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The Right Resistance: Happy Birthday to Trump! Examining the mammoth task that awaits

Happy 78th Birthday, President Trump!

While many Americans – not enough, actually – remember June 14 as Flag Day, the date now shares its significance as the anniversary of the 45th president’s birth in Queens, New York. From Wikipedia, “Donald John Trump was born on June 14, 1946, at Jamaica Hospital in Queens, New York City, the fourth child of Fred Trump and Mary Anne MacLeod Trump. Trump grew up with older siblings Maryanne, Fred Jr., and Elizabeth and younger brother Robert in the Jamaica Estates neighborhood of Queens, and attended the private Kew-Forest School from kindergarten through seventh grade.”


That’s right, Donald John Trump’s Queens accent is no phony, it was honed and improved over the course of his life, and Trump himself has never hidden his origin or his family’s well-to-do position of privilege. Of course, Trump has maintained that he took his father’s business start for him and guided it into the international success that it is today. Trump himself has probably never lived a day in want of common necessities, though managing and sometimes even toiling along with practically every type of person who works for a living, he’s developed an appreciation for what it takes to excel.


These are indisputable facts, and even Trump’s enemies (political and otherwise) should, if they’re being honest, allow that Trump has lived a remarkable life and sets an unabashed example of someone who’s never let personal fear stand in the way of anything he desired to do. There are those who still insist that Trump is an egomaniacal narcissist who is only motivated by his reputation and legacy, but whatever it is that floats his proverbial boat, he’s darn good at it.


Unlike president senile Joe Biden, Trump will likely celebrate – or at least acknowledge – his birthday in some way. Seeing as he’s about three and a half years younger than senile Joe, Trump still has a little bit of time before the establishment media talkers start mentioning the “octogenarian” word in relation to him. It’s also my impression that the media doesn’t focus much on Trump’s advancing number because it only serves to highlight how old Biden is. And the practical differences beyond age between Trump and Biden are numerous and substantial.


Put another way – Donald J. Trump is a “young” 78 and senile Joseph Robinette Biden is a very old 81. Assessing the distinctions in their personal energy is only one way to compare them. Trump was held down in New York City a lot lately, yet still exhibited the same kind of abundant vigor that he always did. This despite being forced to listen to hour after hour after hour of redundant legal machinations from Democrat prosecutors out to get him.


It's all so tiring. But either Trump is a very talented actor or he’s actually as active as he’s always been. Perhaps it’s his never-ending urge to succeed – or to punish his enemies. What is the old saying? “Revenge is the oldest motivation known to mankind.” It apparently gets Trump going in the morning and keeps him lively late into the evening, if reports are to be believed.


Having just returned from Europe (and Florence Italy, where Niccolò Machiavelli lived and wrote), here’s a Machiavellian thought on revenge: “Men should be either treated generously or destroyed, because they take revenge for slight injuries - for heavy ones they cannot.”


Irrespective of what makes Trump tick, he will be spending the next few months – and the remainder of his political life – insisting that he’s still more than capable of serving another term of president. The doubters are already out in force, including some who insist that Donald J. Trump has signs of early onset dementia. In an article titled “Donald Trump Dementia Evidence 'Overwhelming,' Says Top Psychiatrist”, Aleks Phillips reported at Newsweek back in March:


“There is ‘overwhelming’ evidence that Donald Trump is suffering from dementia, a leading psychiatrist has claimed, amid speculation about the state of the former president's mental health. Dr. Lance Dodes, a supervising analyst emeritus of the Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute and retired Harvard Medical School professor, was among those recently quoted by Duty To Warn, which describes itself as an association of mental health professionals concerned about Trump.


“’Unlike normal aging, which is characterized by forgetting names or words, Trump repeatedly shows something very different: confusion about reality,’ he wrote in a statement published on Friday, which referenced Trump's confusing Barack Obama with Joe Biden.


“’If he were to become president he would have to be immediately removed from office via the 25th Amendment as dangerously unable to fulfill the responsibilities of office,’ Dodes, who is also a distinguished fellow of the American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry, added, citing the 1967 mechanism that allows for a president to be removed due to unfitness.”


Phillips’ article cites a couple other shrinks who surmise the same thing about Trump. Not-so-ironically, the three have been warning of Trump’s deteriorating mental capacity since the beginning of the Republican’s taking office shortly after his inauguration. Their supposed “expertise” in psychiatric examination in diagnosis has earned them respect from the establishment media, as though the rest of us who only have life’s experience and our own observational skills should be completely disregarded.


Similar enemy accusations of unfitness plagued Trump during his trial as well, ranging from his supposedly uncontrollable urge to pass gas in front of the judge to falling asleep while the proceedings took place – and in front of the jury.


Trump has faced these “charges” from the beginning of his political phase, onlookers questioning whether some sort of insanity has driven the first-time-politician-turned-Republican-nominee-turned president of the United States to abandon most peoples’ presumptions of how a politician should act. How many establishment media commentators have openly wondered what the “deplorables” see in a man like Trump?


That’s why Hillary Clinton labeled Trump backers as racists, sexists, homophobes, xenophobes… whatever-phobes – and more recently, Joe Biden lumped them/us into a more nebulous group known as “MAGA fascists”. Seems to me that people who try attaching a stigma to others simply for holding different political views than big-government advocates are a tad nuts themselves.


The fact that Trump breezes by another milestone today will presumably only intensify the false-branding, though, again, every time liberals, leftists and Democrats (one and the same) try to fix labels on Trump it only spotlights their own problems with Biden. I’m not a doctor, but if Biden doesn’t have some form of early onset dementia, what exactly would his apologists call it?


I think most conservatives would be more than happy to engage in a game of compare and contrast between Trump’s and Biden’s wherewithal, the former enjoying the enormous advantage of a few fewer years paired with several taken and passed cognitive tests to bolster his “I’m still with it” case. Meanwhile, Biden just shuffles his way along counting on his staff and friendly media to correct his obvious mistakes or simply cover up his glaring ones.


At any rate, Trump’s birthday isn’t likely to alter the campaign balance much. The age issue – for both of them – has been litigated in the court of public opinion for years now, with many an observer noting that Biden was the oldest president ever on his first day in office, and, if he were to win in 2024 and serve out another full term, would be 86 when he turned over the keys to the White House front door upon leaving office.


By contrast, Trump would “only” be 82 in 2029, arguably leaving more than enough productive years to start another career. Biden would simply go home to his Delaware beach house and eat ice cream while former staffers comb over his garage to make sure there are no more classified records in there.


What should Trump wish for on his birthday?


First and foremost, a legitimate vote count of the 2024 ballots. Regardless of what the establishment media talkers claim, the 2020 vote will always contain unexplained anomalies that were roundly pushed to the side by the haste to conclude the election and deem a “winner”.


This wasn’t the year 2000 where Florida’s ballots were counted and recounted and recounted and reexamined until the U.S. Supreme Court finally put a stop to it. No, 2020 was more or less a nationwide controversy brought on by mail-in ballots and Democrats’ insistence on counting and counting and counting until they won.


Ever wonder why all of the questionable jurisdictions went in Biden’s favor? How can that be?


Second, assuming that Trump could ever come to the conclusion that the election was on the up-and-up, he’d wish for harmony for the American people. If Trump wins, the left will never, ever, rest. If Biden wins, and can actually demonstrate that the count was legitimate, it’ll be up to Trump as to how to handle the post-election news cycle.


A close election, like it looks to most of us, will only amp up the urgency to try and bring the country together. Trump, it seems to me, is a much better choice to handle the duties. Are the divisions as wide as they were after the Civil War? Citizens will go back and forth on the question. But somehow, legitimacy in government must be restored.


One way or another, the mammoth task of reunifying the nation will fall on one of two men in the late winter of their lives. Joe Biden would have no chance to bring the country together, simply because his policies are horrible and destructive. Donald Trump’s MAGA agenda has no favorites, treats everyone equally and would emphasize the qualities that made America great. Can it be done?


Something to ponder as Donald Trump celebrates another birthday. Happy Birthday President Trump!

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