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The Right Resistance: Joe Biden’s remarkable unpopularity explained. It’s all about Joe.

I couldn’t help but chuckle last week as I was flipping channels and came across a cable news station (which shall remain unidentified) with some talking head (who shall also be nameless, primarily because I didn’t know who it was) poring over president senile Joe

Biden’s rapidly descending poll numbers and wondering aloud, for all to hear, why the incumbent Democrat wasn’t doing better?


This anonymous pundit patiently explained that the country’s economic numbers were “good”, according to him, and voters who have, time and again, expressed apprehensions about the economy should logically be taking in the good news and making a connection to the president himself. You know, the way it always was, right? Just like surveys used to show Donald Trump as glowingly popular during his presidency when the economics numbers really were sunny, correct?




Everyone who pays regular attention to polls and the commentary emanating from mouths that are paid handsomely to paint a positive picture of one party or the other understands that presidential popularity numbers are typically at or near underwater regardless of what the economists tell us. Americans, with good reason perhaps, are astonishingly pessimistic when it comes to assessing the political class’s job performance, which isn’t a phenomenon limited to senile Joe Biden.


Yet Trump’s lack of popularity during his years in office could (and should?) be attributed to other things, like Democrats and his Never Trump enemies bombarding him constantly with false accusations of Russian collusion, or the establishment media talkers seizing on his every social media post for special censure and criticism, no matter how trivial.


Trump could rise in the morning with a special look of optimism on his face and the haters would still hate.


But why is Joe Biden different, then? Democrat presidents usually fare better than Biden, mostly because, well, they’re Democrats. The liberal party is supposed to be viewed as representing the “little guy” as well as hopelessly and irreversibly oppressed minorities, LGBTQIA+++ human beings, women’s rights opportunists, porn producers, race shakedown artists, illegal aliens, terrorist sympathizers (“From the River to the Sea!”), street criminals in search of a no-bail system, concerned gun grabbers and anyone else who needs a handout (not a hand up) from government.


Biden’s popularity, however, has fallen to the depths -- to just about the point where George W. Bush limped out of office a decade and a half ago. Is there any one thing that’s propelling senile Joe to a potentially cataclysmic defeat?


In an opinion piece titled “Why Is Joe Biden So Unpopular?”, the always analytical Sean Trende answered his own question at RealClearPolitics:


“There are two reasons. First, we ought not fall into the trap that many commentators – especially political scientists – fall into of economic reductionism. Yes, it is ‘the economy stupid,’ as the iconic sign hanging inside Bill Clinton’s campaign headquarters famously reminded his staff in 1992. Less well-remembered, however, the sign also listed ‘Change vs. more of the same’ as the first principle of the campaign, with ‘Don’t forget healthcare’ as an additional item.


“So people do care about the economy, but they also care about things ranging from the war raging in the Middle East to their overall perception of the president. This is where Joe Biden’s age likely matters. And the more he shows it, the more it matters.


“More importantly, commentators misunderstand the nature of inflation. Recessions are routine, and national economies often come out of them stronger than they entered them. Inflation, on the other hand, topples governments. Most recently, it was the impetus for the ‘Arab Spring’ of 2010-2012. There are a few reasons inflation is different…”


As would be expected, Trende lays out his reasons why he believes inflation is a particularly fatal ailment to a politician’s potential fortunes, and the RealClearPolitics writer is correct. Inflation is almost wholly misreported by today’s establishment media, and the political class isolates itself from rising prices by simply ignoring them and dismissing them as a bother akin to a rather small fly on a rather large elephant’s rump.


Yes, they are out-of-touch, which all-but defines senile Joe Biden himself. As most people know, the 46th president has never had a real job, meaning he doesn’t have a clue what it’s like to worry about where the next dollar will come from while simultaneously grousing over such mundane, ordinary things like health insurance, saving for retirement, securing housing, etc.


When senile Joe was younger, and presumably not senile, he was elected to the upper chamber before he turned 30 (his birthday came about two weeks after Election Day, 1972) and remained there until he was tapped by Barack Obama to be his running mate in mid-2008. Incidentally, Biden ran for and won a seventh senate term that same year, assuring he’d never hit the unemployed politician line one way or the other.


Biden’s lack of real-world experience in anything other than swamp politics brands him as heartily unrelatable, which normally wouldn’t make much difference, but when other factors (the economy, illegal immigration, his age, global turmoil, etc.) enter the picture, Joe’s want of empathy for those who are struggling morphs into a dearth of voter sympathy for his own electoral plight.


Senile Joe’s performance last Thursday during his impromptu news conference to answer damaging findings from the Special Counsel appointed to look into his purported misplaced classified documents only exacerbated the questions surrounding his mental and cognitive condition.


Seriously, would anyone desire to have a beer or share a dinner with that mumbling, easily angered, judgmental, perverted, lying, distorting (his life story, among other things), family butt-covering, fibbing old goat? Everyone’s been to a dinner party with someone like Joe Biden in attendance and it’s safe to say most people are searching for excuses to run for the door by the conclusion of the salad course.


The fact Biden has gone from being seen as a kindly (if a little eccentric) kooky uncle to a noxious grouchy old geezer and curmudgeon means his policies aren’t being granted a pass like some others might’ve been in a similar situation, even if he is a Democrat.


And, again, unlike Trump, Biden simply isn’t very visible. For good reason, his handlers have hidden him from view or closely circumscribed what he’s permitted to do at public appearances, which may help sidestep further embarrassing episodes but also doesn’t lend an aura of competence, does it? Senile Joe stumbled through yet another set of questions last week… what the heck is going on?


It almost makes you feel sorry for Biden’s mouthpiece, Karine Jean-Pierre, who has to try and rationalize his snafus. What’s she going to have to justify today?


Next, senile Joe is unpopular because he didn’t keep his most basic promise to the country, that being to “restore the soul of the nation”. One wonders what motivated Biden to use such an obtuse illusory slogan to begin with, primarily because the phrase lacks definition, but also due to whatever the “soul of the nation” is, it hasn’t been “restored” by a senile Joe presidency.


Unless the “soul of the nation” means calling your political opponents “fascists” and accusing them of being “dangerous” and out for destruction or murder. Or, perhaps “soul of the nation” equates to weaponizing the justice system against your chief rival, or running for reelection when a huge majority of the voters think you’re too old to handle the job.


Meanwhile, Biden has employed the race card so many times that it’s not effective anymore, since any American who opposes whatever Democrats do has some connection to bigotry and discrimination, according to liberals. Then there’s the fact that a culture-blind first couple (this includes “Dr.” Jill Biden, too) hosts offensive homosexual and transgender “activists” at the White House and defiles the hallowed ground with rainbow flags and mentally ill men flashing their fake boobies for all to see.


Additionally, public opinion polls reveal that a large percentage of Americans are worried about the situation at the southern border and horribly put-off by the fact our Biden-controlled federal government is not only tolerating unknown foreigners pouring into the country and allowing them to stay at the mere request of asylum, but that the powers-that-be are paying for transportation, housing, food and legal systemic representation for the lawbreakers, too.


Does this make Eagle Pass, Texas, the new Ellis Island? Will future presidents be building monuments to the border patrol agents who were ordered to assist in the mass illegal importation of foreigners into our country?


Could this be what “restoring the soul of our nation” actually means? There haven’t been many parades of torch-bearing white supremacists, lately, have there? We’re more likely to see roving bands of illegal aliens stomping on police officers and then flipping the bird to the media after being released from jail than the filth depicted in senile Joe’s campaign spots from 2020. Or grubby homeless camps catching fire. That’s life in Joe Biden’s America.


Another possible explanation for senile Joe’s unpopularity is the nation’s seemingly incurable case of citizen dissatisfaction. In 2020, Biden and the Democrats set themselves up for failure by promising things they simply could not deliver, such as eradicating COVID or fostering energy independence through “climate change” friendly methods like renewable energy.


I’m not a poll analyzer, but my guess is citizens couldn’t care less about seeing senile Joe riding around in an electric truck or receiving a COVID vaccine booster on TV. Whomever is advising Biden to star in these stupid stunts clearly doesn’t have a finger on the pulse of Americans. Donald Trump understands what makes for a “good show”. Biden doesn’t.



Trump includes a lot of specifics in his campaign. Biden offers lofty ambiguity. Democrats tell voters there’s a government solution for every problem and more spending for more programs will alleviate basic needs. As hinted above, Biden himself doesn’t understand “kitchen table”-type issues because he’s never had a bare kitchen table and then had to figure out how to come up with hundreds of dollars to fix a household deficiency.


In short, Joe Biden is unpopular because of Joe Biden. Not only are his policies terrible, the man has no credibility as someone who could steer government in a direction that benefits ordinary people (quite often by staying out of their business). Senile Joe doesn’t see the issues with his administration and will continue to struggle as long as the blindness sustains.

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