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The Right Resistance: Joe Biden’s affirmative action Supreme Court pick won’t save his presidency

It’s no big secret that there hasn’t been much good news for the policy-challenged folks in the White House or the distraught and stymied Democrat leaders in Congress lately.

Last week was particularly harsh. There was the persistent war drumbeat echoing from the Russian military buildup on the Eastern European bully’s south and western borders -- and then the Vladimir Putin-ordered Russkis actually invaded Ukraine. On top of that, there were more questions about rapidly escalating oil prices and what they would mean for Americans at the gas pump (hint: it wasn’t good), which bled into greater and more general uncertainties about inflation. Democrats’ poll numbers continued their downward trend. And, though it didn’t generate as many national headlines as it might have otherwise, there was former President Donald Trump’s rousing speech in Florida at CPAC, the purveyor of America First ripping into senile president Joe Biden like there was no tomorrow. While much of this was going on, Biden gal pal veep Kamala Harris was over in Europe talking about American responses and sanctions and deterrence, and, and… I don’t even remember. Who paid attention to her? Was there ever a more shining example of “Elections have consequences” than to have ultra-lightweight mask-wearing air-brain Kamala over there trying to sound tough and authoritative? Oh yeah, there was also much speculation about what the doddering dunce chief executive himself would say in his initial State of the Union address tonight. The fool did stand before the cameras when Putin showed his hand last week, but there was still so much left unsaid and unanswered. When Joe mentioned that he didn’t know whether Putin was hinting at using nukes… that’s a scary one.

In other words, the White House probably figured they needed to introduce a bit of good news to produce a break in the dark clouds hovering over the nation’s capital, and that came in the form of the president spilling the beans a few days early on his biggest juicy secret by announcing the appointment of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to replace retiring liberal Justice Stephen Breyer on the Supreme Court.

Bing! Surprise! (Not!) Brown-Jackson is a black woman! She’s liberal! All the right people (if you’re a Democrat, that is) loved the sound of the affirmative action-spirited “diversity” hire! She’s (reportedly) a fighter and a partisan! She won’t take any guff from those originalist conservatives like Clarence Thomas and the Trump appointments! Happy days are here again!

The nomination-induced political sugar high lasted a few days and should carry on at least through tonight’s senile Joe big speech. Just ignore all that other stuff I mentioned above. Nothing to see here! Brett Samuels reported at The Hill shortly after the lucky winner’s name was released:

“Black leaders and civil rights groups … celebrated President Biden's forthcoming nomination of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to serve on the Supreme Court, which will fulfill his campaign pledge to nominate a Black woman to serve on the nation's highest court.

“’This is a tremendously historic moment for our nation and our community in particular. President Biden has met this moment with an extraordinarily qualified nominee, who has stellar credentials and an impeccable background,’ NAACP President Derrick Johnson said in a statement... “Holli Holiday, president of Sisters Lead Sisters Vote, an advocacy group that has pushed for a Black woman to serve on the Supreme Court, noted Biden's announcement coincides with the second anniversary of when he pledged to put a Black woman on the high court. ‘Representation on the Supreme Court matters. Justices have ruled on every aspect of our lives. Decisions have legalized school segregation and later school integration; same-sex marriage; and woman’s reproductive right to an abortion,’ Holliday said in a statement.”

Yes indeed. Supreme Court justices of all races, skin colors, national origins, ideological predilections, religions, immigration statuses, upbringings and sports team preferences rule on all sorts of issues arising in the federal court system. Democrats are giddy because now there will be a biologically born female with African ancestry hearing the arguments and issuing a vote on the outcome of cases. Alas, the world is a better place now because of it. Or is it? Biden won’t exactly admit it tonight, but one could argue that Judge Kentanji’s appointment was the consideration for an unwritten contract forged between senile Joe Biden the floundering 2020 Democrat presidential candidate and South Carolina Rep. James Clyburn. The proverbial shot heard ‘round the party occurred when the key African-American leader agreed to endorse Biden in his state’s Democrat primary in exchange for a pledge to put the first black woman on the high Court if and when there was an opening. The logical extensions here are endless. In essence, the fate of the republic swung a little over two years ago because of this particular Supreme Court nominee, a woman who prior to last week probably 99 percent of the country had never even heard of. She was akin to the “player to be named later” in a blockbuster trade that dealt a would-be legend for a has-been utility player. Brown-Jackson was like the sixth-round throw-away draft pick quarterback who turned out to be a Hall-of-Famer who set every passing record in the book. Or she’s the extra invite to the party, a friend of a friend of a friend who ends up becoming your wife. Talk about fate. Whatever happens from here on out, the new justice has a lot to live up to. For if the blundering almost out-of-the-race Biden hadn’t pinky swore to Clyburn that he’d follow every dictate of the “woke” crowd in the country and check off another “diversity” box if he won in 2020, then the influential black congressional Democrat leader might not have endorsed the buffoon -- or simply kept silent about his preference. Who knows? Maybe Bernie Sanders would’ve then carried his momentum into the Palmetto State, won his third or fourth consecutive contest, and the whole thing might’ve turned out differently. Then, if Bernie Sanders won the Democrat nomination, the entire complexion of the 2020 race changes. It would’ve gone from successful but controversial and COVID embattled incumbent versus bat-crap crazy socialist with a funny accent and a fondness for wild hand gestures. Gone would’ve been the establishment media’s hot air about “moderation” and “bipartisanship” and “bringing people together” and “restoring the soul of the nation.” It was all lies, but did people recognize it back then?

Would the #NeverTrumpers have gotten behind Crazy Bernie? Would John Kasich and Colin Powell and Cindy McCain have appeared at the 2020 Democrat convention talking about tone and getting things done and sacrifice for the common good, and what a great guy Sanders was and how everyone loved him -- like they did for ‘ol hair sniffin’ Lunch Bucket Joe? Who says one little promise can’t make a world of difference?

It certainly must make Brown-Jackson feel great to realize she wouldn’t be in the position she now occupies if she weren’t born a black female, a member of a specified group, a set-aside at the highest level. To hear the black “leaders” (mentioned in Samuels’ story above) gloating about the type of empathy the new justice would bring to the bench, it almost makes you forget that there’s already a more-than-distinguished African-American on the Court, someone who’s been there for over thirty years, the senior black robe in the building. I don’t know anything about the woman, but what makes Brown-Jackson’s cultural experience superior to Clarence Thomas’s? It’s common knowledge that Thomas grew up in a relatively poor family and was raised by his grandparents. If his isn’t a story encompassing the American Dream, I don’t know what is. Would the same black and liberal Democrat leaders have been extolling the virtues of a black woman nominee whose judicial philosophy was more in line with Clarence Thomas’s? Or, if through some remarkable leap of personal growth Brown-Jackson evolves into a constitutional originalist, will the Democrats still hail the “historic” nature of this appointment? I think not. In Democrat-land, you’re only “ground-breaking” or “glass ceiling shattering” or “historic” if you’re a liberal. Liberty-loving constitutional rights-protecting conservative individuals of all races need not apply. To the left, one loses his or her identifying surface characteristics when he or she is conservative. What a collection of hypocrites! Senile Joe will milk this nomination for all the good news he can muster for as long as he possibly can. In tonight’s State of the Union Address, he’ll likely introduce the new justice-to-be towards the beginning so as to generate a little buzz and try to get folks in a good mood. Perhaps for a few seconds Americans will forget about all that other stuff going on in the world.

But the feelings won’t last. Such is the sorry situation for America’s compromise president.

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Wow! Affirmative action in action!


Social promotion equals bad results.This will be no different and will actually hurt the cause of race relations in the long run.

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