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The Right Resistance: If Trump is convicted in 2024, is it time to ‘refresh the Tree of Liberty?’

Since Christmastime and the end of another year is typically a good time to peer into the indefinite future and make forecasts for the months and years ahead, perhaps now’s a good opportunity to predict what would/will happen if leading Republican presidential candidate

Donald Trump is convicted on one (or some, or all) of the criminal charges facing him in several jurisdictions along the east coast (Fulton County, Georgia, New York City and federal courts in Washington, DC and south Florida) in 2024.


It seems whenever Trump’s turned around the past seven-plus years that he’s drawn condemnation from someone for something, be it for being a mediocre celebrity, a womanizing boss, a crooked business tyrant, a colluding (with the Russians) politician, or just plain being a bad guy who Tweets too much – the lifelong real estate developer-turned-first-time-candidate-turned-president-turned-targeted-private-citizen has been under fire for some over-hyped and usually false offense.


The year 2023 will be remembered for many reasons, but one of the year’s most glaring consistencies has been the DC swamp elites’ fixation with either preventing Trump from running for president again – or stopping him from winning.


The real mystery is, what can/will take place if his enemies succeed in their mission? What if Trump is found guilty as charged? A couple of well-known conservative media personalities weighed-in on the topic last week. In an article titled “Tucker Carlson: You're Going To Get Violence If You Keep This S--t Up, ‘The Charges Against Trump Are Not Real’”, Ian Schwartz reported on what was said at Real Clear Politics:


“SiriusXM host Megyn Kelly is joined by Tucker Carlson, founder of the Tucker Carlson Network, to talk about the potential for violence if Donald Trump is thrown in prison ahead of the November election, political consequences being felt now in cities, and more…


“MEGYN KELLY: This is one of the reasons why I said if this judge [Chutkan] in DC… because we assume Trump's gonna get convicted in that case, I mean, the smart bet would be this DC jury convicts him because they hate them politically. 92% voted for Joe Biden. And she hates him. If she puts him in jail, pending appeal before the election, the country's going to burn… [T]here is no way that Trump base is not going to be beside itself with anger at that level of deprivation of being able to simply vote for the candidate of choice. That's what's being taken away here.


“TUCKER CARLSON: Speaking of violence, that's what you're gonna get. And speaking as someone who detests violence… If you leave people no alternative, then what do you think is going to happen? The whole point of electoral democracy is that it's a pressure relief valve that takes people who are very frustrated with the way things are going and gives them a way to express themselves, have their desires heard, and ultimately, their will done to be represented in a peaceful way. And if you take that away, if you have staged an unfair election, which 2020 was, if you suppress information that voters need to make an informed decision, you're rigging the election, and they did that.


“So if you keep doing that, and people are like, ‘Wait, I have no economic power, you've devalued my currency, so it's like $11 for a dozen eggs, and my vote doesn't matter anymore. Well, then what do I have? Like what power do I have?’ And you're gonna get violence if you keep the s--t up. And that's just the truth.”


There certainly would be a visceral reaction to a conviction, for sure. What form will it take? Here’s thinking we’re probably going to see something like populations revolting against tyranny, kind of like in the 2012 science fiction dystopian movie series, “The Hunger Games”, starring Jennifer Lawrence.


The plot of the series is too long and complex to explain here, but the story is basically about a government ignoring the desires and will of the people – and they ultimately rise up against it. The tale has been repeated over and over again in the annals of history, including in our own American Revolution.


Moral of the story: People don’t like it when their government becomes so corrupt and compromised that it no longer cares what its citizens think. The residents pay the taxes and do the work that sustains life within the territory. It’s the people who matter, not the representatives and senators, presidents or bureaucrats.


Our government (or at least half of it) seems to have forgotten this truth. That’s what’s happening here, and it could lead to disastrous consequences in the very near future if events don’t alter the current direction.


How has it gotten to the point where we’re talking about violence if Trump is convicted? Let’s face it, Trump’s enemies, both within and outside the Republican party, were dumbfounded that he was able to build his popularity and voter base this year despite being indicted in four separate jurisdictions on charges ranging from paying hush money to a porn star to stuffing government secrets into a shower at Mar-a-Lago to concocting, conspiring and leading an insurrection on the government of the United States (which, of course, he constitutionally presided over at the time, so not sure how that’s supposed to work).


All of these events, more or less, have come along with gobs of establishment media attention and reporting and TV video coverage, where available. Just imagine the snickering and behind-the-scenes comments of leftist news producers who figured that depicting Trump and his entourage of lawyers and officials as they approached and then entered courthouses and courtrooms was a Trump-crusher.


“That’s it! Wait until Americans see Trump being led to the tribunal like so many pathetic condemned felons to the electric chair! Only this time there won’t be any last meal requests, smokes or dithering among the executioners! And for gosh sakes, no last-minute phone calls from the president granting clemency, either! Prepare the facilities! Get senile Joe on the line, tell him that Trump is history!”


If anyone still harbors doubts about the establishment media’s inability to read the pulse of the American public, they should’ve been dispelled by the country’s reaction to the Trump legal charges. Rather than abandon the former president and 2024 Republican presidential candidate, conservatives have rallied to his side and turned their outrage and energy towards the overstepping and unfairness of the government itself, finally awakening to the dire need to reform the federal authorities’ powers.


Gee, a Democrat administration take matters to the extreme? In one breath you’ve got congressional Democrats screaming “Impeach Him!” (in 2019) over alleged elections interference in a presidential phone call (the Ukraine thing), to subsequently claiming that the probable nominee of a major party must be thrown in the hoosegow simply for using his legitimate constitutional powers in the waning days of his elected term.


It's been a heck of a year watching much of this happen, and the Republican presidential race hasn’t turned out quite like a lot of “experts” thought it would. As I’ve argued on numerous occasions, the Democrats leading this latest witch hunt(s) have succeeded in doing something that no one could have ever dreamed of prior to 2023 – they’ve made Donald Trump into a sympathetic character and given credence to his oft-stated admonishment to his supporters: “They’re not after me. I’m just in the way. They’re after you.”


Which begs a question: Would Trump’s campaign actually suffer if the legal drama suddenly subsides, is cancelled (by the Supreme Court) or the defendant is found not guilty?


Threats of violence would likely go by the wayside in that case – at least from enraged Trump supporters – but what would be the electoral effect?


Some would argue that any not guilty verdict or actions by the courts to dismiss the charges would simply vindicate Trump and bolster his case. Others will undoubtedly plead that wide swaths of heretofore supporters will “wise up” and move towards alternatives who weren’t accused felons. This line of reasoning is what Chris Christie’s been spreading all along.


Or, there could still be revenge-seeking protests, and maybe violence. Recent experience would indicate there likely would be government agents planted among the crowds attempting to work up the already agitated protesters into committing actions they’d regret. It’s hard to imagine something like January 6, 2021 ever happening again, but there would be many Democrats who hope for a repeat.


Because unsolicited violence and mass demonstrations of patriotism-gone ugly are the only way liberals could take the moral high ground away from conservatives who just want their country back. Or another way to put it, to Make America Great Again.


Thomas Jefferson once summed up this phenomenon: “What country before ever existed a century and half without a rebellion? And what country can preserve it’s liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure.”


It doesn’t take a genius with a math PhD to recognize that it’s been a little over a century and a half since the last armed “revolt” in this country, the events of January, 2021 notwithstanding. The conclusion to Trump’s first term wasn’t an “insurrection” or “rebellion” or “revolution” no matter how senile Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and the rest of the Democrats spin it.


But did Thomas Jefferson just predict violence in the prelude to the 2024 election? Did Megyn Kelly have it right that something is bound to happen if Democrats pursue the Trump persecution to its logical end? Did Tucker Carlson peg it when he said, “You're gonna get violence if you keep the s--t up. And that's just the truth.”


If so, we might be in store for a little Hunger Games-type rising of our own.

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