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The Right Resistance: If Joe Biden is battling for the ‘soul of the nation’, better plan a wake

“The Battle for the soul of America”.

It had to be one of the stupidest, most meaningless, inane political platitudes of all-time – uttered by the stupidest, most spineless, biggest liar of all-time (and that’s saying a lot considering who preceded him in the Democrat hierarchy) – and yet, even after the country and the world are falling apart, some defenders of the status quo under senile president Joe Biden are at it, suggesting the “battle for the soul of America” still rages and Biden is the best one to carry the banner forward for liberal, culture-destroying Democrats.

For his part, Biden appears to be lost in the public opinion abyss, professing ignorance as to why his poll numbers aren’t better, last week blaming the establishment media for preferring to feature negativity rather than broadcasting the purported good news of economic prosperity and smiling, happy people everywhere. There’s an endless war going on in one region of the globe, a burgeoning shooting conflict breaking out in another, and Biden babbles on about his policies working to benefit Americans.

It's as though senile Joe and all Democrats earnestly believe they’re doing good for the American people despite the mountains of evidence to the contrary, as though the conscience of the nation is well on its way to being resurrected after one soul-battering term of Donald Trump. Delusional people will buy into propaganda, won’t they?

There aren’t many visible Biden proponents these days, but they do exist. As proof, in a barely readable (because it's so absurdly off-base) opinion piece titled “The battle for the soul of America: Round 2”, Penn State History Professor Richard Aquila wrote at The Hill earlier this week:

“The presidential election of 2024 will not just be about age, though. America is in trouble. Most of the political, social and cultural institutions that bind Americans together have unraveled over the past decade. Americans have spiraled downward into despair and division over issues involving abortion, the border crisis, race, gender and more. At this crucial moment, a vote for the experienced and accomplished Biden not only is the country’s best chance to turn back the rising tide of authoritarianism, but also offers the best hope for workable solutions to deal with immigration reform, gun violence, unfair tax structures, crises in public education, and other pressing issues that Republicans talk about incessantly but do little to solve.

“Given all the problems the country now faces, America needs a talented and tested leader like Joe Biden more than ever. Voters need to focus on Biden’s accomplishments and judge him on his ability to do the job, not the date on his birth certificate...

“Although Joe Biden is now a year older and may have lost a step or two, his mind is still sharp and he’s more determined than ever to protect American democracy. His knowledge, experience, compassion and political skills will enable him — and the nation — to win the Battle for the Soul of America, Round 2, in November 2024. Like President Biden said a year ago in Independence Hall, ‘Folks … it’s up to us.’”

We can only hope it’s up to us, Mr. Aquila, though one suspects Biden’s Democrats will do everything in their grasp to cook the result to ensure more “soul” restoring and government power for the elites. While I agree, somewhat, with the professor’s basic argument that age alone shouldn’t necessarily limit a person from running for office and serving if elected, voters are frightfully worried about senile Joe – not just because of his numerical figure, but because he’s deteriorating before our eyes. And he’s corrupt down to the smallest cell in his body.

Besides this, I know what you’re thinking. With polls of all varieties showing Republican primary race frontrunner Donald Trump slowly ticking up in a hypothetical head-to-head rematch with senile Joe Biden, having caught or surpassed the incumbent in a good many of them, there’s no doubting that Biden still possesses a large segment of American voters loyal to him, regardless.

Aquila is one of them. Would you want this guy teaching a history course to your college kid?

It’s a tad curious that Aquila surmises that America has begun unraveling over the past decade, because, by my estimation, Democrats held power for the majority of it. Obama came to office promising to “fundamentally transform” the country, and kept his vow to wage war on America’s institutions. Let’s not forget who Obama’s vice president was, either. Senile Joe Biden has had a hand in all of the Big O’s policy cookie jars, and what the old dolt is doing now is just an offshoot of the same line-of-thinking that came before.

Undisputable facts don’t get in the way of their analysis, either. Aquila’s short bio lists him as, “A specialist in U.S. history and culture”, yet, from reading this short piece on the bona fides of Biden, one wonders what makes one qualified in today’s world to be deemed a “specialist” on anything. Maybe it’s a willing suspension of reality, or a complete personal boycott of hard news that allows a History Professor, of all people, to claim that Biden is doing good things for the country.

I’m guessing that everyone reading this knows Democrat loyalists, the type of person who would prefer chewing off one of their own arms to admitting they were wrong or that one of their favored politicians ever did anything wicked. These are the same people who allow their children to commit behavioral transgressions in school or the family living space with little or no censure. That’s what it is, after all – Democrat politicians are like spoiled, accountability-free children preying on the values and decency of real Americans. Is this the “soul” they’re talking about?

This is true for Biden in particular. Age doesn’t matter to the hardcore Democrat because Biden delivers on the key party priorities. To them, the fantastical “soul of the nation” has already started being restored and senile Joe needs another term to seal the nation’s fate as though the throng of illegal aliens encouraged and let in by the Biden administration hasn’t done enough to convince anyone who pays attention that something just ain’t right.

Yet they keep up with their logic-less play to the emotions of the gullible anyway. Facts don’t matter a lick to the “I’m always right” crowd, and no amount of history or culture lessons would persuade them otherwise. It’s the difference between believing America and its principles is a force for good versus a hypocritical political organization that constrains freedom – and bad things happen.

Need an example? I personally know one person (she will go nameless, much as I would love to “out” her) whose family was firmly conservative and brought her up with actual viewpoints. She fell under the Barack Obama “Hope and Change” spell and labeled herself “moderate” while none of the garbage she was espousing was anything close to moderation. This formerly reasonable person now unabashedly preaches Democrat/socialist talking points, including most recently calling for censoring the so-called “gun rights” lobby for its unwillingness to “do anything” about mass shootings or gun violence.

This isn’t restoring the soul of America. It’s taking it away, leaving a ghostly shell of what was once a firmly held right – the right to bear arms for self-protection – and replacing it with leftist gobbledygook about “safety” and “security”. It’s a fallacy, just like the concept that a nation’s “soul” could be restored by a spineless politician who wouldn’t recognize the truth if it came up from behind and kicked him in the keister.

Aquila did make one suggestion for improving Biden’s job performance and chances for re-election by defusing the “age” question – namely, dumping cackling Kamala Harris for some other, more “electable” Democrat politician. He did this despite arguing that America has made great strides towards guaranteeing equality for women and “people of color”. Doesn’t make sense, does it?

As has been stated in this space and others numerous times, Democrats have dug themselves a bottomless pit with the former senator from California, an onerous political abrasion that won’t go away no matter how much rhetorical balm they apply to the wound. Harris was an offering to African-American voters for their loyalty in 2020, and de-gifting – or re-gifting – will create a huge kerfuffle in Democrat circles, one they can’t afford. Democrats are strained enough attempting to rationalize keeping Biden involved – they think they can’t win without him -- and now, many are speculating they can’t win with him, either.

Even if Biden did jettison the deadweight Kamala Harris, the age issue wouldn’t completely go away, either. Why would anyone speculate that Gavin Newsom or Gretchen Whitmer or Amy Klobuchar as the new Democrat vice president candidate would eliminate the debate over an obviously failing presidential nominee?

After all, if taking strides to combat racism is a major plank in every Democrat’s platform, then how would removing a black woman from being one heartbeat away from the presidency convince the all-identity-politics-all-the-time brainless liberal voters to stick with the old and corrupt pasty white leadership of the party? Joe Biden can’t fool everyone all of the time. The useless fool can’t even do it some of the time.

If Joe Biden equates to restoring the soul of the American nation, people had better prepare for a wake and laments for that poor soul.

The last thing America needs now is to see Joe Biden as a “savior” for the American experiment, because the old goat and his Democrat backers don’t even understand American exceptionalism as it is. Despite his multitude of errors, Biden still has his followers. There’s one in every crowd, isn’t there? No one said politics ever had to make sense. Why start now?

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