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The Right Resistance: Is crooked Hillary the undiscovered secret to Democrat success in 2022?

It’s safe to say lots of Americans took a bit of a respite from politics over the Independence Day holiday weekend, instead concentrating on rest, relaxation and gratitude for the wisdom of our forefathers in establishing what was and could still return to being the freest nation on earth.

As has become a tradition in my household, my family re-watched Episode 2 of HBO’s “John Adams” miniseries, which dramatically reenacts the intense debate the great and wise men undertook and endured to reach the point of declaring independence from King George III and Great Britain in 1776. It was a move that every single one of them realized carried with it a death sentence if the cause weren’t successful. The King wouldn’t have looked kindly upon the captured leaders of the rebellion. To pledge their “Lives, Fortunes and Sacred Honor” was no fooling.

Liberty took on a quality of its own recently. Conservatives are still basking in the sunlight of the Supreme Court’s Dobbs ruling which overturned the unconstitutional and poorly reasoned Roe v. Wade abortion decision from 1973. Millions of unborn babies – or at least those whose mothers reside in states that protect their right to exist – will enjoy the gift of being now that Roe has been cast upon the dustbin of history. There’s nothing quite like Independence Day to savor the significance of life and freedom, is there?

The calm mindsets of a holiday weekend won’t last, however. Watching fireworks and spending time with family and friends is a mere distraction from the realities of our divided culture and political system. There’re the federal midterm elections in four months and much to do between now and then to ensure that every single pro-liberty citizen turns out to vote and thus guarantee that Democrats lose their majorities in Congress – in both the House and Senate.

Polls continue to favor the GOP, but Democrats have hardly given up. At least in Democrats’ minds, they’re also reinvigorated by the Dobbs decision, and liberals envision a wave of “angry” abortion-lovers will form in November to save their party from the revenge motives of life-revering Republicans.

Who will lead the Democrat charge? Will it be senile president Joe Biden? Or over-the-hill and out-of-kilter Nancy Pelosi? Or perhaps the obnoxious nasally and eternally bitter Senate Majority Leader “Chucky” Schumer? Or might it be a name from the past who never completely left the scene and could be drafted by desperate Democrats to emerge from obscurity – or retirement – and bring forth good news to the liberal party?

How about Hillary Clinton? Liberal off-base Fox News commentator Juan Williams thinks the 2016 election loser can help Democrats win this year. In a piece titled “Hillary Clinton can rescue Democrats in the midterms”, Williams wrote at The Hill last week:

“Biden measures his words about the far right out of fear of being charged with further polarizing the country. So let Hillary roar her message to suburban white women who will be key to deciding the outcome of the midterms.

“She already bragged back in April that Biden and congressional Democrats have had a ‘lot of good accomplishments’ in the last two years, including passage of a long-delayed infrastructure bill to strengthen America’s roads, bridges and electricity grids. She is pumping up Democrats for passing the financial aid package that kept many families afloat through the pandemic.

“Without a strong voice like Clinton’s, those Democratic accomplishments get drowned out by Republican culture wars centered on hatred of transgender children, fictions about whites being replaced and the embrace of the lie that the 2020 election was stolen. Clinton has the added potential to change the national conversation by scolding social media sites, newspapers and television networks for attempting even-handed treatment of both parties, even though one party is now an autocratic cult complicit in a violent insurrection against the U.S. government.”

Does he really mean the “insurrection” that leftist demonstrators have perpetrated the past two weeks after Dobbs?

Far be it from me to ever agree with Juan Williams, but I think he’s on to something here! There’s nothing quite like asking the 74-year-old former first lady and wife of serial philanderer Big Bubba Bill Clinton to be the face of women’s rights and the Democrat movement for more of the awful status quo in 2022! Like her husband – and all Democrats, really – Hillary is shameless in spouting party talking points and lying, lying, lying, until she’s blue in the face!

In saying so, I feel I’ve given Juan Williams way too much past credit for being somewhat intelligent and a nice guy. No sane observer of American politics would advocate for Hillary Clinton to come back on scene and takeover the messaging operation for the already faltering Democrat party. This whole line of argument furthers the notion that senile Joe is on his way out. Democrats have fully given up on him. His rickety, electric powered ship has sailed and there’s a storm on the horizon!

Besides, what did Williams mean when he wrote that “Biden measures his words”? Senile Joe doesn’t measure anything except the number of steps it takes to walk up and down the ramp to Air Force One. Biden lets the verbal insults fly whenever he feels like it and his frequent bouts of temper testify to his utter lack of control and decorum. Biden’s been completely converted to the “nasty is more” philosophy, and, at least in this category, he’s good at what he does.

But Juan is also correct in insisting that Hillary could let her tongue wag without much to inhibit her. What’s she got to lose? She’s absent from view just long enough for some folks to forget how truly off-putting and putrid she truly is. She hides from the spotlight so there’re no questions about Big Bubba’s association to Jeffrey Epstein and investigations into her family’s crooked foundation wouldn’t even touch her these days.

What about the emails and the wiped clean server?

Last week, for some inexplicable reason, Clinton was invited onto morning TV so she could flap her gums over abortion and to provide a very biased eyewitness account of Justice Clarence Thomas’s law school experience. Her interview description only made Thomas sound more interesting and principled than ever, but I’m guessing that’s not what she intended to do.

But is Williams correct, that Hillary should drag herself away from her fully stocked Chardonnay wine refrigerator and go out on the road to stump for Democrat congressional candidates this year? For a Democrat party that’s already struggling with the considerable weight of a mentally struggling president nearing 80 years old, I’m not sure pushing the mid-70’s HRC into the overheated fray is the solution to what ails today’s leftists.

Juan appears to believe Hillary is more fashionable than she really is. Clinton did indeed win the popular vote in 2016, but it certainly wasn’t because people liked her better. The former Obama Secretary of State received 100 percent of the anyone-but-Trump Democrat vote along with a majority of the #NeverTrump contingent of RINOs and former Bush/McCain establishment Republicans who didn’t like being pushed aside in the upper echelons of the GOP.

The fact that she’s able to make appearances on TV and Democrats swoon over her testifies to the empty “bench” of party talent waiting in the wings to take power when senile Joe is finally dispatched. Hillary is a throwback to a different era in Democrat politics, one where her lip-biting, skirt-chasing hubby convinced an electoral coalition of voters that he was “moderate” and would work with both sides to find consensus and govern as a limited government conservative.

Hillary makes no pretenses of being “moderate” or a coalition-builder. From the get-go of her several presidential campaigns, she took more of a scorched-earth approach towards her Republican opponents. Was ol’ crooked Hill trying to attract crossover votes when she said half of Trump supporters were from the “basket of deplorables”?

In case you’ve forgotten, Hillary said, “You know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump's supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. (Laughter/applause) Right? (Laughter/applause) They're racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic – you name it. And unfortunately, there are people like that…”

Apparently, Democrats like Williams don’t recall how divisive Hillary’s “deplorables” rhetoric was, but we’re all reminded whenever we see a “Proud to be deplorable” bumper sticker or T-shirt. Almost six years after she said it, conservatives remember the insult. The more contemporary version, thanks to senile Joe Biden, is “Ultra-MAGA”.

If Hillary somehow does become the spokesperson for the 2022 Democrat campaign effort, Republicans should welcome the change. Hillary would take all of the current party themes and expand on them. “Climate change” will be billed as a bigger threat to middle and lower income people than $6 a gallon gas prices and exploding grocery tabs; inflation will be sold as the “Putin price hike”; the Democrats’ emphasis on all things race and gender will only intensify, and the Biden administration’s heinous illegal immigration policies will be packaged as “compassionate” and “welcoming” (yes, despite that semi-truck full of dead bodies that was found last week).

I’ve said it a lot lately, but American voters aren’t stupid. Survey after survey has indicated that the number one concern on people’s minds is the state of the economy, high inflation, rampant crime and the sorry direction of the country. These worries won’t be alleviated by bringing in Hillary Clinton’s coughing, cackling mug into the picture.

The long holiday weekend wasn’t enough time for Americans to forget about the multitude of challenges the nation faces under the failed leadership and policies of senile president Joe Biden. Democrats will continue to search for the right man or woman to make their pitch heading into this fall’s elections. Any way you look at it, that person ain’t Hillary Clinton.

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