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The Right Resistance: Joe Biden, Egg Rolls and the prospect for a 2024 Democrat reelection run

I never thought I’d say this, but I’m getting impatient waiting to hear from… Joe Biden.

I’d wager I’m not the only one, however, as a host of Democrat consultants, leftist “woke” donors, would-be ambitious office pursuers and traditional government grift recipients must also be on pins and needles awaiting the signal to mobilize for another grand campaign of deception.

The declared 2020 winner and almost certain 2024 lead Democrat presidential candidate has been doddering and dithering over a lot of things lately in his enclosed bubble of advisors, hacks, fantasy pushers (“climate change” anyone?), patronage seekers, losers, outcasts, “woke” freaks and other low information-types who make up today’s Democrat party base, but one thing the man doesn’t seem to be in any particular urgency to do is officially announce whether he intends to run for reelection.

It's almost like it’s easier to get a candid answer out of First Lady “Dr.” Jill Biden, the diverse breakfast taco loving better half of Washington’s current power couple. Dr. Jill has all-but blurted out that her broken down, mentally failing husband will pull the proverbial trigger sooner rather than later, but when it comes to senile Joe himself, nothing but hesitancy is on display. The old goat was recently solicited again about his future and the never short on words career politician batted the query to the side like a hockey goalie clearing the puck in front of his net.

Either Joe doesn’t want to make a commitment he really doesn’t intend to fulfill, or, more likely, he’s stalling to make the occasion worthy of him slobbering over his final campaign (win or lose). Biden’s ego is almost as big as Barack Obama’s, and the 44th president’s water carrying errand boy couldn’t possibly fade into the sunset without attempting to up his former boss one last time.

So, what’s it going to be? Is somebody gonna get Joe to spill, or are we getting a thousand more excuses? In an article titled “Biden says he plans on running in 2024”, Brett Samuels reported the other day at The Hill:

“Biden spoke with NBC’s Al Roker for a ‘Today’ show segment on the White House Easter egg roll [on Monday]. Roker asked the president if he had plans to host more of the events in the future, a nod to his reelection plans.

“’I plan on at least three or four more Easter egg rolls. Maybe five. Maybe six, what the hell? I don’t know,’ Biden said with a smile. ‘Are you saying that you would be taking part in our upcoming election in 2024? Help a brother out, make some news for me,’ Roker said. ‘I plan on running, Al, but we’re not prepared to announce it yet,’ Biden responded.

“The latest reports are that Biden may wait until the summer to announce, with those around him arguing there is no major rush and a delayed announcement would allow him to focus on the job of being president and promoting his agenda to the public.”

If there were such a thing as a top 100 list of political cop-outs, a politician saying he or she wants to “focus on the job of being president and promoting his agenda to the public” would have to be located in the top ten. Who knows, maybe even the top five. Question: Isn’t the president of the United States supposed to be fully focused on his job at all times, not just when a reporter is waving a microphone in his face probing reelection plans?

And what agenda is Biden selling to the public? More abortions? Electric cars? Downplaying the Chinese threat to our nation? Tossing out a lot of whoppers regarding the “sound” condition of the American economy? Suggesting that the current inflation malaise is due to COVID and Donald Trump’s fiscal policies? Or how about the need for American taxpayers to keep footing the bill for Ukraine’s side in the Russia/Ukraine fiasco in eastern Europe?

It's not like there aren’t serious matters going on right now, and I’m not just talking about last week’s arraignment of Republican presidential primary poll leader Donald Trump on charges that practically no one outside of the on-air “talent” at MSNBC and “The View” believes will amount to anything. Last week, for example, there was much Democrat unease and gnashing of teeth concerning a federal court order regarding the so-called “Morning After” abortion pill. Yes, vice president cackling Kamala Harris has taken the administration’s lead on shouting abortions, but wouldn’t Joe benefit from expressing his own drive for killing the unborn?

Let’s not beat around the bush. Senile Joe ain’t opening up about his reelection plans because there are an awful lot of influential Democrat higher ups behind the scenes sitting on the issue like Chris Christie barring anyone from appropriating his share of the morning doughnuts.

How fitting that Biden talked again about his reelection announcement at the annual White House Easter Egg roll. Senile Joe probably wouldn’t recognize the difference between the White House Egg Roll and a real Chinese egg roll. One you show up at every year and the other you toss to friends and business associates of son Hunter to help satisfy his hungry crowd.

In all seriousness, there are surely a multitude of reasons why senile Joe and shipmates are kicking the proverbial announcement can down the road. First and foremost, Democrats are hoping for a sign from the political heavens that Donald Trump will be removed from contention due to his plethora of legal and criminal challenges. Liberals are still convinced that their version of what happened during Trump’s presidency, the 2020 election, January 6, 2021 and COVID are automatically correct and American voters will wise-up in time to grant the vertically challenged dolt another four years.

Two, if Trump somehow doesn’t end up the GOP nominee (due to whatever reason), Democrats wouldn’t want to be tied down with Kamala Harris as Biden’s running mate. They don’t want Harris anywhere near the 2024 campaign, period, but if/when senile Joe actually announces, they’ll be stuck with her one way or another. Perhaps if Biden holds off long enough, they’ll find a way to pressure Kamala into removing her name from consideration.

Yes, and donkeys just might learn to fly, too.

But the 2024 presidential election is still over nineteen months away, which is a ton of time in political terms. Senile Joe’s mind isn’t getting any sharper and there’s a chance someone could convince him to hang up his presidential pen before something drastic happens. A credible Democrat could go on the record and tell how Donald Trump looks stronger than liberal pundits give him credit for and the party must put forward a candidate with the gravitas to go toe-to-toe with the former White House occupant or Ron DeSantis, the 44-year-old embodiment of all things MAGA without the bombast and baggage.

Three, Democrats, and even Biden himself, might be delaying to determine whether the House Republicans’ various investigations into Biden sleaze will take hold in public opinion surveys. Unlike with the biased witch hunts into Donald Trump’s past, the trail leading to senile Joe’s dirty dealings is relatively fresh and there are witnesses more trustworthy than Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels itching to tell their stories… to someone.

It shouldn’t be forgotten how Joe Biden faces his own special counsel investigation into his trove of classified documents that just happened to turn up in places he’s responsible for, including the garage of his Delaware home. Some of the documents allegedly concerned Ukraine and China, and match closely to emails prodigal son Hunter sent to business contacts. Coincidence?

This time the Democrat-friendly intelligence community won’t be able to help senile Joe slither out of this predicament. Democrats themselves may use the ongoing House findings to be rid of Biden if they surmise he’s damaged political goods. There’s nothing like having the Biden name mentioned alongside Trump’s in the establishment media’s ever-revolving political docket.

Lastly, the only reason Biden gets the courtesy of delaying is because most Democrats still believe he’s got the juice to beat Donald Trump in 2024. If the economy begins to tank like many respected economists predict, then the luster of another Biden candidacy rubs off simultaneously. And it’s not as though Biden’s poll numbers are stellar, either, with a high percentage (if not a majority) of Democrats wishing the party would bring in a relief pitcher after senile Joe tosses out his ceremonial last offering.

Further compounding the Democrats’ conundrum is the fact the Republican House is in power and controls the purse strings. It’s conceivable that GOPers could make senile Joe look bad in the debt ceiling negotiations, and if Biden is forced to commit to reasonable spending reductions, the Democrat boo-birds will be out in force.

If Biden loses his protective shield of supportive Democrats, his entire reason for being evaporates. No wonder he won’t give a reelection go-ahead now. Senile Joe doesn’t appear to be in any hurry to extend his stay in the White House no matter how many Easter Egg Rolls he hopes to attend. Don’t look for a Biden press release until his handlers settle on his political future.

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The Biden presidency has been a total disaster since Day One. I pray that he will run for re-election in 2024. My president, Donald Trump, will cream him. He creamed him in 2020, but the Socialist Democrats, with the approval of the RINO-led GOP, stole victory from us.

Military secrets being leaked, open borders on both the south and north, a cratering economy, and disastrous foreign policy snafus such as Afghanistan are a few of this current administration's "highlights."

Conservatives seriously need a new party to represent them. The Founders Party of America would be perfect for us. I encourage everyone to check out their website. No more swampy Republicans for me . . .

Deo vindice!

Gefällt mir
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