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The Right Resistance: Joe Biden must feel like the sun is crashing down on his 2024 chances

“Don't let the sun go down on me

Although I search myself, it's always someone else I see

I'd just allow a fragment of your life to wander free

But losing everything is like the sun going down on me

I can still hear the song in my mind, the great mid-70’s anthem often played back then in pizza parlors, bowling alleys and anywhere else one might expect to hear the most popular songs of the day. I was only starting elementary school when the tune was on the radio, and I didn’t know who the heck Elton John was, but I do recall listening to the haunting lyrics and wondering what the singer meant by having the sun go down on him.

A similar feeling must be plaguing senile president Joe Biden these days, as just about everything associated with the man seems to be going down, down, down, with the major exception of consumer prices, which are doing exactly the opposite. Inflation is going up, up, up, and it’s not just on senile Joe himself. Everyone’s trapped in the upward spiral, which smart economists figure will cost the average family about $5000 more this year just to purchase basic necessities. That’s devastating when you’re toiling at the bottom of the income strata. It means a choice between buying a tank of gasoline or putting food on the table, or shutting off the air conditioner in summer and furnace in winter and hoping to save a little on utility bills. One wonders if stretched-to-the-limit folks will start cancelling their mobile phone subscriptions, too… talk about an unnecessary expense for millions of people.

Somewhat ironically, senile Joe wasn’t quite so far gone in the days when “Don’t let the sun go down on me,” hit number two on the Billboard charts. In 1974, the relatively new senator from Delaware was only in his second year in Washington, a mere 31-year-old concerned with the issues of the day, namely the downward trending Vietnam War, the burgeoning Watergate scandal and ultimate resignation of Richard Nixon, and the United States still reeling from the OPEC oil embargo that fostered lines at gas stations that wound around city blocks.

Gasoline prices are way up again in 2022, though so far there seems to be a reasonable amount of supply. You won’t have to pack a lunch (and maybe dinner) to go for a fill-up. At least there’s one thing to be thankful for.

For the most part, his poll numbers are definitely going down for senile Joe. His support among Hispanics dropped to an unsustainable (for the Democrat Party) 32 percent in the latest Quinnipiac poll. And a different survey that came out last week indicated Biden is seeing a tangible drop in backing from African-American voters, who constitute the solid core of the Democrat party.

With this kind of sorry news, if you listen close enough, you might even hear senile Joe crooning to the sight of the setting sun, “Losing everything is like the sun going down on me.” Now, after all these years, I finally grasp what Elton John was singing about!

Senile Joe and those closest around him no doubt aren’t the only ones who’ve noted the cratering of his popularity. Opportunistic would-be Democrat opponents -- or replacements -- are starting to exhibit signs of preparing for a run in 2024. One of them is none other than Biden’s Transportation Secretary, “Mayor Pete” Buttigieg. Seth McLaughlin reported at The Washington Times:

“Speculation over who is on deck starts with [Kamala] Harris. She has been a heartbeat away from the presidency for 14 months. But the poll numbers for Ms. Harris, the first female vice president, are worse than Mr. Biden‘s. That has shifted attention to Mr. Buttigieg, the first openly gay man to serve in a presidential Cabinet.

“Mr. Buttigieg outperformed Ms. Harris in the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination race, rising from relative obscurity as the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, to win the Iowa presidential caucuses and finish second in New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation primary. Concerns over his relative inexperience, his sexuality and his struggles to connect with Black voters and far-left voters eventually proved to be too much.

“Now Mr. Buttigieg is stiff-arming the 2024 talk.”

Talk is about the only thing Pete Butt could stiff-arm. The whiter than snow mid-western Democrat isn’t exactly a tower of masculinity. Sure, he served in the military, but the diminutive figure of a forty-year-old LGBTQ human identifying as male with a husband and two young adopted children doesn’t exactly intimidate anyone.

Being gay doesn’t mean you can’t embody masculine qualities. Former Trump Acting Director of National Intelligence, Rick Grenell, isn’t hiding his sexual orientation and he doesn’t come across as feminine at all. Maybe it’s because he’s conservative and favors the Make America Great Again agenda. Enough said.

Everyone knows the identity-politics obsessed Democrat party base doesn’t give a hoot about a candidate’s actual resume and accomplishments; they just want to feel good about elevating the “first of his or her kind” as long as the person isn’t a white cisgender (Definition: Identifying as having a gender that corresponds to the sex one has been assigned at birth; not transgender.) male below retirement age.

To be frank, the only way a fresh faced, pasty pale middle-aged white guy like Buttigieg could survive in the Democrat party is to be gay, which in liberal circles qualifies you for pseudo minority status. Think about it… senile Joe and old coot Bernie Sanders were the top two finishers in the 2020 Democrat race, but they were so ancient that no one cared which tent they chose to occupy. Besides, they both exhibited the requisite amount of white guilt to qualify them for begrudging support among Democrats. That’s very important.

Buttigieg’s future doesn’t appear to be a sun going down, like Biden’s. It’s a sun rising to a partly cloudy background with a rainbow. Just saying.

McLaughlin’s report suggested Buttigieg’s star is on the ascent because he was fortunate to have been tasked with distributing the loot from Biden’s and the GOP establishment’s bipartisan boondoggle infrastructure bill, which means the Transportation secretary can fly mask-less around the United States on government jets, attend ribbon cuttings, pose for lots of photos with people who are getting rich from Uncle Sam’s largesse and therefore look good to the people who will vote in the 2024 Democrat primaries.

The Washington Times writer also featured a quote from Senator Ted Cruz, who said (on Fox News) in reference to the 2024 presidential nomination race, “I think you are going to see Kamala and Pete Buttigieg in a death battle — Mad Max at Thunderdome.”

I’m not sure it will be that action-packed or exciting, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Cruz turns out to be correct. With Biden’s “sun going down” as dramatically as it is, it’s virtually guaranteed that the soon-to-be octogenarian half-century swamp dweller won’t run again, and even if he does, that he’ll face several serious challengers. My guess is senile Joe will make a health-related announcement that he’s bowing out of the race, and then the other Democrat horses will burst from the proverbial starting gate like the field in the Kentucky Derby a month from now.

Bernie Sanders won’t be among them -- he’s simply too old. Hillary Clinton has been stirring a lot lately, and if the party is reeling from weakness after being disassembled and embarrassed by senile Joe and his cackling gal pal sidekick Kamala, the competition will be too tempting to pass up for the Crooked one. There’s almost certainly going to be a couple non-Washingtonians in the hunt as well, probably California’s Gavin Newsom and maybe… Andrew Cuomo?

Don’t forget former first lady Michelle Obama. She’s the “White Knight” candidate who would swoop in to save the party, country and world from another Trump (or someone just as bad in Democrats’ eyes, like Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis) presidency. Just consider how badly the Democrat cause is suffering these days -- they won’t let it happen!

Kamala Harris will run just because she’s expected to do it as Biden’s next-in-line. Imagine the first female vice president cowering from the spotlight at such a moment. She won’t do it! Here’s thinking Pete Buttigieg won’t be the ultimate nominee because he’ll be derailed by the same forces that sank his 2020 run. African-American voters aren’t wild about ultra-liberal socialist-type candidates. They backed Hillary Clinton big-time in the 2016 Democrat contest, allowing the party establishment choice to overcome a fight with Bernie Sanders.

They similarly saved senile Joe’s candidacy in South Carolina two years ago. When Biden looked as though he was heading for certain defeat after embarrassing losses in Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada, Rep. James Clyburn’s endorsement stopped the bleeding in the black Democrat voter dominated Palmetto State.

Why would African-American voters, especially black women, abandon Kamala Harris for geeky Pete, the guy with frat boy looks, pressed white dress shirts and a bad haircut? Do you think they’ll care that he’d be the first gay president as opposed to the first minority woman president? Buttigieg is toast before he even attempts to run in senile Joe’s stead. You heard it here.

Who could blame Joe Biden if he feels that “losing everything is like the sun going down” on him. What must’ve looked so promising to the career pol and ultimate Democrat establishmentarian a couple years ago has crashed and burned beyond his wildest expectations. He can’t even hold support from key Democrat constituencies now. No wonder the world seems like it’s crashing in.

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Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
Apr 07, 2022

The man who leads from behind wants to take credit for his very long list of mistakes in leadership,and he had nothing to say.State of the Union address brings false acalaids for piss a poor job, well done. Noticed a few items he neglected to be mentioned, like the total cluster fxxx in Afghanistan, he forgot to take a full credit that issue costing us billions, also noticed there was no mention of any disappearance of secret service records, he as Vice President traveled the world with Hunter to Russia, China on personal deals that were structured with adversaries for personal family gain, of course, on the back of the tax payor. Secret Service, does that now mean corruption records…

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