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The Right Resistance: Joe Biden’s truth-bending ignorance on trade and American manufacturing

“Did he just say what I thought he said?”

This fictitious yet easily supposable question was likely posed by many a person within electronic earshot of senile president Joe Biden’s rambling speech in Michigan last week, as the intellectually challenged old dolt emphasized how “serious” he was about what he was saying and how he “means” what he says and his beliefs are “no joke” while reiterating that he was telling the truth time and time again.

As a person who spent semesters in law school studying things like body language and speech patterns, we learned whenever a witness repeats that he’s telling the truth, he’s usually lying. It’s why defense lawyers hate hearing clients declare “I’m innocent” rather than recitations of provable facts and sticking to the bits of evidence corroborating his or her side of the story without embellishment. The same could be said for politicians.

But as mundane as listening to senile Joe bragging about “telling the truth” ended up being, nothing compared to his most insulting insinuation of the oration, namely that American manufacturing jobs were forfeited to foreign competitors in recent decades because domestic workers and company heads were “lazy”. Yup. No joke. Senile Joe uttered the word, and he doesn’t deserve a pass because he insisted it was the truth.

For the record, the insolent dunce also accused American businesses of being “greedy” for shifting some or all of their product-making overseas to take advantage of lower unit costs.

In a piece titled “Biden accuses US of getting ‘lazy’ in sending manufacturing jobs to China”, Bradford Betz reported at Fox Business last week:

“While touting the achievements of his administration, Biden said investing in domestic chip production will bring the supply chain to the United States rather than ‘relying on chips made overseas in places like China.’ “’We invented the chip in America. Then we got lazy. Federal investment helped reduce the cost of creating … an entire industry that America led,’ Biden said. ‘As a result, over 30 years ago, America produced 30% of all the chips in the world. Then something happened. American manufacturing, the backbone of our economy, got hollowed out. Companies began to move jobs overseas instead of products overseas because it was cheaper for them … And guess what? A lot of businesses got greedy. Go to the cheap labor overseas. Well, now we’re sending good products overseas made by first-class labor folks.’”

Betz’s article also contained this piece of history: “The U.S. Senate voted to give China permanent most-favored nation status on Sept. 19, 2000, paving the way for China’s entry into the World Trade Organization. As a senator, Biden consistently voted in favor of MFN status for China since it was first granted during the Carter administration in 1980.”

Yes, that’s right. Senile Joe voted to allow the Chinese and other fledgling economies to attract American business through offering astonishingly inexpensive labor costs while providing none of the protections American workers enjoy under occupational safety and environmental compliance laws. Are there even any prohibitions against child labor in the third world?

The lawmakers who welcomed China to the world economic stage must have figured the totalitarian state wouldn’t play by westernized rules on human rights, fairness and free trade. It also was foreseeable, even back then, that eventually the most populous nation on earth would build an economic juggernaut to not only compete with the capitalist economies, but to flood them with cheap crap, too.

While all of this was going on, needless to say, the “lazy” and “greedy” businesspeople senile Joe referred to on this side of pond still had to hire a virtual army of paper pushers, accountants and lawyers to even think about expanding their operations. And if their employee numbers were above a certain threshold, they had to provide health coverage in addition and then bring on managers to study plans and decipher benefits qualifications.

And what about workers’ compensation? Or safety lawsuits? Or the plaintiff’s bar full of trial lawyers specializing in products liability just craving a case where punitive damages would bankrupt an entire entity? Joint and several liability? Negligence? Negotiated settlements? The costs are going up, up, up!

Is this true in China, too? How about India? Mexico? The Philippines? I’m not bagging on these countries, but I doubt manufacturers there have to jump through the bureaucratic regulatory hoops that we do here in what is supposed to be the freest nation in the world.

Let’s face it, the federal government forced many of those companies to seek production elsewhere because the lawmakers and regulators – and personal injury lawyers -- made it prohibitively expensive to operate on American soil. Their “one size fits all” policies just didn’t make sense for the world’s preeminent economy, but they stuck their noses into everyone’s operating and personnel manual anyway.

And what about the more recent push to find “discrimination” (age, gender, racial, sexuality, etc.) in everything companies do? Heck, if a manager looks at a person funny or comments on appearance or demographic background it could get them fired – and sued. One example of boosted costs: years ago, when the government forced every business – small or otherwise – to provide restroom accommodations for handicapped individuals, it priced many of them out of the market. Why would a family-run business in a small brick and mortar store be required to spend tens of thousands of dollars to upgrade their facilities for a contingency (a physically challenged employee) that they’d probably never encounter?

Ludicrous overly-invasive and ill-considered environmental policies also played a role. If an American company hoped to build an assembly plant on a piece of land it owned, the permitting process and environmental impact studies could and probably did take years. If the site was found to contain historical significance – such as an Indian Burial Ground – or impact a federally declared endangered species, development could be prevented altogether.

I recall speaking with golf course developers a number of years back who complained the Environmental Protection Agency bureaucrats would sometimes visit a job site and declare sections of it as wetlands simply because water puddled in tractor grooves after a rain. This wouldn’t necessarily cancel the project, but the builders were then forced to offer more land to mitigation, which tremendously increased the costs as well as made the courses themselves more difficult and less playable to the paying customer.

There’s a balance there, the point being that America’s idea-makers and business owners weren’t “lazy” in sending their manufacturing overseas, nor were they “greedy” in doing so either.

Government physician, heal thyself!

It shouldn’t be overlooked that senile Joe and Democrats are the ones leading the charge to impose a $15/hour minimum wage on enterprise operators, a policy that, if implemented, would gut small businesses and fast-food franchises, the same job creators who provide entry-level opportunities for young people or the practically unemployable to gain work experience and turn them into productive citizens who aren’t “lazy” or “greedy” and could someday supply employment for someone else. If you don’t believe it, ask Senator Tim Scott about his experiences.

Senile Joe touts himself as a friend to the American working man and woman, but he’s really just a play thing to big liberal labor unions and labor bosses who add yet another layer of red tape and overhead to the already overloaded business owners. Democrats only see it one way, yet they’re the ones who now fix the rules for giant corporations and upper management of financial institutions.

Big labor loves big government. So does the corporate board of trustees. The average guy and gal in the shop gets shafted by the powerful. Anyone can see it.

Donald Trump truly championed those who build and make things. He called for changing international trade treaties that only made it harder for domestic manufacturers to compete. He also promised – and came through with it – to do away with excessive regulations that shackle job creators rather than empowering them to conduct their businesses fairly and ethically.

Do you see senile Joe doing anything about trade or uneven business practices of foreign governments, other than preaching about “climate change” and “woke” inclusion to them? Hardly. Joe Biden is for sale to the highest bidder. He’s a rent-a-suit dumber-than-heck politician who’s never had to deal with regulations or business killing laws – the ones that he had a hand in pushing through during his half-century in the swamp.

Don’t be fooled. If there’s anyone who’s “lazy” and “greedy” -- it’s Joe Biden.

The current president said we “forgot” how to manufacture here in the United States. He never knew how to do anything to begin with. Americans aren’t lazy or greedy, and they certainly know everything there is to know about hard work and innovation, if the government would only get out of their way. That’s a basic truth every Democrat should learn.

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