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The Right Resistance: Have Democrat lies about Georgia finally forced the GOP to fight?

Have you ever experienced an epiphany, a realization that everything you knew -- or thought you knew about a topic -- was suddenly useless and you required a fresh attitude and

strategy to deal with the new realities?

Far be it from me to suggest, but Republicans might be going through this type of transformation right now. On top of everything that’s transpired in recent times -- Donald Trump’s election in 2016, his four years as president with remarkable policy accomplishments that were relentlessly trashed and discounted by his political opposition and the (joke) establishment media, and the COVID-19 hysteria and utter statistical manipulation by the powers-that-be that led to Joe Biden’s election last year -- it took the relatively simple passage of an election reform law in Georgia, outlandish demagoguery of the issue by corporate America and the stupidity of Major League baseball (in moving its All-Star game) to motivate the GOP to start fighting back hard.

The dictionary defines an (non-religious) “epiphany” as: (1): a usually sudden manifestation or perception of the essential nature or meaning of something; (2): an intuitive grasp of reality through something (such as an event) usually simple and striking; (3): an illuminating discovery, realization, or disclosure.

Perhaps Republicans needed something like the lie-to-your-face Democrat and liberal reaction to a law that really doesn’t go all that far to correct a serious problem (voter fraud and mail-in voting) to finally get off their cautious “civility” haunches and start giving it back as good as they received it.

First there was the always forthright Senator Rand Paul pinning blame directly on media darling Stacey Abrams for the Peach State’s loss of an estimated hundred million dollars because of baseball’s ridiculous capitulation. Then there was Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp basically telling the doubters to shove it if they bowed to the “woke” dictators and hurt themselves and others with dumb decisions based on “woke” hype and hyperbole.

Stoic and unflappable Mitch McConnell even got in on the act. The Senate Minority Leader actually sounded angry in warning of “serious consequences” for corporate America if they keep choosing sides in political matters best left to the people to determine. It takes a lot to get the “Murder Turtle’s” dander up, but this travesty apparently did the trick.

Then there was Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who said he was “fighting back” against CBS for its biased manipulation of a story on his state’s reaction to COVID vaccinations. DeSantis wasn’t directly responding to the Georgia controversy or its “woke” corporate absurdity, but his willingness to battle the deceptions might’ve been bolstered by other Republicans’ epiphanies. The old ways just won’t cut it anymore. “You ain’t running over this governor. I’m punching back,” he told reporters.

There’s just no reason to paper over the fact any longer. Democrats lie through their teeth to get what they want. The only solution is to acknowledge it and be just as ferocious -- in passing laws -- in return. Joy Pullmann wrote at The Federalist:

“…Democrats will keep lying until Republicans stop allowing that to be an effective political strategy. To do that, Republicans have to refuse to dignify lies with a point-by-point refutation. That kind of dialogue is a privilege reserved for people who come to an encounter in good faith, with something to exchange.

“That’s not what Democrats are as a party today. They want truth to be defined as whatever serves their private interests. They are not interested in mutual benefit and accommodation, only in the complete domination of those they consider the enemies of their desired regime.

“For cynical factions like that, the only response is the prudent application of opposing power. Political nihilists cannot be won over in public combat. They can only be beaten. So put on your boxing gloves and swing as hard and as long as you can, until you make them see their only path to getting something they want is to stop fighting dirty and mutually seek the common good again.”

On point, isn’t it? I racked my brain trying to recall the last time Democrats did anything on a matter of principle while telling the truth and presenting their argument on facts alone, but it must’ve been before Bill Clinton’s presidency, because he seemingly ushered in a new era of veracity bending and public manipulation. Remember wife Hillary testifying before congressional committees on universal healthcare? Or Bill’s “I didn’t inhale”? And how about, “I did not have sex with that woman, Miss Lewinsky”?

The late Rush Limbaugh’s national profile increased dramatically in the 90’s simply by exposing all of Bill Clinton’s lies. Democrats told their fair share of whoppers prior to Big Bubba’s arrival, of course, but at least then they pretended to have some semblance of shame. A notable exception being Joe Biden, who lied every sentence and even stole others’ lies to use as his own.

Jimmy Carter famously said, “I’ll never lie to you” in a presidential debate with Gerald Ford, clearly a reference to the Watergate scandal. Carter did plenty of lying, but at least the topic was open to debate. These days, Democrats lie so much there’s no hint of truth. The Georgia law is just the latest example, with President senile Joe suggesting the text was “Jim Crow on steroids.”

It’s only a shame that the Republicans’ epiphany didn’t occur sooner, during Donald Trump’s first term -- or before. Instead of waffling and giving credence to the media’s notion that Trump was psychologically unbalanced, in need of a 25th Amendment intervention and going to send America into a world war with his rhetoric, his own party members could’ve been as steadfast in his defense as they are in standing behind the Georgia law now.

Trump wasn’t a standard politician and shouldn’t have been treated like one. Trump’s campaign and presidency were the first where social media played a huge role. Trump could communicate directly with supporters and curious onlookers alike. The media delighted in interpreting his words. False narratives developed almost as fast as the Tweets kept coming. Where were the Republicans? Usually covering their political behinds so as to not appear too close to the “Bad Orange Man.”

Playing nice in politics gets you nowhere. Polls are what they are, but in reality, there’s no such thing as the “soccer mom” vote or the suburban pencil-pushing college educated white vote -- or any other kind of vote. There’s the truth versus purposeful lies and distortions advanced by politicians with their own agendas. If voter X in place Y is uninformed because they’re glued to CNN 24/7, it isn’t something that’s easily counteracted.

Pullmann was right -- you can’t refute Democrat lies point for point. Republicans shouldn’t even try. Democrats don’t form their schemes or base their public appearances on what the opposition thinks. They lie and lie and lie and tell what they think the sheep want to hear, almost always accompanied by more fudging about racism and prejudice. The hubbub over Georgia just proved it -- again.

There’s simply no rationale for playing politics the way it’s always been done. Some Republicans might’ve experienced an epiphany in recent days over the excessive Democrat lies about the Georgia voter integrity law, but the need to fight harder has always existed. Donald Trump realized it all along. Can Republicans make the permanent switch? Time will tell.

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