemingway wrote a book about the intentional media oversight, and still regularly comments on the ongoing establishment efforts to bury the evidence under the proverbial rug.

But the outrage over the unfairness of 2020 could not be sustained. Most conservatives have turned their focus to 2024 so as to ensure that the perpetually angry Democrats can’t carry on their drive to transform and ruin America.

That’s the main reason why Gavin Newsom and Kamala Harris could never succeed. Neither Democrat projects the type of positive future that American voters are demanding from the next president. Kamala is forever tainted because she’s inexorably tied to the hapless idiot Joe Biden, and there would be plenty of reminders during a 2024 campaign of why Newsom faced a citizen-initiated recall in the first place.

If Newsom were elected president, the entire country would be subjected to school closures, vaccine mandates, mask requirements and anything else that would signal tyrannical power in the executive branch. Gavin Newsom would instantly become besties with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau – the two could exchange hair gel and styling suggestions while they took turns cracking down on freedom in their populations.

And Kamala Harris is an empty shell. Her political ambitions will recede along with those of her boss.

The chances of the next president coming from California aren’t great, primarily because the state’s politicians aren’t credible in their campaigns to sustain outrage over various Democrat-fostered problems plaguing today’s Americans. In other words, they don’t connect with the masses.

Kamala Harris and Gavin Newsom may both be working to run for president, but neither will get very far.

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