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The Right Resistance: Infrastructure as defined by dumb blondes, Democrats and Senile Joe Biden

Writing about politics, it’s not often when an opportunity presents itself to tell a truthful but

non-politically correct joke about someone in the arena, but such a golden chance arose last week. So here goes:

Q: Why did the dumb blonde get ridiculed in the (conservative) media? She defined “infrastructure” as “Paid leave… Child care… and Caregiving”. HA!

As you’ve probably heard by now, that quote stems from Democrat New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, who has chemically enhanced platinum blonde hair and is indeed, dumb. To be fair, non-blondes have been making the same argument as Gillibrand’s quite a bit lately too, including California Rep. Katie Porter. Porter’s coif appears as though it could be her natural shade, but her intellect (or lack thereof) suggests she should consider making an appointment at Gillibrand’s hair salon for a transformative color switch. Following Nancy Pelosi’s example from last summer, masks not required!

Woohoo! Anything and everything is thought of as “infrastructure” in Democrat-land! Here we are, having lived our lives naively thinking that “infrastructure” meant stuff everyone uses everyday but rarely recognize its presence until it fails. How many roads does it take to get to the supermarket? How many bridges did you unconsciously cross to get to your friend’s house? Who installed the power or gas lines that provide light and heat to your home? (Or, for our climate change obsessed liberal friends, to charge your electric vehicle?)

Going somewhere? Who dreamed up the airports and train stations that supply the ability to move great distances in a short amount of time?

Living near Jamestown, Virginia, I’ve often wondered what it was like for the first English settlers in the earliest days, with nothing but their wits and wisdom to sustain them. They landed on an island in a big river (otherwise known as transportation infrastructure supplied by God) and found only trees, animals and… natives as occupants. They had to clear the territory themselves, build shelters, dig wells, improvise sanitation, erect a fence/wall to protect them from threats, etc. But what to do at night? What if it was cold or hot? Was it boring? Scary?

However it was, I doubt those daring forerunners considered “paid leave, child care and caregiving” to be crucial infrastructure. Maybe there just weren’t enough dumb blondes in early America to assert the claim. But those folks weren’t anything like today’s Democrats, who certainly must know better but advance crazy nut-head arguments to further their political agendas anyway. Could it possibly get any more stupid? You can’t make this stuff up.

“Arguments from Democrats in favor of an expanded definition of infrastructure as it relates to President Joe Biden's $2 trillion American Jobs Plan, widely described as an infrastructure package, reached a new level on Wednesday.

“’Paid leave is infrastructure. Child care is infrastructure. Caregiving is infrastructure,’ New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand said in a tweet.

“That sparked widespread mockery over Democrats claiming that whatever policy priority they prefer can be called ‘infrastructure.’ Republicans used the tweet to highlight their own talking point that only 6% of funds in the bill would be spent on roads and bridges.”

Mockery? I didn’t use Gillibrand’s astuteness to claim that a toilet seat is infrastructure for a human being’s digestive system and hindquarters, but I suppose I could have. Instead, I just made up a dumb blonde joke -- so the “woke” police should give me a pass. I doubt they will.

The debate continues over what is “infrastructure” and what isn’t. Needless to say, Democrats are sneaking their wish list into dumb (but not blonde) senile Joe Biden’s upcoming bill.

Thankfully, it wasn’t always this way. Growing up in a household that honored real infrastructure, my siblings and I knew more than most kids did about what the word truly means. My civil engineer father was always bringing home blueprints of projects he was working on, such as airport terminals and runways, sewage water treatment plants, ports, highway bridges, underground subways and one of his largest contributions, the enormous Alameda corridor (which encompassed roads and railways out of the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles. Much of the imported goods Americans buy today travels through this incredibly complex system. Thanks, Dad!).

To a kid, Dad’s drawings looked like a random bunch of squiggly etchings on a huge sheet of paper, but those incomprehensible lines and shapes somehow morphed into real-life infrastructure where we all could go places and do stuff. But for the professionalism of the people who dared to dream big -- and build bigger -- America wouldn’t be where it is today.

And now people like Joe Biden, Kirsten Gillibrand, Bernie Sanders and Katie Porter hope to tear it all down. Or, to be fair, they want to supplant the notion of “infrastructure” with leftist fantasies of a redistributionist society where people who don’t work have their children looked after by paid federal hirelings. (I’m not degrading childcare workers, but they aren’t part of the infrastructure crowd.)

One of president senile Joe’s campaign slogans was “Build Back Better”. How the heck would he know anything about the subject? Whereas Donald Trump spent a career actually constructing things (too many to list), all the while dealing with local, state and federal entities concerning infrastructure -- water and sewage for his buildings, roads, electrical service, internet and phone, etc. -- Joe Biden slithered for a half century among swamp creature politicians who puffed up their chests when they got a road or highway named after them.

This includes both parties, by the way.

Biden isn’t blonde, but he’d probably switch if he felt it would help him win votes. Here’s thinking Biden wouldn’t even know how to build a stack of waffles, much less how to erect a skyscraper. And what about the creative impetus it took to build the AMTRAK railway system he used for decades to commute between Delaware and DC? If infrastructure was based solely on his talents, people would still need to ride horses and travel by wagon to get someplace.

Senile Joe knows a lot about horsepucky, that’s for sure.

No wonder Democrats seek to include all of their social program malarkey in the big infrastructure bill. They’ll start defining real roads and bridges-type programs in their racism narrative, too, arguing that transportation systems only serve to bring rich suburban white people to work downtown. Add the fact that most mass transit travels through poor urban areas (typically populated with minorities) and the lie is complete.

So they make it all about “climate change” and “green energy”. How are future poor residents of dilapidated old apartment buildings going to feel when their heat or air conditioning goes off? Will they realize that “child care and caregiving and paid leave” really wasn’t vital infrastructure?

Instead of dumping more billions and trillions into social welfare programs to look after someone’s children, how about using that money to fund school choice options where the neediest in society can choose a quality private education for their child if they so desire? Or what about home schooling, which would alleviate the need for childcare in the first place?

The Democrats’ infrastructure ruse is exposed. With each inane tweet or rambling senile Joe statement, their poorly disguised drive to federalize everything and take away your freedoms comes into view. Seriously, requiring Uncle Sam to equate social welfare to roads and bridges? It’s something only a dumb blonde would ever suggest.

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Apr 12, 2021

Infrastructure really does need to get done. Even Trump campaigned on the need to upgrade our airports and other structures (which stood out in 2015 as no other Republican was saying this). Dems refused to do a deal when Trump was in office, because they'd have to spend most of the money on actually building/fixing stuff. What Dems really want to do is just throw more money to their special interests groups. Very little is gonna get built/fixed. Because come election time, they can endlessly promise to get infrastructure done...that's why "Dems must get elected." Not enough people have wised up to the scheme, unfortunately. Dems just have to say they want to spend $2 trillion to get it done…

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