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The Right Resistance: Joe Biden’s unpopularity explained: his policies are awful and so is he

No one really knows how president senile Joe Biden’s family celebrated the Christmas and New Year’s holidays in the past couple weeks, but here’s surmising, behind closed doors, the celebration wasn’t quite as festive -- involving gobs of good cheer and goodwill towards

men – as most Americans would have preferred their own commemorations.


Of course, in public, the “good guy” president and his closest kin sought to maintain their typical veneer that everything’s peachy keen in Biden-world and none of the official investigations involving son Hunter, brother James – and the president himself – would result in permanent damage. The first family has powerful friends in Congress, the Justice Department and the establishment media, after all.


There’s also the matter of recent opinion polls showing senile Joe’s continued plunge to the depths of near-non-viable-for-reelection territory, the product of a poor economy, domestic troubles (anti-Israel demonstrations that have split his Democrat party) and a situation at the southern border that’s well beyond being summed up by the word “crisis”. Even Democrat mayors in safer-than-safe blue cities are complaining openly about the Biden administration’s handling of the dilemma, stating outright that they’re at the breaking point in attempting to take care of tens of thousands of uninvited and unwanted newcomers from all over the planet.


Heck, some of those polls even show senile Joe’s hated most-probable opponent, Donald Trump, leading the doddering dolt among a handful of his most trusted liberal constituencies, namely youth voters and Hispanics. I can’t speak for the man, but if Biden’s lost the normally undying loyalty of the young and ignorant in addition to first-generation Hispanics, who else can he turn to for easy-to-generate votes? If it’s the goal of every Democrat to, as the late, great Rush Limbaugh used to say, “see how we can fool ‘em today”, how would Biden weather an electoral storm without his usual trusty human shelters?


Such matters are troubling to Democrats to say the least. But as improbable as it sounds, there are still those who stand behind the Biden brand – and predict he’s going to win reelection with room to spare.


It’s been a while since featuring any of old-reliable Juan Williams’ delusions, but his first opinion column of 2024 just begged for a retort. In a piece titled “On to 2024: Biden will beat Trump and Kamala Harris will play a huge role”, Williams wrote at The Hill this week:


“Unlike Trump, Biden is not facing 91 felony charges and four court dates. He is not facing removal from state ballots over his role in the January 6 effort to stop certification of a presidential election.


“Biden’s biggest challenge now looks to come from third party candidates who could drain his support among moderate swing voters. They are looking for someone new, some political energy beyond a re-run of the 2020 election. Also, some voters are indifferent to Biden, according to polls. He is seen as a moderate figure who has not transformed a politically polarized country. That has contributed to his low approval numbers in 2023. But those polls will be out the door in a one-on-one, 2024 rematch with Trump.


“Trump is on the record calling for ‘termination’ of parts of the constitution and replacing it with authoritarianism complete with jailing the press and ‘rooting out’ his political opponents whom he calls ‘vermin.’ The Democrats have the power to make this year’s race into a referendum on Trump rather than Biden.”


Yeah, sure, Juan. Let ‘em try. The “referendum” on Trump argument isn’t generating the usual quantity of mass hysteria from the voting public, though the former president himself isn’t exactly majority-popular within the confines of the United States. But Trump appears to be making headway in arguing that wholesale systemic change is much more important in our times than liking everything about him or picking apart what he says during his often-impromptu remarks at campaign rallies.


Trump talks policy. Yes, he also includes richly deserved broadsides against Biden, but nothing that’s so far out of bounds that they beg a “Tell me what he said that isn’t true” follow-up reply. In 2020, Biden and the rest of the Democrats dug themselves deep holes when they promised to end the COVID threat as well as “heal the soul of the nation.” No one I know gives Democrats much credit for brains, but how could anyone reckon they were going to “restore” or “heal” the political divide by demonizing their opposition and seeking to throw them in jail?


Biden further split Americans by furthering energy policies that greatly increased the price of everything that supplies or uses power, championing phony “climate change”, flubbing the withdrawal from Afghanistan, pretending that inflation wasn’t real, mandating stupid COVID mitigation procedures long past their rational shelf-lives, denying any inquiries into his son’s and family’s crooked business dealings, farting in front of the royal family, falling asleep at international meetings, shaking hands with phantom friends… and generally, just acting like a cantankerous old coot who’d lost most of his faculties.


People are also being reminded daily that his choice for vice president is a substance-less loser, cackles out of turn, can’t give a sensible interview to the Democrat-friendly media, and, because Biden himself appears to be on his last cognitive generator cell, is a mere one heartbeat away from the presidency itself.


As if all of this weren’t bad enough, Juan Williams thinks Kamala Harris will actually be an asset for the Biden reelection effort. Williams’ reasoning is all identity-politics based, namely that Kamala will shore up black support (question: do all African-Americans vote based on skin color and ethnic identification alone?) and re-energize other Democrat voter groups who value what a person is rather than who she is.


Assuming Trump (if indeed he wins the Republican nomination) chooses a human being with a brain and talent for articulating complete sentences for his running mate, the contrast between Harris and said person will be stark. Unlike senile Joe Biden, who doesn’t get a redo on selecting a potential vice president, Trump has a plethora of talented and attractive individuals to choose from. The former president has hinted that he’d like to add a woman to his ticket, but he hasn’t eliminated large categories of possible candidates for inclusion.


Biden prides himself on being the shrewdest politician in the nation, but he botched one of the most salient decisions of his presidential candidacy by selecting Harris, a woman so incompetent and unlikable that her approval ratings are lower even than Biden’s – and Trump’s.


Williams, like most Democrats, appears to see the 2024 election through a strictly race-based lens. Juan misses the fact that Americans have moved past the all-race-all-the-time 2020 election, which came in the aftermath of the George Floyd incident and blew up due in large part to the COVID lockdowns. Desecrating monuments, defacing public property and shouting leftist slogans has now engendered a predictable backlash – and Biden is symbolic of all of it.


Democrat supporters like Juan Williams conveniently neglect to mention surveys that show Americans’ total dissatisfaction with Biden’s policies, instead preferring to focus on his age and other non-fixable attributes. Credit card debt has exploded in Biden’s tenure and young people are unable to afford buying houses because of high (by recent standards) interest rates. Crime in inner cities is rampant because Democrat prosecutors won’t charge felons for petty violations – or, in some cases, any crimes.


Entrenched political opinions are difficult to change, and senile Joe and Democrats are working against the clock, the election being a mere ten months away. They seem to be hoping against hope that the criminal charges against Trump will somehow rise up to save them from a close examination of their own shortcomings. And they’re counting on the investigations into the Biden family’s crooked dealings leading to a dead end like they always have in the past.


As if all of this weren’t bad enough, Williams suggests the abortion issue alone will help save senile Joe’s and cackling Kamala’s reelection effort. This is false for a couple reasons. First, it will have been several years since the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision overturned the heinous Roe v. Wade precedent. Folks will have seen that the high Court’s action didn’t squelch abortion as Democrats said it would, and that many states have even expanded the “right” to terminate unborn babies.


Lastly, Donald Trump has taken to branding Democrats as believers of abortion up until the moment of birth. Democrat candidates, including Biden and Harris, refuse to specify any limits on abortions, afraid of alienating their most reliable voting bloc – unmarried women of all races. Republicans are the preferred party of married men and married women in addition to single men.


Therefore, Democrats depend on unmarried women to supply their vote margins in tight races. These are the misguided souls who are most susceptible to the negative cultural onslaught largely perpetrated by Democrats, the education establishment and the establishment media. Giant corporations such as Disney and Bud Light have felt the sting of trying to steer culture towards the “woke” left. It hasn’t worked.


Voters who respond to poll surveys are probably hesitant to emphasize the degradation of American culture as a leading factor in their decision on whom to vote for this year. It’s hard to estimate the number of times I’ve heard “America as we knew it no longer exists”, and the presidencies of Barack Obama and Joe Biden have both contributed to the morose feelings.


No one is claiming that Donald Trump – or one of the other Republican candidates – is a lock to win the presidency this year, but those Democrats who still insist that senile Joe Biden is in better position than his numbers would show are blind or in denial – or both. There are good reasons why Biden is as unpopular as he is. His policies are awful… and so is he.

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Jan 04

The problem for little Juan Williams and the Uniparty is that Donald Trump is still standing, after 8 years of smears. No weapon formed against Trump has prospered! If the election was today, Trump would win, Biden would lose (again). That's gotta be eating these people alive.

By the way, Juan, this includes the "91 felony counts" that's got you so excited. None of which would exist if Joe Biden didn't order it, like a tyrant in the mold of Joseph Stalin. This is one of the most shameful episodes in American history, Juan. Think about why Thug Biden is not being greeted with the best polls he's ever had, but the exact opposite.

Rumor has it that the Dems…

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