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The Right Resistance: Impeachment is done, now how about getting back to voter fraud?

Ask your average Trump supporter whether they were more upset that Donald Trump was

denied a second term or the fact there were so many mysteries and questions surrounding the counting that were never properly investigated or heard by the media, our “impartial” federal law enforcement agencies or the courts -- and he or she will probably say, “Actually, both.”

Five and a half weeks since the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol building, going on four weeks since Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s inauguration and just under a week since the Democrats (and a few outlier Republicans) instituted their inane, wasteful, unconstitutional and fruitless impeachment tribunal of Citizen Donald Trump, the grievances of the former president’s backers still have not been addressed. And there’re few indicators that they ever will be.

Holding themselves accountable isn’t high on the list of America’s establishment ruling elites’ priorities. The swamp patrols itself and the reptiles don’t often eat their own -- unless they see some advantage to it.

Not only is the Trump backers’ preferred leader no longer in the White House, the multitudes of eyewitness accounts of voter fraud and official chicanery lie unacted upon by the powers-that-be. Like strips of film tossed carelessly away and now residing on a movie director’s cutting room floor, the claims of those who saw something odd and willingly put themselves under oath to speak up about it are disregarded and typically shamed for daring to question the final result.

Those who do are branded “insurrectionists”, “QAnon kooks” and bitter Trump hangers-on. They’re depicted as heartless and uncaring about the five lives that ended at Trump’s final rally. As was made abundantly clear by the just concluded impeachment trial, Democrats hold conservatives and free speakers in just as much contempt as they do the man who unabashedly brought prosperity to the country, only to have the positive outcomes kicked to the side by excessive China virus hysteria and a media bent on bringing an end to the all-too-brief political career of the 45th president.

Some brave souls are continuing to speak up, including those who say the FBI never bothered to snoop for the answers. It certainly sounds like the deep state on steroids. Alex Swoyer reported at The Washington Times:

“Americans who came forward when they spotted what they thought was suspicious activity in the 2020 presidential election say they got a message loud and clear: If you see something, shut up about it.

“Mellissa Carone, a Michigan information technology worker who raised an alarm about what she viewed as irregularities during the ballot count in Detroit, said she called the FBI twice in attempts to report the problems. ‘I never got a call back still,’ said Ms. Carone, who gained notoriety for her fiery election fraud testimony alongside former President Donald Trump’s lead attorney, Rudolph W. Giuliani. Ms. Carone said people came knocking on her door in outrage over her claims that the Nov. 3 election was rigged. She even changed her phone number to escape the hate calls.

“The trauma she and others who spoke out experienced was compounded when federal law enforcement largely ignored their claims, according to some who alleged ballot mischief and their attorneys.”

Isn’t it funny -- or not funny -- how government officials and the news media took special pains to discredit the people who made the assertions but didn’t scratch below the surface to check out the claims themselves? The media’s job is supposedly to relentlessly pursue story leads to get to the truth.

The hypocritical-to-the-core Washington Post’s motto -- “Democracy dies in darkness” -- is there for all to see.

If that’s the case, then democracy dipped below room temperature a long time ago. The concept of one person, one vote is permanently discredited when people don’t trust the integrity of the system. The 2020 presidential election was just the grandest example of complete systemic breakdown, the tangible erosion of faith. For too long, citizens have been told that their ballots were safe, yet when a flaw in the machinery is exposed by watchdog groups like Project Veritas, the findings are treated like an outbreak of COVID-19 at a private mask-optional Democrat Party committee meeting.

Preservation of the status quo is all that matters to the old Washington establishmentarians of both parties. It doesn’t matter that the national debt nears $30 trillion or that much of what the federal government does these days is based on theory and pure conjecture. Trump tried to upset the balance and the swamp converged on him like fire ants on a wounded bird.

Trump himself was the lead mover for a thorough look into the election, but now that he’s a private citizen, it would be extremely arduous to obtain a more accurate analysis into the voter fraud. Congress could do it, but good luck persuading Nancy Pelosi to do something honest on her watch. Likewise, “Chucky” Schumer would rather discharge on himself than direct the senate to hold hearings, interview witnesses and shine the light of truth on the enormous holes in the system.

Many conservatives urged Sen. Lindsey Graham and others to get the ball rolling while Republicans still held the upper chamber majority, but little urgency was displayed. Mitch McConnell was too worried about party donors and Trump’s image to bother with an all-out effort to save the Republican presidency. Now it’s too late -- at least until after the 2022 election.

Further, federal law enforcement agencies will be too preoccupied carrying out the vendettas of Grampa Joe Biden’s handlers to divert attention to opposition cases. Plus, they’ll be plenty busy covering for Hunter, Jim and Frank Biden -- you know, destroying evidence, intimidating witnesses, unmasking confidential sources and leaking to the media. The “Big Guy” has a goon squad and he’s not afraid to use it!

You’re probably more likely to get an honest overview of 2020 irregularities from the National Enquirer than the Biden Justice Department. It was revealed last week that Biden plans on firing nearly all the U.S. Attorneys that Trump appointed, too. Such turnover between administrations is expected, but only Republicans are condemned for it by the media.

Proving fraud or conspiracy is difficult under the best of circumstances, and it’s near impossible when the media and politically powerful are providing the obstruction. The duty falls to conservatives to keep the pressure up to ensure the 2020 election is fully investigated so that finally, at long last, the brave people who came forward to speak will get their day in the court of public opinion.

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Feb 15, 2021

Nothing is gonna happen about voter fraud. Biden did not win legitimately and a thorough investigation will prove that. Which is why the effort never got off the ground. With GOP help, of course. According to GOP "leaders," Liz Cheney and Mitch McConnell, this stolen election stuff is "lies." There was also some poll out that said recently that around 60% of the GOP base sees Biden as illegitimate. I don't know if it was the same poll but that's down from 70 something percent a couple weeks back. They're just gonna ride this out, and in a few months no one is gonna be talking about legitimacy any further. I would not trust any investigation now. Do you trust…


John Finafrock
John Finafrock
Feb 15, 2021

It's time for all voters to get wise and clean out the DC Swamp Rats. It's time to establish Term Limits, it's time for our citizens to take charge and change the way our tax dollars are spent. We must take back control and ensure that smart actions to formulate the future for our children to live in a free secure nation.


Brenda Sinclair
Brenda Sinclair
Feb 15, 2021



James Bryson
James Bryson
Feb 15, 2021

Although John Roberts, SCOTUS and the lower courts sidestepped their DUTY and defrauded the American people...

Although the TechNerdOligarchs and the FNMedia used 'public trust" like a filthy rag...

Allow me one specific comment on "ethical rot in the epicenter" of the Deep State...consider the 110,000+ bureaucrats, and 11,000+ lawyers, enthroned in the DoJ. As long as this organization is militantly long as a two-timing AG (ya like that, I do) as worthless as Billy Barr, can defraud the American people...most of the rest is just rhetoric. A criminal DoJ is insurmountable.

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