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The Right Resistance: If Ted Cruz is right, ‘Impeach Joe Biden!’ could replace ‘Let’s Go Brandon!’

“[Blank] Joe Biden!” or, as the insult is more commonly referred to these days, “Let’s Go Brandon!”

The saying is everywhere and president senile Joe Biden’s dwindling band of supporters is forced to face it whether they choose to or not. I’m guessing the Biden backers pretend they didn’t glimpse anything should a LGB! bumper sticker suddenly appear in front of them or, in the case of my son’s new sweatshirt, there’s a conservative proudly -- and literally -- wearing their opinion on their sleeve. But while “Let’s Go Brandon!” encapsulates the emotions of millions, there’s a different sort of saying that may take its place in about a year’s time -- “Impeach Joe Biden!” Don’t laugh, it really could happen, especially if Republicans enjoy a sizeable majority in the House of Representatives after this year’s federal midterm elections in November. The gain of a senate seat will also mean a GOP majority in the upper chamber, and thus could increase the urgency to place Biden’s name on the constitutional rubbish heap. On this one-year anniversary of the January 6 riot at the capitol, along with its various commemorations, celebrations (among Democrats), ceremonies and news conferences (former President Trump canceled his appearance at Mar-a-Lago), perhaps it’s fitting that talk of putting Biden through the process should begin at this time. And there’s no one better than Texas Senator Ted Cruz to initiate the discussion. Victor Morton reported at The Washington Times:

“Sen. Ted Cruz said that a Republican-led House after the 2022 elections likely will consider impeaching President Biden on ‘multiple grounds.’

“In the latest episode of his podcast ‘Verdict with Ted Cruz,’ the Texas Republican said he was extremely confident that his party will win Congressional majorities and that this would open the door for retaliation against the Democrats for impeaching then-President Donald Trump. ‘If we take the House, which I said is overwhelmingly likely, then I think we will see serious investigations of the Biden administration,’ he told co-hosts Michael Knowles and Liz Wheeler, saying the odds were 90% and ‘may even be higher.’

“Mr. Cruz made it clear he would prefer to live in a world where impeachment weren’t a routine event — only one president was impeached in the first 200 years of the republic. But he said the current world and its impeachment standards are what the Democrats have created ‘whether it’s justified or not.’”

Indeed. Revenge is said to be the oldest motivation known to mankind. Or you might call it an eye-for-an-eye. On the school playground you’d hear, “He did it first!” … or in film lore, there’s the little recognized but hilarious 80’s comedy, “I'm Gonna Git You Sucka”.

In mentioning impeachment, Cruz wasn’t making promises -- or threats -- but merely stating his opinion on the nature of politics in today’s hyper-partisan political world, where if you merely propose the opening of a window on a sultry day, there are those who see in the request treachery and evil. Some of the Founding Fathers (most notably George Washington) warned against the evils of faction, but once parties were formed, every weak element of human nature was exposed and released upon the world.

That being said, Cruz is correct -- the Democrat party is guiltier than the Republicans. It’s true, the Newt Gingrich-led GOP House introduced and then passed impeachment articles against Bill Clinton in the late nineties, but Clinton brought the storm down upon himself. “High crimes and misdemeanors” included perjury, and Big Bubba Bill clearly lied under oath about the nature of his dealings with Monica Lewinsky. Democrats wouldn’t convict Clinton no matter how many laws he’d broken.

And the rest is history. The genie was let out of the bottle in those last couple years of Bubba’s second term.

Talk of impeachment dogged George W. Bush over practically everything, but the purge wasn’t about to go further with Republicans in control of the House of Representatives, which the GOP held up until the 2006 midterms. By 2007, with Nancy Pelosi new to the speaker’s chair and only two years remaining in Bush’s presidency, there was no great resolve to impeach him. That’s not to say Democrats didn’t try it. Democrats would simply wait until Bush II was term limited out of power.

Since they didn’t have the votes to convict Bush of anything, Democrats, at least back then, must’ve seen impeachment as a political loser. They also likely surmised that Bush had made the GOP brand so toxic that they’d almost be better off waiting and taking the presidency back in 2008. They were correct. Conservatives had abandoned Bush and the establishment by the end. Virtually the entire country was happy to see the wishy-washy neoconservative go back to Texas to work on his ranch (and later, take up portrait painting).

Similar symbolic proposals of impeachment were also made against Barack Obama in his two terms. Democrats held the House majority for Obama’s first two years, and the senate majority until 2015. Like with Bush, there wasn’t a major push to impeach Obama in his final two years even though Republicans held Congress for the time being. With an election on the doorstep, why waste the time?

Conditions obviously changed when Donald Trump emerged the winner of the 2016 presidential election. Due to obviously phony and false rumors of “Russian collusion” spread by loser Hillary Clinton and her gaggle of opportunists and smear campaign artists, talk of impeaching Trump began before he was even inaugurated. The hype intensified during the bogus Robert Mueller investigation and launched into overdrive when Democrats won the majority in the House after the 2018 midterms.

Remember Al Green? The Texas Democrat first formally introduced articles of impeachment in December, 2017. Nancy Pelosi resisted, for a time, the growing movement among her increasingly angry and out of control Democrat caucus, but then relented when ultra-wackos Adam Schiff and Jerrold Nadler held hearings and the media fanned the flames of… well, whatever it was.

Trump was formally impeached by the Democrat House and recall that Nancy Pelosi sat on the papers for weeks while she hemmed and hawed over the best time to get at Trump, the Democrat presidential primary calendar factoring into her deliberations. The articles were delivered to the senate with all the pomp the San Franciscan could muster -- which was a lot -- then the senate trial was conducted. Republicans voted no (except for spineless Mitt Romney on one of the charges) and Democrats voted yes.

The second impeachment of Trump the private citizen last year was a joke and is hardly worth reliving. But the precedent was set. Pick a “crime”, blow it up in the minds of the gullible and uninformed, sic the dogs on the president and stage as grand of a show as you can muster.

Cruz is correct in predicting a strong passion for impeaching senile Joe once Republicans get their hands on the Speaker’s gavel again, but I doubt it would come to fruition unless Biden goes completely off the mental deep-end, and even then, GOPers would likely sit back and wait as Democrats ate their own under the 25th Amendment’s removal provisions.

At the outset, impeaching the hapless Biden would not work. No Democrat would dare vote to convict a president who is still mostly popular with the party base. Democrats took an “anyone but Trump” attitude into the 2020 election, so they got what they voted for -- a shell of a politician who spouts all the party platitudes, hates Republicans, and can be counted on to do whatever the leftists tell him to do.

Democrats don’t care about evidence or strong inferences of guilt. They similarly pay no mind to incompetence or malfeasance as long as the fundraising cash flows in and their hardcore activists-masquerading-as-legislators keep winning and talking with the media. How else would Nancy Pelosi, Biden and Chucky Schumer stay in power for decades on end?

Even if the “Impeach Joe Biden!” movement succeeded, America would be stuck with the constitutional next-in-line, Kamala Harris. If a poll were conducted, most sensible people would take a basically braindead senile Joe over the air-brain Kamala any day. If China and Russia see Biden as a virtual invitation to step-up military operations, what would our enemies think of Harris handling the nuclear codes? The House would probably consider another set of impeachment articles, but would the next Democrat after Kamala be any better?

As conservatives, we have a real problem. Like it or not, the only way out of the current nightmare is the 2024 election.

If Ted Cruz is right, “Let’s Go Brandon” could easily morph into “Impeach Joe Biden” next year when the new Republican House majority takes over Congress. Not all ideas are promising, however, as the trial would lead to Biden’s acquittal and Republicans have more important matters to address in the economy and elsewhere.

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Hope Funk
Hope Funk
Jan 08, 2022

Who is Brandon?

Mike M
Mike M
Jan 12, 2022
Replying to

History has always been a favorite subject of mine.


From a practical perspective, this may make no difference, but I would like to point out that both impeachments of Trump were 100% political and based on lies, while a Biden impeachment would be based on facts.


Mike M
Mike M
Jan 06, 2022

My scenario is based on Mittens Romney and Mindless Murchowski doing whatever Charlie the Chucklehead Schumer tells them to do. They're scared s**tless of the liberals calling them a racist or something. In that case all bets are off.


Your conclusion is spot on. While Brandon could be impeached for just about everything he has done, the focus needs to be on undoing the mess he has created. The current majority may be wasting time while conjuring up cockamamy spending schemes, but Republicans, for once, should get busy and see to the needs of the country. They don't have a very good track record, but even the weakest runner can get up to speed if he gives it the right effort. There is still hope. It's up to us to insure the right candidates win in this years primaries. No more RINO's!


Impeach Brandon . . . !

TRUMP 2024 & 2028! DEO VINDICE!

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