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The Right Resistance: Is there any such thing as a 'shy' Joe Biden voter out there?

Last week we took on the notion of the “shy” Trump voter and how the Republican 2024 nominee-to-be’s poll standing could be understated because of the unique psychological phenomenon first uncovered after the 2016 election. This week, a new analysis: why is president senile Joe Biden doing so poorly in recent polls, and are the pollsters themselves possibly devaluing Joe Biden, too?

The questions surely must stump the average Democrat honk trying to make sense of reality, but here’s a novel theory: Make way for the “shy” Biden voter as well!


Senile Joe Biden’s reelection campaign managers must earnestly hope the group is no hypothetical. At a time when, at least theoretically, the incumbent president’s campaign machine should be gearing up and retooling their message and strategy for this summer’s start (or resumption?) of the never-ending Democrat mission to take over the country’s hearts and minds to push for four more years of executive orders, flat-out avoidance of constitutional provisions and the (as the immortal Rush Limbaugh used to say) “how do we fool ‘em today” attitude, there is, instead, nearly the onset of panic in Biden-land.


Why? Because the president’s polling numbers aren’t where they need to be to supply confidence that he will win in November. In fact, the dark survey clouds are so ominous that not much sunlight is shining through. It’s not so much that senile Joe is getting trounced in the national head-to-head matchup, where many polls show him competitive if not tied with the arch-fiend Donald Trump.


No, it’s the Electoral College that’s providing most of the Democrat campaign advisors’ craving for Pepto-Bismol these days. There are how many so-called “swing” states? Whether the number is eight or ten or more or less this year, Biden appears to be trailing in all of them. Democrats and establishment media commentators (one and the same?) made a big deal of Biden supposedly reversing the tide in 2020 with the Delawarean and sidekick cackling Kamala Harris winning most of the highly contested ones – including Georgia and Arizona, which are traditionally red states. But 2024 appears to be heading back in Donald J. Trump’s direction again.


Meanwhile, Republican Trump remains stuck in New York for the foreseeable future, the legal hostage of the City authorities who concocted a bunch of ways to keep him mired there indefinitely, enduring day-after-day of embarrassing and supposedly damaging testimony from the likes of porn star “Stormy Daniels” and ultra-sleazy former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen.


Yet the polls show strength and engender optimism in the Trump camp. It defies logic, probably leading Biden fans to hope there are “shy” Democrats out there who sense the turning of fortunes and are hesitant to reveal their undying love for the incumbent the way tens of thousands are masking their appreciation for MAGA-touting Trump.


What would you call the “shy” Biden people… the anti-deplorables?


A week ago there was a New York Times poll that once again tweaked the Biden handlers, which showed Trump with outright leads in five of six “swing” states and within the margin of error in the other one. Everyone who’s followed American politics for the past eight-plus years during the Trump era understands that Biden’s predecessor loves trumpeting favorable news, which he’s done at every opportunity while positioned in front of the metal barriers just outside the kangaroo courtroom at the end of each day.


The odd scenario has Democrats frightfully worried, and rightly so. In an article titled “Polling sets off fresh alarm bells for Biden”, Brett Samuels and Julia Manchester reported at The Hill:


“The president and the Biden campaign have consistently shrugged off polling that shows Trump leading in the race, arguing polls are just a snapshot in time with months to go until Election Day. The Biden campaign has argued it has the money and the infrastructure in major battleground states to win in November, while Trump has burned through campaign cash on legal fees and his operation has been slow to ramp up activity in swing states.


“There are also some signs of momentum for Biden outside of the Times poll. Biden fares better among likely voters, with the Times poll showing Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin all separated by 3 percentage points or less among that group.


“The Hill/Decision Desk HQ’s average of national polls showed Biden pulling narrowly ahead of Trump last week for the first time since last year. A Quinnipiac University poll released last week had Biden ahead of Trump in Wisconsin by 6 percentage points.”


6-point Biden lead? Well, maybe the Biden voters in the land of cheese and dairy aren’t nearly as “shy” as they are everywhere else. Or the Badger State pollsters are employing a 2008 formula or something. Anyone who actually believes that Biden is ahead by six in Wisconsin and shown behind everywhere else… would the poll takers be willing to put money on their accuracy?


The Biden campaign – and senile Joe himself – bristle when constantly asked about public opinion, primarily because it’s unfathomable to them that Biden could be trailing Trump. Voters couldn’t possibly be that dumb, could they be? Or perhaps it’s because the voters aren’t dumb enough, as Democrats, in general, rely on the least informed and most reactionary of possible participants to supply them support when every other person in the sane world runs away from Biden like a spooked pooch during Fourth of July fireworks.


Besides, what could be the reasoning of the “shy” Biden voters’ hesitation to back him in surveys? Is this tongue-in-cheek, or serious?


One, Democrats haven’t yet begun to spend the enormous piles of loot earmarked for their vaunted get out the vote efforts in the hotly fought-over places. As relayed above, despite the horrible state of the economy, Biden’s unlikability, his family’s corruption, the fact that he’s a creepy old perverted coot (Hello, ma’am, can I gently massage your shoulders or take a whiff of your coiffure?), his administration’s obsession with “climate change” and electric cars and banning natural gas stoves, senile Joe’s advanced age and accelerating mental decline, his waffling on the situation in the Middle East and the inflation ripping out the center of the middle class’s household budgets – Biden remains competitive with Trump in most of the states where he needs to.


How can this be? Isn’t it non-shy Biden voters who are regularly telling everyone of their Biden preference, going around talking about “reproductive rights” and how cackling Kamala Harris will guarantee your ability to kill your baby if you feel the desire? It takes guts to be so bold – and they don’t give a hoot what other people think.


Democrat fundraisers have indeed compiled a formidable war chest, and most of the fortune lies in reserve, ready to hire miscreants to go door-to-door in inner city project housing and to collect ballots and/or steer people to ballot drop boxes. This tremendous Democrat advantage will definitely show up at some juncture.


Rest assured! These “shy” Biden voters will be ready when the time comes. They don’t tell pollsters what they really think (if indeed they know themselves), but the “steal” is already on for 2024!


Next, with Democrat malfeasance at the southern border under the Biden regime, Americans are paying too much attention to this nation’s massive illegal immigration problems and not devoting enough focus – at least in Democrats’ estimation -- towards getting those aliens registered to vote. This may be true of hard-working, common-sense dependent folks, but there will be lots of spinmeisters complaining about how awful Trump is when the time comes.


And the “shy” Biden voters will buy it, hook line and sinker!


Forget the fact that illegal aliens have completely taken over American cities, Democrats will tell people to ignore the invaders while simultaneously investing in operations to get the “newcomers” to exercise their newfound “rights”! Watch Biden’s poll numbers go through the roof then!


Third, Democrats never worry about the “enthusiasm gap” that polls reveal, because they couldn’t care less how motivated their voters are. Doesn’t it always seem that at election time, Republicans and conservatives are more excited about pulling the proverbial lever for their candidates yet Democrats still find a way to win?


Biden voters, therefore, may be too “shy” to reveal their electoral preferences, but that doesn’t mean they’re not in the tank for senile Joe Biden and cackling Kamala Harris. The vice president may be so dumb that she can’t locate Palestine on a map, but she’ll rouse the leftist losers on college campuses to work for a Democrat victory.


The scumbag protesters probably don’t show themselves in pollster surveys, either. Therefore, they’re prototypical “shy” Biden voters.


Lastly, with five and a half months left until Election Day, there’s still more than enough days remaining to allow Democrats to ramp up their lie-generating machines and manipulate data and statistics to try and turn Donald Trump and all Republicans into Hitler and portray them as threats to “democracy” or other incomprehensible concepts that dumb people are susceptible to.


Donald Trump may not be a boy scout or a candidate for Mr. Congeniality in bipartisan circles, but surveys also expose the fact that voters aren’t shy about remembering him as a pretty good president where issues were involved. Why hide the facts about Trump’s time in office? At least Americans knew then that the country was being managed by someone who isn’t a complete idiot.


Democrats are fond of telling liberal women to “Shout your abortion!” but aren’t quite as adept at getting their voters to “shout” their support for Joe Biden. If they’re having difficulty figuring why Biden isn’t doing better in public opinion surveys, maybe they can chock it up to people just being “shy” when offering their views.


One way or another, senile Joe is in trouble. Democrats have tried everything and it hasn’t worked. Do they deserve sympathy or contempt?

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