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The Right Resistance: Is Biden’s steady poll sag due to Democrats running out of victims?

Could this scenario happen?

--“We could begin each campaign session with the Rolling Stones’ ‘Start Me up’,” suggested a highly paid Democrat consultant at a gathering of senile Joe Biden’s aides at the White House.

The stoic swamp consultant tried to sound hopeful, but could only muster a voice just above a whisper in advancing the idea. The president’s poll numbers took another dive recently, panicking many in Democrat-land who are desperately searching for something – anything – to reverse the trend. Senile Joe Biden’s always been the popular guy – you know, Uncle Joe, Lunch Bucket Joe, or the friend you would actually be disappointed in if he turned down your Christmas dinner invitation.

Now, Democrats are dumbfounded as to how to boost the doddering dolt’s chances to win another term. “We could initiate and pay for our own polls so that our man looks better to the public,” one aide offered confidently, then wondered why everyone was staring at him as though he were an idiot. Realizing his own mistake, the fool muttered, “Oh yeah, we already did that.”

“Maybe we could send an envoy to Florida to find the real ‘Fountain of Youth’” interjected another Democrat operative. “People say age is just a number, but for our man Joe, that’s a BIG number. And it’s dragging us down. What to do? What to do?”

There’s little joy among Democrats these days. And the negativity appears to be spreading. In an article titled “Democrats express frustration with Biden’s moribund poll numbers”, Alexander Bolton reported at The Hill last week:

“Senate Democrats say President Biden’s moribund poll numbers are ‘concerning’ and ‘frustrating,’ but they are doubtful any messaging shift by the White House will change how voters view him before the 2024 election. They acknowledge the 80-year-old president’s biggest problem is his age, which negatively influences how many voters view his presidency and contributes to a lack of enthusiasm for his 2024 reelection campaign.

“’You got to be concerned about those poll numbers, you just do,’ Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.) said. ‘There’s plenty of time to get them back up. Whether he can or not, I just don’t know but you got to be concerned.’

“One Democratic senator who requested anonymity said voters at home expressed deep apathy about Biden’s prospective reelection during constituent meetings over the August recess. The senator said the polling data ‘reflect all the miscellaneous encounters I’m having all the time.’ ‘There’s just no enthusiasm,’ the senator said. ‘It does pretty much come down to ‘Well, he’s done a pretty good job, but he’s just too old.’”

Like sure, if you brought in a fresher Democrat the calculus would change, right? Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s been running for months now – he’s 69 – and no one’s talking about his youthful vigor and enthusiasm. Or perhaps it’s because no one in the old Obama orbit is primed to step-in for senile Joe – or at least no one they can all agree upon.

In case you ever wonder whether the Democrats we see giving Senate floor speeches are the same ones who grant interviews for stories like Bolton’s, wonder no more! There’s just as much detachment from reality when Democrats are in front of the media microphone as when they’re injecting themselves into the congressional record – the fools actually think the economy’s doing great and people just don’t understand how prosperous they really are!

Yup, paying seventy or eighty bucks to fill up your car is a privilege gifted to us by the government! Just wait until the interest on college student loans starts coming due again on October first. You’ll then see the Democrats howl about the cruelty of Republicans for not helping liberals cancel those payments for spoiled brat grifters!

Regardless of the reasons Democrats (such as the above fictional Biden advisors) offer for why senile Joe is sagging – in the polls – I think the malaise is perhaps due to a condition which party candidates will have trouble curing in 2024: simply put, Democrats are running out of victims to appeal to, and thus their voter base is shrinking. Donald Trump’s and the Republicans’ own base may not be expanding by appreciable numbers, but the Democrats… well, they’re contracting.

Most establishment media outlets will rerun the facts and figures on Biden’s age and make a case that his plunging popularity is attributable to the growing percentage of American voters who consider the top Democrat too mentally deteriorated and doddering to handle another four years tacked onto his tenure as president. Biden’s age has been tossed around for a long time yet it didn’t stop him from being elected president (questionably, of course) and, when push comes to shove, the 80+ number wouldn’t keep him from winning in 2024, either.

Yes, Democrat voters really are that dumb. And ignorant. And caring only about goodies for themselves, abortions for single women, jobs for their incompetent ideologue friends or a safe, Secret Service protected work environment for the next round of charlatans.

The problem with leftists is, they all think they’re victims – and they recognize each other’s status as a victim – but their own individual victimization by people who don’t agree with them culturally or politically, is degrees worse than the other aggrieved groups’ suffering.

Need examples? Everyone knows feminists built a cause out of so-called “male oppression”, even when, thanks to the modern welfare state, there are probably an equivalent number of women-led households as traditional, male-led nuclear family households. (I admit I could be way off base with this, but go with me for a second.)

Thanks to the now-entrenched “right to abortion” (or so they claim), a pregnant female alone should be the determiner of whether to carry the baby to full term or seek medical means to terminate the child in her womb. Isn’t she, in effect if not reality, a head of household? The woman or girl, or, as leftists would argue, a “birthing human” – is solely in charge of multiple lives. She’s empowered. She’s a nasty be-otch that can’t be messed with, at least in the legal sense.

But, to the left, she’s still oppressed because she’s got ovaries and is therefore subject to all types of discrimination, even if they’re figments of someone’s imagination. There may be more male firefighters or college football referees or cart servicing personnel at the local golf course -- or warehousemen or house painters (I saw an all-male crew just this morning), or forklift operators. It has to be due to discrimination, right? All women are victims (again, to the left) if there’s no equality of result.

Pile on additional demographic characteristics to the female’s already considerable plight and that person becomes an even bigger victim. Hear my confession: my household often watches the reality series “The Bachelor/Bachelorette” during the seasons when more entertaining sports isn’t running simultaneously on Monday nights. This past season (which began in late June and ended a few weeks ago) featured a black woman as the “Bachelorette”. She’d been a contestant the season before on a white male’s “Bachelor” run and made it almost to the end before being cut loose.

Her (name is Chastity) “Bachelorette” run was fairly typical. She had both black and white and Asian bachelors to select from, and she ended up ultimately choosing a black man to marry (who knows if they’ll actually go through with it), opting for him over the lone white candidate still “alive” on the show. In the course of getting to know all the “players” on the season, Chastity told the white bachelors that “being a black woman is part of who I am,” which means, at least in my thinking, as though she’d announced, “I’m not like all the other girls because I’m black,” hence, a bigger victim!

To her credit, Chastity seemed like an intelligent, open-minded and nice young gal, and other than her skin color and professed desire to be known as a “black woman”, one wouldn’t necessarily see her as any different than any other female in her age group.

But it stimulated this personal observation: it seems like everyone in today’s society brushes up against the need to assess each person on a “victimization” scale. Is he or she – or they, whatever – a woman? A minority? Homosexual? Non-Judeo/Christian (Christians and Jews being considered the religious oppressors, despite thousands of years of history suggesting it’s the other way around)? A transgender? From a poor minority family (Note: impoverished white gals from Appalachia need not apply)? From a minor university or historically black college?

Add up the qualifications and that person could be viewed as a major victim, probably a participant in leftist marches and prime meat for a Democrat vote seeker. The higher on the “victim” scale, the more likely he/she/it is a Democrat!

The problem for Democrats, as demonstrated by senile Joe Biden’s pathetic poll numbers, is that even some “victims” are getting weary of being looked down upon and pandered to by the morally bankrupt Democrat party. Biden himself tries earnestly to separate each sub-group from the rest, but there are only so many patronage positions and Affirmative Action slots to go ‘round.

Once he offered his administration’s press job to Karine Jean-Pierre, for instance, there wasn’t a similarly high-profile position for another Jen Psaki-type liberal follower. It should be noted, however, that Jean-Pierre rates high on the “victim” scale because she’s one, a woman, two, black, three, a lesbian, and lastly, a foreigner (she was born in France to Haitian parents). It’s too bad Jean-Pierre is foreign born, or she’d make a great follow-up act to Kamala Harris (though Jean-Pierre did serve as Harris’s chief of staff in 2020).

Are senile Joe’s approval rates sagging because Americans are getting wise to him? Is there not enough loot or political favors to pass around to their victims? Are people waking up to reality? The 2024 election could very well be the test of how far Democrats can push the boundaries.

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