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The Right Resistance: It’s ‘not right’ for Pelosi and Democrats to keep bashing on Joe Manchin

We’ve all been in situations where, sitting down for a holiday meal or innocuously attending a gathering among friends that a family member or coworker initiates a discussion on a

subject that he or she shouldn’t have broached in the present company. Once the topic is laid on the proverbial table, sparks fly and everyone is “off to the races” to determine who can yell the loudest or ruin the occasion the quickest.

This is precisely what’s taking place in today’s Democrat party, where one outspoken member, Senator Joe Manchin, had a lot to say about the latest crushing inflation numbers (7.5 percent annual) released by the federal government’s Bureau of Labor Statistics last week. The West Virginian has taken intraparty heat for the past year and change -- basically ever since senile president Joe Biden took office -- for warning about the possible (likely?) ill effects of massive additional government outlays into the economy. Manchin said in part:

“Congress and the Administration must proceed with caution before adding more fuel to an economy already on fire. As inflation and our $30 trillion in national debt continue a historic climb, only in Washington, DC do people seem to think that spending trillions more of taxpayers’ money will cure our problems.… It’s time we start acting like stewards of our economy and the money the American people entrust their government with. Now, more than ever, we must remember it is not our money, it’s the American people’s money.”

Such naked fiscal sanity insight is taboo in the “free largesse” Democrat party, apparently. Democrats -- at least nearly all of them -- only speak this way when there’s a Republican president and the man suggests beefing up defense spending or building a solid barrier along the southern border with Mexico so as to help stem the unfettered flow of uninvited and potentially dangerous illegal aliens across it.

Democrats treasure being stewards of the archetypal taxpayer when the government is doing stuff like enforcing laws or projecting military strength to deter enemies from their sinister schemes. But when it comes to paying for welfare (universal pre-K, “climate change” mitigation, federal family leave, Medicare for all, student loan forgiveness, etc. etc. etc.), most liberals aren’t the least bit bothered by deficits, debt and minding Uncle Sam’s purse strings.

Perhaps for that reason Democrat leaders couldn’t let Manchin’s watchful eye go uncommented-upon. Of course, the mere implication that disastrously bloated Democrat spending policies contributed to and are driving the current inflation produced a kneejerk defensive reaction from none other than House Speaker Nancy Pelosi herself, who indicated that Manchin’s talking out of turn wasn’t something that was fair to the socialists -- I mean liberal Democrats -- in Washington.

“Asked by [ABC’s George] Stephanopoulos on Sunday what Congress can do to bring costs down, Pelosi pointed to the Build Back Better Act, arguing that the legislation is a ‘deficit-reduction bill.’ She cited a letter in which 17 Nobel laureates said that the way the [bill] was written makes it non-inflationary.

“Pressed by Stephanopoulos on Manchin’s comment that the bill will hurt inflation, Pelosi said the West Virginia Democrat's comments are ‘not right.’

“She also pointed to a bill the House passed last week that seeks to strengthen domestic supply chains and scientific research to make the U.S. more competitive amongst countries like China. Pelosi said the passage of the bill, dubbed the Competes Act, ‘was a giant step forward’ because it ‘address[es] supply chain shortages that we have and therefore will decrease inflation.’”

Sure, Nancy, you’re right on top of this one, aren’t you? And every other Democrat policy enacted since senile Joe’s right-hand raising ceremony last January will make unicorns fly out of human orifices and thousand- dollar bills grow in pots on the front porch. Where these people get off stating blatantly false, anti-common-sense quackery on TV is beyond me.

But then again, Stephanopoulos didn’t exactly challenge Nanny P on the lies emanating from her well-oiled 81-year-old mouth. Admittedly I don’t know much about Pelosi’s educational background, but she clearly either didn’t take basic economics in her cognitive formative days or has forgotten everything she once learned in the 60 or so years since.

Or it could be that her teachers hadn’t yet heard of economist Adam Smith’s “invisible hand” (which was written in 1759, only a few years before the woman was born). Market forces guide the economy by having goods flow from place to place. High demand, few goods and an overly populated money supply equates to what…? Anyone? Anyone?

Oh yes, what Manchin said. Inflation.

A trip to Costco last weekend demonstrated the concept beautifully. Regarded by yours truly as offering the least expensive gasoline in the general area, I paid $3.19 a gallon to fill-up the other day. Most of the stations in my near vicinity are $3.39 or higher. I harken back to the sunnier times under former president Donald Trump and recall that I would have some money left for the store after stopping for gas. Not anymore!

Even to the lay individual, inflation is evident in everyday purchases and banking. Basic birthday cards can’t be had for under $5 these days. Sheesh. A dollar doesn’t buy much anymore, does it? You can’t even get .33 gallons of gas for a buck. Or one-fifth of a birthday card when sales tax is figured in.

Further, Pelosi didn’t expand on what was wrong with Manchin’s statement on inflation. Was it “not right” in an academic sense? Or was it morally “not right”? Or was it “not right” to say something that the party poohbahs hadn’t pre-approved? Didn’t West Virginia Joe receive the latest version of the consultant-constructed talking points? How could Joe be counted on to help pass Biden’s agenda if he sincerely believes that government spending drives inflation? What heresy!

Besides, you wouldn’t catch media darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez talking about minding the taxpayers’ money, would you? Almost all Democrats brag about how societal problems are caused by inequities of some kind, right? If someone is rich, it’s not because he or she studied hard, got good grades, learned about economic theory and took personal risks to invest money into a growth enterprise and then nurtured the venture until it generated a profit.

No. You didn’t build it. Democrats claim success (or lack thereof) is attributable to skin color or place that said investor grew up or because the federal government wasn’t standing by their bedside primed to hand over a check and well-wishes.

Unless, of course, that person has pale skin and was raised in a poor rural community, like many of Joe Manchin’s voters in West Virginia. To most pampered urban Democrats like Nancy Pelosi, these people are backwards white supremacist racist bumpkins who deserve whatever comes to them! Instead of developing legislation that might aid such communities, they’d be better off with the Biden administration’s free crackpipe program! Send in Hunter Biden to administer it!

In reality, Democrats are finally learning what it’s like to call out a fellow Democrat in public. Where liberals are conditioned to expecting lockstep unity and an establishment media seconding their every action, it hasn’t turned out very well in a 50-50 divided senate where one of them is somewhat “moderate” in his spending philosophy.

My question for Nancy Pelosi: If Joe Manchin was “not right” in poopooing the wisdom of moving forward with your party’s spending dreams, what inflation number would cool your heels? 8 percent? 9? 10?

Or would simply (actually, not simple at all) opening up the supply chain with China do the trick on inflation? Would free-flowing trade with Asia bring the types of things people want to purchase but can’t get because of liberty-loving vaccine mandate protesting truckers blocking bridges and surrounding national capitals? How about appropriating another trillion or two so that liberals can build high-speed rail instead?

Pelosi, senile Joe and the rest of the Democrat party don’t have a clue what is causing the inflation and they refuse to listen to a lone voice like Manchin’s when he offers rather straightforward reasons for opposing making the problem worse. It doesn’t get clearer, does it? Manchin said he doesn’t want to add fuel to the fire.

The fire is high prices and scarcity in the economy. Senile Joe’s abysmal presidential approval ratings supply all the evidence necessary for Democrats to grasp that the public doesn’t want inflation to get worse. Pelosi is still pushing Build Back (More) Better because she sees it as her legislative legacy.

Democrat leaders continue to criticize Joe Manchin not because he’s “not right” -- but because he is right. Democrats have tried every method to push through their socialistic programs with the tiniest of congressional majorities and a president who isn’t up to the job. Their frustration builds. Theirs is a conversation that never should’ve started.

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3 commentaires

"Democrat leaders continue to criticize Joe Manchin not because he’s “not right” -- but because he is right."

A truer statement was never uttered. Unfortunately, the GOP has seemed to have abandonded fiscal responsibility as well, and there is a reason for this. In politics, he who spends the money has the power. So if Republicans "hold the line" on spending when they have the power, they are essentually giving up thier power until the Democrats regain control and they spend all the money and gain more power. That's what we are up against. If we could convince the Republicans to reduce Democrat power by reducing useless (sometimes worse than) and wasteful leftists programs put in place by Democrats when…


Are they supposed to send Manchin roses? He's not toeing the party line. I wish our side would be as tough on RINOs like Murkowski and Collins who undercut us with their pro-Democratic Party agendas and votes.



Mike M
Mike M
17 févr. 2022

Idiots like Nazi PeeLousy and Alexandria Obviously Communist don't have a problem with being conservative with money-as long as it's their money. They certainly don't have any issues being very liberal with ours.

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