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The Right Resistance: How one citizen’s City Hall poop protest could change the 2024 election

Someone very wise once told me, if you want to be completely honest, sing.” – From the little known but terrific romantic comedy, Dan in Real Life (2008 – starring Steve Carrell as a widowed father of three girls who discovers a new beginning in a very unlikely circumstance).

Honesty is in short supply these days – and so is singing to express it – but some enterprising folks are finding new and unique ways to get their points across to a political class that not only seems tone deaf to reality, it practically goads decent, law-abiding people into outlandish acts so as to call attention to the ruling elites’ lack of action to address the situations.

Such was the case last week in Denver when a local businessman chose a very public stunt to demonstrate his dissatisfaction with his local government’s blatant neglect of the city’s burgeoning homeless problem. The man didn’t exactly use music – or a song – to draw notice to his less-than-unique-to-himself issue, but his means for doing so offended several of the five human senses (primarily the olfactory sensation).

In an article titled “Frustrated Denver CEO dumps human poop from homeless on city hall steps”, Valerie Richardson reported at The Washington Times:

“Tired of cleaning up human waste outside his Denver office, Independence Institute CEO Jon Caldara sent a message to the powers that be by depositing the refuse on the front steps of the Denver City and County Building. ‘Here is — oh, my God — human feces that I’ve cleaned up,’ Mr. Caldara told reporters at the Monday poop-dump, as shown on CBS4 in Denver. ‘This is a present from the homeless to the people who have kept this homeless problem going.’

“He also encouraged Denver residents to follow his example as an ‘act of civil disobedience.’ ‘Next time you clean it up, drop it off here,’ Mr. Caldara said. ‘Drop it off at city hall as an act of civil disobedience, to ask them, to demand of them, to address the problem.’

“Like other big cities, Denver has seen its homeless population surge in recent years as housing costs rise, inflation increases, recreational drugs become more widely available, police departments lose officers, and federal coronavirus pandemic aid tapers off.”

Sure, blame this nasty problem on not enough COVID relief. Here’s the liberal politicians’ thinking: apply to your nearest Democrat in Congress for more billions/trillions of “relief” checks so that the fringe scum of society will refrain from soiling other peoples’ businesses and homes with their refuse. Government has a “solution” for every dilemma, right? Or we could simply enforce public decency – or littering – laws, which might stop short of purchasing someone a new home with functioning toilets or a backyard latrine, but could save productive business people like Jon Caldara the trouble of dumping it onto public property to highlight the sorry reality.

And doing so might also save taxpayers lots of their hard-earned money confiscated by the government.

I don’t know about you, but it seems to me there’s a somewhat easy – albeit temporary – fix to this “poop” problem in Denver, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington DC… basically every city that experiences such unpleasantness as an ever-present plague. As every resident of a community governed by a home owner’s association knows, there are stringent regulations against dog walkers allowing their pets to leave stinky deposits on sidewalks, lawns or streets, so there are mandates written into covenants for such folks to carry plastic gloves (or scoops) and bags to facilitate easy and sanitary removal of the organic matter.

Failure to do your civic duty to your HOA could result in more than just dirty looks from your neighbors, it will earn the guilty party a hefty fine, too. I haven’t owned a dog in years, but I know the folks who frequently walk them go the extra mile to abide by the rules in my community. Just the social ostracization alone is enough motivation not to risk a violation from the responsible perpetrator.

“They take those things pretty seriously nowadays.” Here’s an example (caution: very salty language – turn down the sound in an office environment or with youngins’ around). Shouldn’t city councils apply the same logic to making homeless persons clean up after themselves? Provide lots and lots of comparatively inexpensive plastic gloves, bags and trash receptacles for such things in effected areas? Slap fines on the guilty? Confiscate their drugs and/or alcohol?

Yet the same HOA-type courtesy isn’t extended by the powers-at-be at City Hall or other urban places besieged by human miscreants who feel empowered by deteriorating enforcement to drop trou and evacuate their bowels or drain their bladders on someone else’s sidewalk whenever they get the urge. It’s a prime example of the decline of civic values and mores that we, as a community, don’t expect more from our fellow citizens no matter how bad off they may be financially.

To me, Caldara’s was a very natural reaction to the authorities’ ignoring his pleas to do something about the human s--t problem. And no, I’m not suggesting changing the above saying to, “If you want to be perfectly honest, dump crap on a politician’s doorstep.” I wholeheartedly agree with Caldara’s intent – and somewhat less with his methods – but something needed to be done to get our elected leaders to focus and do the jobs they were entrusted with.

Everyone who’s studied the homeless problem -- which incidentally, was a major national political issue in the 1980’s but has since largely slipped from consciousness thanks to lots and lots of ordinances in blue cities that served to decriminalize such behavior, which only encourages those inclined to use the street as their own personal septic system – realizes there are no simple fixes to getting persons off the street. American governments at all levels have appropriated billions to alleviate the worst effects without any noticeable results.

Petty theft no longer sufficient reason to arrest someone? No-cash bail getting the scum back on the street almost immediately afterwards? What has the world come to?

Enforcement hardliners favor rounding up the vagrants and arresting them for various violations of laws. Then what? Imprisonment? Are there enough prisons? Drug interdiction? Are there enough psych health facilities and counselors to accommodate millions of newly incarcerated homeless people? Soup kitchens? Vastly expand public housing to put a roof over their heads? More welfare to purchase wholesome meals and construct holding spaces to keep them warm and dry?

To my knowledge, all of these measures have been tried to some extent. Compassion without responsibility and accountability doesn’t do much of anything – to solve the crisis or reform the individual. The entire concept of welfare must be rethought if America is to return to greatness (assuming it’s even feasible in today’s “woke” state of political leniency). Perhaps American leaders would do well to consult other countries’ chiefs who don’t have the same biological hazard problem visible everywhere you step. You’d never find a street in Germany that looks like San Francisco’s. What do the Germans do, and why does it work for them?

I don’t think a business owner like Caldara would need to go dump poop on City Hall in Oslo, Norway. Why do we put up with this in America? Is Caldara a voice crying in the wilderness?

It's no secret that immigration and crime will both be major issues in next year’s general election. Democrats will do their best to deny that a problem exists, and even to the extent they fess up, they’ll merely offer more federal billions to throw at the problem without requiring punishments for the violators – or work rules for eligibility. Further, Soros funded prosecutors in many, many places have already refused to prosecute basic crimes, so why would more money help improve things?

Donald Trump made illegal immigration a major emphasis in his 2016 campaign and seems poised to do so again eight years later. Trump made good on his promise to build a “beautiful wall” along the southern border, only to be stymied by Congress at every step and see completion of the program cancelled by president senile Joe Biden’s administration.

Millions of illegal foreign invaders are only contributing to the homeless situation and filthy condition of population centers. Liberals have discovered that giving aliens free hotel rooms and basic necessities has only encouraged more to come. Again, like with poop on the sidewalk, why not simply enforce the laws as written? Is this so difficult to understand?

Want to spend money, Democrats? How about helping out your blue city mayors by agreeing to fund border enforcement and/or complete the wall? Rather than let poop and aliens pile up (pardon the imagery) where they’re not wanted, stem the flow at the source. Everyone goes away happy, right?

Then appropriate the funding to hire more police and support them when they make arrests. Do it quietly, if you wish, so your Black Lives Matter leftist base won’t even hear about it. Isn’t more s—t on sidewalks contributing to methane increases and a warming planet, too? Kill thousands more birds (than windmills do) with less stones?

I don’t mean to make light of this subject – and I wouldn’t advise anyone to show frustration with the federal government by dumping human poop on the capitol steps, however. Depending on if the person is a Republican, Democrats would label such a move an “insurrection” and push for locking up the mover for the rest of their lives a la the January 6 “tourism riot” participants.

But don’t force citizens to deal with it themselves, either. Mr. Trump, invite Jon Caldara to speak at one of your rallies – it’ll be worth its weight in votes.

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Oct 03, 2023

Well, we already have a big pile of human excrement in the WH...and the -rat party dumped him there so.....

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