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The Right Resistance: Joe Biden’s SOTU speech upped the ante on losing Democrat culture war

Democrats are losing a war, but it’s not the one everyone in the establishment media is talking about being waged on the other side of the globe in Russia and Ukraine. The conflict

was on full display as senile president Joe Biden read his first State of the Union address from a teleprompter last night. The man is clueless, but we already knew that.

Biden spoke for a little over an hour, which seemed a bit short for a SOTU address these days. He devoted most of his opening remarks to Ukraine, even highlighting the Ukrainian ambassador sitting near First Lady Dr. Jill in the gallery. Senile Joe tried to sound tough. It didn’t work. But the “war” I’m speaking of is the all-encompassing culture war raging right here within the confines of the United States. It’s not a stretch to suggest there are constant culture battles going on all around us -- and have been since the first European permanent settlers set foot on American soil at Jamestown (or possibly the lost Roanoke colony from 1587?). Culture is ever in flux because it’s never resolved. One person’s or group’s preferences and customs invariably differ from another’s. Nevertheless, societies do develop a dominant culture, like the one that took root in the thirteen colonies and then became the United States after the Revolutionary War and the adoption of the Constitution. Luckily for Americans, a culture of freedom developed that permitted religious freedom and acceptance and codified political federalism whereby states and localities retained the latitude to do pretty much whatever they wanted to do… within reason.

We’re talking about hundreds of years of history here, so it’s impossible to detail it all in this space. But nevertheless, culture has evolved -- or most would say, devolved -- in the span of our lifetimes. Like a roller coaster streaming downhill, the rise of electronic communications and social media has sped up the deterioration to the point where men now identify as women (and people “tolerate” it) and skin color frequently dictates your place in the cultural pecking order.

The left has led the devolution in traditional mores and values, having taken over practically every institution in the western world -- entertainment, education, religious and political, to name a few. Like the proverbial camel inching his nose under the tent, the patient left infiltrates, overwhelms and then dominates the institution it invades until the place is practically unrecognizable from its original. My church is one example. One of the major American protestant denominations, just in the last decade alone the leaders have accepted homosexual unions and clergy. The youth gatherings are a joke -- what does Jesus and the Bible have to do with any of this? The “liberal” but still connected church of my formative religious years is now a value-free “woke” institution that shelters illegal aliens, recognizes Black Lives Matter and welcomes unvetted Afghan refugees. We’ve all seen it. Thankfully it appears that the backlash has begun. The pushback against the left’s culture onslaught is furious and capable. As protectors and defenders of the left, Democrats are in the forefront of the change. But are they truly losing or just lacking in messaging? In a piece titled, “Democrats Are Losing the Culture War. A Messaging Shift Won’t Save Them.”, Jeff Greenfield wrote at Politico:

“[W]hat confronts Democrats as the midterms approach is a toxic brew of issues — Covid, crime, schools — that are best seen as cultural issues. And on this front, some of the bleakest warnings are coming from inside the house, in this case, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. As POLITICO revealed last week, DCCC polling finds Republicans’ culture war attacks ‘alarmingly potent’ and that voters see Democrats as ‘preachy’ and ‘judgmental.’ ...

“If Biden can preside over a spring and summer that brings an end to Covid-dominated America, if masks come off and schools stay open, if inflation is tempered, if the spike in crime fades, if the Republicans tear each other apart in the primaries, if the leading GOP presidential candidate faces criminal indictments, if (as now seems likely) the redistricting process is less brutal than first feared, then November may not be the cruelest month of Democratic nightmares. If there are significant infrastructure projects for the president to celebrate — along with the reminder that the Republicans in that state or district opposed the project — that has the potential to shore up Biden’s weak approval ratings. It is these possibilities that will spawn effective ‘messaging’ — not a clever assemblage of catch phrases.

“That’s a lot of ifs, and only some of them are within the party’s control. But ultimately their candidates will stand or fall on whether they can employ that familiar maxim: ‘show, don’t tell.’”

Greenfield’s was a surprisingly candid assessment for a liberal political commentator. It takes a lot for a “progressive” to look inside himself and the Democrat party and see fault, which is the same thing the rest of us in the country notice every time we look at people like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi and senile Joe Biden and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Maxine Waters and Patty Murray and… the list goes on and on and on.

You aren’t exaggerating if you’ve got the TV on and a major Democrat is speaking and you wonder “Does anyone else recognize how full of crap this person it?” Despite what the establishment media has repeatedly claimed over the years, Joe Biden isn’t relatable or likable beyond his apparent fondness for back slapping, hair sniffing, flashing his pearly whites and beaming with friendly eyes.

Nope. In reality Joe’s a condescending jerk who’s used his political office to score points and set examples. It’s safe to say there are many conservatives who recall how rudely and unfairly he treated Judge Robert Bork and then Clarence Thomas all those years ago. It left a lasting impression.

If politics is meaner than ever today it’s largely due to men like senile Joe and Bill Clinton, both of whom are regarded as congenial politicians who symbolize the way it “used to be done” by the mainstream non-judgmental culture. They’re liberals, right? Bill could announce “The era of big government is over” and the sheep would “baaaaaa” along with it.

But there’s simply no way that these old guard Democrats can get away with spouting the contemporary nonsense and still maintain the deception. There’s only so many times you can call an opponent a racist and have him shaking your hand rather than wanting to kick your (butt). And what, you mean Americans really don’t hate the police after all? And they actually honor and revere our nation’s forefathers, even if they weren’t perfect by contemporary moral standards? What we’re seeing now in polls and general public reaction to the Democrats’ agenda is the harvest from the seeds that were sown starting in 2015 and continuing through to today. Donald Trump tapped into that cultural inferno on the Republican side and Democrats are now just catching up to it. Trump led the way. He never made any pretenses about playing nice with the GOP bluebloods, and their frustration was visible. Back then, how many times did we hear from people like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell that they disavowed what Trump said (about issues like illegal immigration, border walls, “stupid wars”, cancelling outdated and unfair trade agreements, etc.) but had to support him because he was the party nominee? Remember when Trump’s nominating convention (in Cleveland) was fast approaching and there was talk that Paul Ryan might be nominated in his stead or the Speaker could just refuse to preside over the festivities because of his personal differences with Trump? How many former party nominees wouldn’t even attend? Mitt Romney? John McCain? George W. Bush? George H.W. Bush? The establishment’s chickens are coming home to roost! Now Democrats are feeling the pain.

Every fiery, statue desecrating image from the summer of 2020 is etched in patriotic Americans’ minds, as is the aftermath of that year’s election. Donald Trump spoke at CPAC the other day and he isn’t about to let anyone forget. Trump became the de facto cultural leader of the Republican party precisely because he represented the pulse of the people who pushed back against Critical Race Theory, “Woke” takeover of institutions and professional athletics, the open borders travesty and the turning of the U.S. military into a transgender experimentation laboratory. Add the fact that Democrats demagogued and politicized the COVID issue and it’s morphed into a perfect storm of angst directed at them. How tired are people of being informed by some government official that they’re being unpatriotic if they choose not to wear a mask (and therefore breathe freely) or weigh the risks of infection vs. natural immunity and refuse vaccination?

Big business made out like bandits the past two years. The big corporate box stores that deliver to homes thrived while the mom and pop shops struggled to stay open. This is a cultural commentary, and government is the root cause of most of the problems.

And Democrats equal the government. It’s not just in the White House, House and Senate, either. Americans are wise to the fact that the bureaucracy is populated by liberal Democrats as well. Is it really civil service when unelected people are making decisions impacting your lives? How to fight back?

Democrats are losing the (culture) war alright, and there’s little that can be done to change their electoral prospects ahead of November. Perhaps if they made a Tulsi Gabbard-like conversion to telling the truth, Americans might respect them more. Don’t count on it ever happening, however. Joe Biden spoke last night, firing more salvos in the culture war. Incoming!

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What we are witness to in our society, what we are seeing from the Left, is no more and no less than what we have all seen from a spoiled child, who never learns respect for their parents, which is naturally replaced with contempt and loathing.

Such is known as the "Paradox of Tolerance" which states that if a society is tolerant without limit, its ability to be tolerant is eventually seized or destroyed by the intolerant.

In so many regards, we, as a society, have tolerated far to much from the spoiled Leftards, actually embracing their insane notions, allowing them to now purport such ludicrous concepts such as, you can choose your own sex and there are more than…


Mike M
Mike M
Mar 02, 2022

Well put. I would only add that all liberals are without exception just like their father the devil. Completely and totally evil. I fully grant you that like the devil liberals are quite capable of masquerading as an angel of light. But eventually the mask will come off and they'll be exposed for who and what they really are.

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