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The Right Resistance: In Democrat-land, spoiled, angry and frustrated = climate change voter

When you can’t get it done at home, take it on the road.

That’s precisely what several prominent Democrats did earlier this week, heading to the international climate conference in Glasgow, Scotland, to complain about many of the same things that they whine about on domestic soil -- but to a friendlier leftist establishment audience. President senile Joe Biden spoke there last week after spending a few days at the G20 summit in Rome (rumor has it he crapped his pants while meeting with the Pope), where he clearly fell asleep during one of the boring presentations and then mumbled his way through his own address.

Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi also gave it the ol’ Democrat college faculty lounge try in promoting the party’s multi-trillion “Build Back Better” welfare boondoggle to the globalist climate crowd, both sounding as though they were hoping to convince representatives of far-off lands that Democrats have solutions to every warming planet problem ever -- and Republicans are the ones stalling the whole thing.

I’ve said it a lot, but it must be hard to be a Democrat. If there are only so many original things to be said about “climate change”, both Obama and Pelosi must’ve experienced enormous pressure to come up with material that hadn’t already been uttered by the pencil neck intellectuals before them. Dire warnings of catastrophe had already been used to the nth degree, so what else is there to say? When all else fails, bash on Republicans!

In Obama’s case, you gaffe your way through your teleprompter oration. Dave Boyer reported at The Washington Times:

“Former President Barack Obama called on world leaders to save the planet, but he couldn’t quite identify which country he was in. Mr. Obama’s speech … at the COP26 climate-change summit is being mocked for his reference to host Scotland as part of the ‘Emerald Isles,’ which is a nickname for Ireland…

“In the substantive parts of his remarks, the former president said ‘time is really running out’ for global action to combat climate change. He criticized Russia and China for not attending the conference, and he blamed Republicans in Washington for resisting policies to address global warming...

“[Obama] said Mr. Biden ‘wanted to do even more’ and that Republicans were again to blame. Mr. Biden is ‘constrained by the absence of a robust majority that’s needed to make that happen. Both of us have been constrained in large part by the fact that one of our two major parties has decided not only to sit on the sidelines, but express active hostility toward climate science and make climate change a partisan issue.’”

Keep in mind that Obama wasn’t talking to an assembled group of Americans who’d paid top dollar to listen to the former president drivel on about a make-believe fantasy issue of his own choosing. No, he was before an international gathering of elites who’d ridden their carbon belching private jets to enjoy the climate controlled indoor settings.

Perhaps Obama was justified to jab Russia and China for skipping the conference, since these countries are among the world’s biggest polluters and without their cooperation any emerging agreements will amount to nothing but symbolism. Russia isn’t about to curtail its oil production, since Vladimir Putin’s economy is wholly dependent on it. And China? The Asian power has to provide electricity to its enormous population, and no one on that side of the Pacific is fooling themselves into believing that wind and solar energy could possibly do the trick.

So it’s left up to American politicians to make their “earth is a ball of fire” case to a bunch of nerdy stiffs with funny accents who can’t do anything other than complain. If you’re in business and you waste your time on such fruitless endeavors, you’ll either be fired or your company will fail.

I didn’t see any specific news reports on it, but my guess is the Democrats tried to tie the Chinese Communist Party (CCP, or Wuhan, if you prefer) virus pandemic to climate change, just as they’ve attempted to blame weather related causes for illegal immigration, wars, tribal feuds, wildfires…whatever is plaguing the earth at any given time. Liberals under the direction of Obama and Biden have even linked the matter to space exploration. NASA’s primary mission under the current leadership is to explore changes in the planet caused by warming temperatures.

As far as Obama suggesting that Republicans made “climate change” into a partisan issue, he might be correct. GOPers are happy to point out that it was Joe Biden who essentially stifled domestic energy production, triggering worldwide supply shortages that resulted in higher prices for everyone. One would think Democrats would have ensured that so-called “renewable” energy could supplant the much more plentiful and powerful fossil fuel sources before cancelling pipelines and regulating fracking operations to the point of destruction -- but they didn’t!

Biden himself didn’t think it the least bit hypocritical to handcuff American oil and natural gas producers and then go and beg OPEC to pump more crude from the sands of the Middle East. He griped that it will take time to get the replacements ready… but if that’s the story, then why do leftists keep asserting that “time is running out”? Doesn’t make sense.

Obama made Republicans sound like obstructionists just because conservatives disagree on the existence and true threat of global warming and the potential “solutions” to the problem. The community organizer former commander in chief advised young people to remain “angry” and “frustrated” so as to vote for politicians who ignore common sense, which is a typical leftist appeal to the young and gullible to keep Democrats in the majority.

He tossed out numbers, too. The former president bragged, “[The Build Back Better] legislation will devote over half a trillion dollars to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by over a billion metric tons by the end of the decade, at least 10 times more than any legislation previously passed by Congress. Along the way, it will reduce consumer energy costs.”

Really, says who? How is it possible, Barack? What will the benefit be of reducing emissions by over a billion metric tons by 2030? Will the earth actually cool in that amount of time, or will we simply stop it from increasing? And if China steps up its building of coal-fired plants, how many billions of metric tons will be spewed into the atmosphere to replace what Americans sacrificed and paid dearly to eliminate?

Forget the fact that this is a bad time for Democrats to be running around the globe complaining about Republicans, because winter is coming fast and Americans will really start seeing the changes in their heating bills to match their inflated gasoline expenditures. Students in heated dorms and apartments that mommy and daddy are paying for won’t care if costs have doubled (or more), but low-income folks and seniors on fixed incomes will recognize the difference immediately.

One personal example will demonstrate. We recently sold our house that was reliant on propane gas for heat. We moved into a new home with a clean burning natural gas furnace and the price difference between the two fuels is dramatic. Whereas we used to spend around $4000 a year on propane alone, natural gas is less than half of that. And this winter? I’d hate to see the invoices greeting the new owners. What a great time to sell!

The Glasgow conference was a shining example of how the world’s elites are hopelessly out-of-touch with the people who bear the brunt of whatever policies they invent. Nancy Pelosi took 20 of her fellow Democrats with her to the meeting, which means there was lots of carbon burned to generate even more hot air inside the buildings. One of those was none other than Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. What a paradise of socialism!

Meanwhile, while the Glasgow meeting was winding down, historically unpopular vice president Kamala Harris jetted off to Paris to try and work on fractured U.S./French relations resulting from a botched nuclear submarine deal involving Australia. Imagine sending Harris anywhere to make a friendlier atmosphere between two nations. It just won’t happen.

Included on Harris’s agenda were discussions on the plight of Syrian migrants as well as to address gender equality and “rising inequality” around the world. Kamala’s an expert on how to screw up immigration policy, so why not send her overseas to get the Europeans to botch theirs as well?

In all seriousness, Biden’s handlers probably figured that the only way for the vice president to keep from embarrassing herself -- again -- is to plan international visits where she can talk about gender equality. Democrats were over-represented at the Glasgow event. Adding Kamala to the mix would’ve only stolen the spotlight from such distinguished dignitaries as Obama and Pelosi.

It seems clear that Democrats are running out of Americans to listen to their complaints about “climate change” or “gender equality”, so they’re trying to make themselves look good by pitching their hugely expensive welfare pipedreams to equally susceptible Europeans. They have bare majorities in Congress; what would it be like if they had real power?

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The communists have figured out that they will never convince (enough) Americans to give up our freedom or lifestyle for a political idea. However, they have discovered that we just might to "save the planet".


Randy Harod
Randy Harod
Nov 12, 2021

Climate Change is false guilt trip media blitz. Do your research too and accept the TRUTH. It is a political scam now supported by most G20 Big Governments to kill existing energy sources they cannot raise taxes on anymore (see gasoline tax increase riots in France last year) and replace them with more expensive or non existent and non reliable (insufficient surge and storage capacity) "Green Energy" sources where they can write new regulations to overpower/control all companies, get campaign kickbacks to stay in power, and set whatever subsidies and tax rates they desire. Note the Paris Climate Accord calls for every developed nation to pay 2%-3% of their GDP in taxes to the UN to spend with no ou…


James Bryson
James Bryson
Nov 12, 2021

Obammy... the undocumented, narcissist-punk,

Replying to

The "Golden Mouth" of the 2004 Democratic convention has had his foot in it ever since he was granted ANY kind of power: Illinois senator, US senator, and then (must we even acknowledge it?) the US presidency. Somehow, we all lived through those years which have scarred this country in his wake. Now, as the recipient of $60 million from Netflix and 'funds' from other sources, he continues to 'build back better' the House of Cards that has ALWAYS been his true legacy. While he enjoys his multi-million-dollar Martha's Vineyard mansion and is building his own pleasure palace 'get-a-way' in Hawaii, he is still spouting his drivel to anyone willing (or forced?) to listen to that "fool's gold tongue" of…

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