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The Right Resistance: Justice isn’t blind in the all-race-all-the-time Biden-led Democrat party

Democrats keep on rockin’ in the race world, don’t they?

As would be expected, Democrats made a big deal out of senile president Joe Biden’s boast last week that his nominee to replace retiring Justice Stephen Breyer would indeed be a black woman, just as he’d promised during his 2020 campaign. When the White House occupant made his announcement, he did so with his usual level of pomposity and self-righteousness, as though he alone was making up for hundreds of years of wrongful discrimination against one surface designated category in one fell swoop. But narrowing it down to this gender and demographic class is rather racist and exclusionary in itself, isn’t it? Isn’t it like fighting racism with more racism? Therefore, future Democrats will have to work harder and go to much greater lengths to find non-represented sorts on the Supreme Court and other federal offices. Here’s what it might look like: Future Democrat presidential nominee: “I want the federal government and Supreme Court to look like America did when Joe Biden was president, so if elected, I intend to appoint the first undocumented illegal alien to the high court. Since such folks are multi-ethnic and racially diverse -- and come from all parts of the world these days -- we’ll place one name from every detected and symbolized country into a hat, and then I’ll draw one lucky winner.

“Visa over-stayers from Canada or European countries would be ineligible, of course. They are probably native English speakers -- or were taught the language in schools -- so they already resemble the make-up of the racist Court, the majority of which was chosen by Republican presidents.” The candidate went on, “Since not all such countries are equal in presence here in the United States, we will run the competition like the NBA does its draft. The foreign nation with the largest number of illegal aliens (estimated, of course), will receive a proportional share of names on paper slips to be mixed together in a gigantic rainbow-colored hat. You know, Guatemala gets a hundred, Iraq gets ten, China three, Vietnam six, etc. etc. “So as to not leave out our friends from the LGBTQ world community, we will consult with international gay, lesbian and trans organizations about what they consider a fair number of homosexuals and transgenders to include in the drawing. “Religions, too. We’ve had too many Christians and Jews on the Court. So we’ll factor in Buddhists, Hindus, atheists, Muslims and Native American traditions and minor tribal faiths from third world countries as well. We’ll have to work hard to find an Australian Aboriginal non-believer illegal alien, but we’ll leave no stone left unturned to do so! “Upon selecting an individual human being, the person’s name and authenticated birthplace will be inscribed on the pre-prepared paperwork to be submitted to the senate for confirmation. For sure, no traditional pronouns will be used. And no feelings will be hurt. This will be the decree of Caesar Democratus on said future date on the secular universal calendar.” Don’t smirk -- it could happen. Democrats are so race fixated and determined to turn out every possible liberal coalition at election time that they couldn’t possibly leave one out. For now, they’re simply concentrating on beating back the Republicans on Biden’s impending choice of an African-American female. W. James Antle III wrote at The Washington Examiner:

“The White House and its allies are signaling a willingness to play hardball with Republicans who oppose President Joe Biden’s eventual nominee to the Supreme Court, who he vowed will be a black woman ‘worthy’ of retiring Justice Stephen Breyer’s legacy. If confirmed, this nominee would become the first black woman to sit on the Supreme Court — a fact Biden’s team will not hesitate to mention to Republican senators.

“’The president's view is that anyone who's saying that that's not possible or we can't find the most eminently qualified person — that's ludicrous,’ White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters. ‘I mean, that's suggesting that a black woman should not be a part of the most important court in our nation, that there aren't black women who have distinguished themselves by rising to the top of the legal profession with the strongest credentials imaginable.’

“Psaki allowed that Biden is ‘grateful to … the Republican members who have already indicated they plan to work with him’ but added, ‘I think we also … should be clear about some of the games that we're already seeing indications of out there.’”

Games, Jen? The White House opens itself up to questions whenever it plays the race card, which is the dirtiest trick in politics today. But if Democrats can’t win an argument on the merits and facts, why not cheat? They’ve obviously taken the position that anyone who would dare oppose THE FIRST BLACK WOMAN SUPREME COURT JUSTICE must be a misogynistic sexist as well as a racist.

Conservatives counter with support for Clarence Thomas, a male human who just happened to be born with African ancestry. The liberty lovers I know regard Thomas as the premier defender of the Constitution today, and clearly the most indispensable member of the Court. I personally hope Thomas lives to be a hundred and fifty and doesn’t even consider retiring until he’s a hundred and forty-nine. He’ll be exceptionally hard to replace, as was his good friend, Justice Antonin Scalia.

Therefore, the racist charge is absurd. But that doesn’t stop Democrats from asserting it anyway.

If anything, it’s senile Joe and mouthpiece Psaki who are leaning on race and playing games here. Democrats recognize that, statistically speaking, African-American women are the party’s staunchest and most loyal demographic constituency. Whereas the liberal party has seen minor erosions in support from black men, more than nine in ten black women choose Democrats in the voting booth practically every time.

In other words, Democrats can’t afford to lose them. So what do they do? Old white man Joe Biden announces he’ll pick a woman for his running mate -- which he did -- and that he’ll choose a person similarly inclined for the Supreme Court, but add race to the equation. Finding a liberal black woman shouldn’t be all that difficult, so senile Joe sees it as a win-win for his side.

But where does it leave the other potential candidates? One can only imagine the phone conversations in the Oval Office:

“Joe, this is Liz Warren. I know you must be getting like a zillion different opinions on the black woman Supreme Court Justice thing, but I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t put in a pitch for my homies, Native Americans. Sure, you did appoint an Indian gal to your cabinet (Interior Secretary Deb Haaland), but that leaves us behind the proverbial 8-ball for the biggest jobs in our government.

“We natives were here first and we suffered more than black people, didn’t we? We got shoved off our land and killed mercilessly by the cavalry. Slaves just had to work, didn’t they? You need to make it up to us.”

How about Asians?

“President Biden, this is Mazie Hirono,” the Hawaii Democrat said confidently. “I’m not going to beat around the bush, Joe. If you’re looking for diversity in this Supreme Court selection, who could be better qualified than me? I was the first Asian-American woman U.S. Senator. I’m a Buddhist and I was born in Japan. And I’m a lawyer, like you and Barack and Michelle Obama.

“Asians aren’t going to like it if you toss us on the trash heap again in favor of more affirmative action for black people. We’re already underrepresented everywhere we go, and there’s never been an Asian on the Supreme Court, much less an Asian woman. I cover so many demographic categories your head spins. Tammy Duckworth is also Asian. And you know, your veep Kamala’s mom is from the same part of the world.”

After ending his conversation with Hirono on amicable terms, Biden hears the phone ring again. Pressing the answer button, Biden hears, “Joe, this is Cory Booker. Only got a minute… I think, as a black man, that I deserve the Supreme Court seat. We haven’t had a real one since Thurgood Marshall, right? That was over thirty years ago. Clarence Thomas? He ain’t black, because he almost certainly voted for Trump. You said it yourself, right?

“I went to Stanford and then to Yale Law. I’m qualified. I testified against Jeff Sessions when he was up for Trump’s AG, didn’t I? What’s a progressive brother got to do to get a seat on the Court? Better put us on the ‘next in line’ list. You’ve been warned, bro.”


Democrats shouldn’t be surprised then their racial and gender pandering comes back to bite them. They’re all-in for a black woman to replace Stephen Breyer, but sane, constitutional originalists need not apply. Democrats wouldn’t accept any judge who doesn’t weigh cases according to skin color and other demographics. Justice is no longer blind -- at all.

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Dorothy Gunter
Dorothy Gunter
Feb 03, 2022

In todays world, to be “woke”, as they claim to be, one would only have to “identify “ as black & female…


Mike M
Mike M
Feb 02, 2022

As I've said in other posts, it doesn't matter who Bite-Me Biden nominates to the Supreme Court. In the first place he's not going to nominate anyone who Fuehrer Obama and George Soros don't approve. And in the second place anyone who he nominates will be just as much of an unmitigated Communist hypocrite as he is. So in a way skin color and sex are irrelevant except to keep the voter base happy.

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