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The Right Resistance: Joe Biden isn’t looking for media trouble, but trouble is looking for him

Even if you don’t go looking for trouble, trouble sometimes goes looking for you.

Such must be the feeling inside senile Joe Biden’s White House these days, as the doddering president’s caretakers -- or handlers, advisors, chin wipers, nurses, attendants or whatever you choose to call them -- face increased pressure to allow more access to the aging chief executive so he can speak firsthand to the myriad of crises that are breaking out seemingly everywhere in the world, many of them due to Joe’s and his fellow Democrats’ pathological predilection to ignore real threats and instead seek to appease the party’s “woke” base in every way possible.

As everyone knows by now, the feces hit the proverbial fan last week when Biden hosted a fairly innocuous and routine-looking engagement with United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the Oval Office, where the two western world leaders chatted politely concerning COVID-19 and trade and other safe topics of general interest before clicking cameras and anxious media representatives hoping to learn something juicy and newsworthy to spin in their various reports.

“Nothing overly substantive” is the order of the day at these meetings, and by all means, don’t say anything that’s going to lead the evening broadcasts, Joe!

But it was what Joe Biden didn’t say that got people animated. When the official tete-e-tete wrapped up, Johnson fielded a couple questions from the British press, acting as though he could ramble on for hours if he were permitted to do so. But the White House staff wasn’t about to go for the prime minister’s spiel, basically cutting off Johnson in mid-answer while hurriedly herding the rest of the waiting media out of the room like steers reluctantly crossing a raging river after a thunderstorm -- and before they could ask Biden anything.

Huh? What did he say? “I have no idea,” someone in the gaggle retorted.

Of course, later on, White House mouthpiece Jen Psaki said it was all Johnson’s fault, since apparently (if she’s telling the truth -- a big if!) the British blokes hadn’t bothered to inform the American side beforehand that the two leaders might actually address the press during their brief talk. After all, any conversation with Joe Biden is so enthralling that no one would ever want to speak to anyone else when he’s in the room, right?

This and Biden’s history of not answering questions is getting his sycophants in the media quite animated. Naomi Lim reported at The Washington Examiner:

“Biden had emphasized … during his speech to the 76th Session of the U.N. General Assembly the role reporters play in ‘the democratic world’ and to democracy being ‘the best tool we have to unleash our full human potential.’ ‘As the United States seeks to rally the world to action, we will lead not just with the example of our power but, God willing, with the power of our example,’ he told delegates.

“Grumblings about another press conference have been growing since Biden's first official question-and-answer session in March.

“Before his Johnson meeting, Biden last answered reporter questions on Sept. 15 when he was asked about Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley's conversations with Chinese Gen. Li Zuocheng about former President Donald Trump.”

Power of example? Not Joe Biden! In Biden’s world, monkey see but no monkey do!

What example was Biden talking about? It certainly had nothing to do with transparency and regular communications about policy and administration matters. Joe Biden’s America doesn’t lead on anything the world cares about except for being out front telling loads of whoppers about COVID-19, “climate change”, gay and transgender “rights”, racism, and whatever “woke” problem that the planetary ruling class obsesses over.

No one should be the least bit surprised at Biden’s disdain for taking raw, unvetted questions. Even though Democrats have a distinct, proven connection with the establishment media, they instantly become gun-shy and tongue-tied when touchy subjects can’t be bypassed even by the most supportive of news agencies. When you’ve got thousands of Haitian refugees camping out under a bridge on the U.S./Mexico border, it’s pretty hard to claim, “Nothing to see here!”

But this most recent Biden diss of the press isn’t the first time he’s done it and now the episode’s become a story all its own. The media passionately hated Donald Trump, but it wasn’t only because Trump never held back in battling their preconceived “fake news” narratives; it was also because the president would answer their queries for as long as the news talkers chose to ask him something. Remember the endless COVID press conferences Trump held in the spring of last year?

Recall that Trump wouldn’t leave the podium until he and his team were done speaking. The sessions sometimes dragged on for over two hours, which was entirely too long and tedious, even for supporters to endure. Trump likely figured it was free “earned media” with himself on camera. The media got bored of probing his brain and not receiving the “it’s all my fault” responses that they sought. So, they made stuff up to harm him.

Biden’s 2020 “basement” campaign drew just as much comment for its dearth of interviews and statements from the Democrat as his halting dialogue did when he showed up for a session. The faux candidate chuckled along with sleazebag rapper Cardi B about racism and free college, but when it came to immigration and the federal budget, he was nowhere to be heard.

As president, Biden can’t avoid the topic, especially when you’ve got Maxine Waters in front of a microphone complaining about “whipping” and saying she’s “pissed off” at the president for allowing the border patrol to mistreat illegal Haitian migrants. The Biden people probably wish hypocrite Maxine would steer clear of the media like he does -- but there’s no deterring the wacked-out Los Angeles rep from speaking her crooked mind.

Incidentally, the same liberals who advocate for lax immigration laws and amnesty to populate the United States and provide a future tax base for the welfare state are the ones screaming and harping and whaling and yelling about a woman’s “right to choose” and the benefits of abortion (namely, that women who don’t carry a baby to term and give birth are “free” to live their lives and go out and party and buy Starbucks coffee and not worry about what their life obligations would’ve been).

But I digress.

The main reason Biden’s team is so dedicated to walling him off from the press is because there isn’t anything positive for him to talk about these days. Whereas earlier in the year senile Joe could boast about “unity” and “restoring the soul of the nation” after four years of the bombastic and combative Donald Trump -- and the new president’s lone legislative accomplishment, the $1.9 trillion COVID “relief” bill -- all the issue trendlines are going away from him now.

The withdrawal from Afghanistan was a complete fiasco, with thirteen U.S. military members being blown up by a suicide bomber while trying to maintain order outside the country’s international airport. Tens of billions in American military hardware was left behind in addition. The economy is stalling, with inflation here to stay and post-COVID unemployment improvements levelling off. Joe’s agenda seems destined for the trash heap because his party’s congressional leaders are losing their grip on their caucuses.

Immigration is out of control. Gal pal vice president Kamala Harris was supposed to be in charge of the issue but she’s even more unpopular that Biden himself. Another survey came out last week showing Donald Trump would soundly defeat either of the two Democrats if the former president was on the ballot with them in 2024. Meanwhile, Democrats’ chances of retaining their congressional majorities is sinking like a boulder in shallow pond. That’s not all, but why pile on?

And now the media’s mad at him, too. What’s Joe to do?

Conservatives must realize that no matter how ticked off at the Democrat president that the establishment media may become, they’ll come rushing back to his corner like banshees through a Halloween fright house when the realization hits that bashing on Biden too much will likely lead to a Republican -- maybe even Donald Trump -- reassuming the president’s chair after 2024. Whereas Biden just ignores the media and mumbles through whatever information he does provide, at least the care facility early enrollee isn’t openly hostile to them.

Americans don’t trust Joe Biden and they don’t trust the media, either. But when it comes to the media’s ability to do its (supposed) job -- and be able to ask questions of the president -- people side with the talkers. Democrats aren’t going out of their way to draw more attention to themselves, but they’re getting it anyway. Trouble sometimes goes looking for you.

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