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The Right Resistance: Huffing and puffing and raging is the Democrat way to probe January 6

“I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your House down!”

These days you’d better not read the Big Bad Wolf story too loudly to your kids or grandkids, for there may be a Karen lurking behind a bush within earshot (and paranoid about spreading COVID) or a federal official listening in on your private conversations just itching to claim they’re incendiary and bent on starting a riot or insurrection. The age-old fairy tale is supposed to teach a lesson -- to protect yourself from harm, build your house out of bricks -- but in 2022, merely huffing and puffing and insinuating you’ll do something could land you in trouble. Democrats are the ones breathing heavy about “democracy” lately, exceedingly anxious to tie anything and everything related to former president Donald Trump to the one-year anniversary of January 6, which obviously occurs tomorrow. Some smart media figures such as The Washington Examiner’s Byron York believe liberals are highlighting the date over and over so as to disqualify the much beloved former chief executive from running again in 2024. Desperate liberals hope 1/6 distracts citizens from the real issues of the day, as if seeing recorded news footage of a disjointed mob of Trump supporters treating the capitol building badly will stir nationwide anger and force sensible people to reconsider senile Joe Biden’s presidency and the Democrat Congress’s inability to govern. The hysteria crowd says “democracy” is at stake, whatever that means. The average Democrat voter doesn’t even understand what “democracy” is, but the word sure makes for a good soundbite when you’re playing to the gullible and uninformed. The American republic may indeed be in peril, but it isn’t because of what happened a year ago tomorrow in Washington, DC. If there’s any danger here, it stems from Democrats being backed in a corner and therefore willing to do anything to extricate themselves from it. There’s a lot of huffing and puffing going on out there. Our House is vulnerable! In a piece titled, “American democracy is in peril”, Juan Williams wrote at The Hill:

“The best hope to stop Trump from destroying the nation’s political order rests with the congressional panel investigating the events leading up to last January’s insurrection.

“So far, they have evidence showing that some Republican members of Congress were in direct contact with Trump and other White House officials as the mob swarmed the Capitol. The panel is even considering sending evidence of possible criminal conduct by Trump to the Justice Department for action.

“The best hope for the preservation of American democracy is for the House panel to pull the covers off all the lies around Jan. 6, including Trump’s lies, and let the world see the truth. As we near Jan. 6, 2022, America’s political stability as a nation of laws, not autocrats, remains at risk.”

Hmpf. If the Democrats’ best hope to “save democracy” is the farce January 6 committee, they’re in big trouble. This is so for a few reasons.

First, a plethora of testimony emerged that the “battle” between police and protesters was fairly one-sided, meaning the cops had the huge advantage where the clashes were most intense, and they used it to inflict injury and in a couple cases, death. Then the formerly credible U.S. Justice Department launched one of the biggest -- if not the biggest -- investigations of all time aiming to tie those identified to some sort of grand conspiracy -- or “coup” -- to take over the government.

The problem being there’s no evidence of such an ambitious scheme. The protesters didn’t know each other, there was no “plan” and were ultimately outnumbered and out-gunned by the federal forces. The police-inspired crime was particularly egregious in the tunnel that leads to Nancy Pelosi’s speaker’s office and the House chamber itself. Video proves it. The two sides were pushing at each other like crusaders attacking or defending the entrance to Jerusalem, but the beatings were all administered by the guys wearing helmets, riot gear and wielding batons.

The TV news cameras captured the cops struggling to contain the crowd behind metal barriers and a few individuals who the police might have let in to the building rummaging through Nancy Pelosi’s office -- or even sitting in the senate president’s chair. Inside the building the crowd was “mostly peaceful,” refraining from largescale physical damage or permanent destruction. Most of them simply “toured” the building with MAGA gear on or carried flags. If it was an “insurrection” as the Democrats argue, the participants didn’t realize it and didn’t carry it out very well.

The Trump crowd was certainly angry, but they weren’t out for blood. The only homicide was 5’2” Ashli Babbitt, a war veteran who defined the role of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Babbitt was shot and killed for no reason. Why her? Why then? What did the investigation show? Will conservatives ever get an opportunity to ask questions?

The second reason the January 6 committee is a farce is because of its members. If the seven Democrats and two RINO Republicans cared about the truth, they’d bring forth the House leadership as witnesses and thoroughly probe why the security lapse was so complete on that day. With the Congress set to count the Electoral votes from a hotly contested, controversial presidential election, it didn’t take a genius to see there might be trouble.

Coupled with the fact there would be hundreds of thousands in attendance at the Trump rally all over Washington, there should’ve been adequate forces to counterbalance that size crowd. Perhaps Pelosi figured the Trump fans would be well behaved and orderly, just like they were at every other rally all across the country during the campaign. It’s a reasonable assumption, but doesn’t explain the lightly monitored nature of the Capitol that day.

Conservatives don’t assault the police; we are the police. We are for law and order, just as Trump said in one of his tweets on that regretful afternoon.

As was shown on video that day, there were a handful of agitators who got the mob whipped into a frenzy. The images of red, white and blue wearing Americans climbing the walls outside the complex were astonishing. Why did the police lose control so quickly? Why did the police suddenly open some of the doors and allow the throng to flow inside? What did Pelosi know and when did she know it?

Will the committee be fair? Any panel that includes House impeachment managers such as Adam Schiff and Zoe Lofgren and Jamie Raskin (impeachment trial #2) are biased from the get-go. The two Republicans -- Trump haters Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger -- can’t be counted on to do anything other than rubberstamp the Democrat narrative and go on establishment media programs to talk about how awful the former president was/is.

“Democracy” lies in the balance? Does anyone feel great about “democracy” being handed over to Adam Schiff and Liz Cheney to protect?

The last reason the January 6 committee won’t find anything of value is because there isn’t anything to uncover. House Democrats and the media have made a big deal out of Trump team members defying subpoenas to testify and furnish documents, but what can possibly be garnered by going before a committee full of people who hate you to answer questions about an accusation (that the mob was somehow orchestrated) that is bogus to begin with?

This is phony “Russian collusion” all over again.

The term “show trial” is bandied about a lot -- just like “democracy” -- but only spoken by one side. This “tribunal” comes two years after the first farce impeachment trial over a phone conversation Trump had with the Ukrainian president (Remember? Trump suggested that Joe Biden be investigated for corruption. Big stretch, right?) and a year since Democrats said Trump inspired and plotted treason and insurrection.

If Trump really had led an “insurrection” the soldiers would’ve been well led, wouldn’t they?

The American people are smart enough to see what’s going on. There’s no fact-finding mission to expose the truth from January 6, 2021. This is no cause to safeguard “democracy” either. Instead of interviewing sympathetic (to the Democrat version of events) witnesses, Congress would do better delving deeper into the multitude of irregularities that took place in the election.

Liberals call it the “Big Lie” without explaining what actually happened. Was everyone wrong? Did the courts rule on the merits? (Answer: no.) The audits that took place in Arizona and Georgia didn’t reveal a smoking gun that would change the results, but they did find a host of strange phenomena that remains inexplicable. The real “Big Lie” is taking place in the committee room, not in Trump’s insistence on investigating fraud.

Democrats realize they’ve got a hugely unpopular president, a joke for his vice president and aged congressional leaders, one of which is certainly in her final months as Speaker. Putting all of their “democracy” eggs in one basket -- the absurd January 6 committee -- is a last-ditch effort to save themselves. They’ll huff and puff and blow themselves silly.

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