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The Right Resistance: Kamala Harris is symbolic of California’s decline on the ballot today

It’s never an easy thing to consider recalling an elected official.

But then again, when you think about what’s gone on in California recently (years?), not only is it easy to ponder a recall, it’s a life and freedom saving duty to do so. I would normally say today is when Golden State voters go to the polls to decide the fate of incompetent elitist governor Gavin Newsom, but mail-in voting has been available for weeks and statistically speaking, many, many eligible folks (and probably a lot of ineligibles, too, since the state is so corrupt) have already taken advantage of the chance to save or jettison the most visible figure in California politics.

We’ll soon learn whether Newsom gets to stay atop his lofty perch or whether he’ll be kicked to the side like so many spent hypodermic needles on a downtown San Francisco sidewalk. Democrats heavily outnumber Republicans in California, so an outside observer would surmise Newsom should win easily. But today’s contest is about more than the quality of life on the west coast; it’s a referendum on one-party rule and the complacency, corruption and ideological blindness that goes along with it.

Conservative “Sage of South Central” radio talk show host Larry Elder is said to be the leading candidate to take over the governor’s seat if Newsom is indeed removed. I recall Elder when he first started his public career decades ago, thinking “this guy is good” when his recognizable voice hit the airwaves. At the time, I was surprised to hear that Larry was African-American, since he spoke out so eloquently against California’s minority Democrat entitled mindset (Rodney King? O.J. Simpson?).

If Affirmative Action means factoring in race to fill more positions of prominence, shouldn’t California liberals be thrilled at the prospect of electing their first African American governor, even if he thinks more like Ronald Reagan than he does Maxine Waters?

We’ll see. I won’t offer a prediction. Newsom deserves to be recalled and Elder would be a great replacement to possibly reverse the Golden State government’s downward slide. But this is California we’re talking about, and the entrenched teacher’s unions, “climate change” tree huggers, abortion on demand purveyors, Hollywood limousine liberals, “progressive” tech barons and aggressive anti-liberty forces are well represented and motivated.

The closeness of the California race even spurred the largely silent and absent vice president Kamala Harris to get involved last week. Joe Biden’s righthand gal served as the state’s Attorney General and then for a few years as senator before being tapped by the aging and decrepit Biden to run with him because she identifies as female and has darkened skin. In the Democrat party, such surface characteristics qualify you for high office, but they don’t make you good at your job.

Will Harris’s visit help tip the balance towards Newsome today? Sarah Westwood wrote at The Washington Examiner last week:

“Vice President Kamala Harris resurfaced [last week] to campaign for embattled California Gov. Gavin Newsom after weeks of remaining largely behind the scenes while the Biden administration took on water confronting multiple crises...

“Named as the face of stemming migration to the border amid an immigration crisis in the spring, Harris has spoken little about the issue in recent weeks. Her handling of the situation drew criticism from Republicans, and eventually some Democrats, after she avoided a visit to the border until doing so became politically untenable.

“Biden named Harris in June as the point person on shepherding voting rights legislation through Congress as Democrats argued such reforms are necessary to stop a tide of Republican state-level rule changes. However, Harris has not played a prominent public role in negotiations with Senate centrists over compromise legislation aimed at uniting Democrats who split over more ambitious reforms. She has also been unsuccessful in her limited efforts to promote those more ambitious versions.”

In her Cali speech, Kamala didn’t mention Afghanistan or the problems plaguing her political home state (homelessness, hypocritical and contradictory COVID leadership, failed forest management leading to annual wildfires, high taxes and regulations forcing businesses to relocate elsewhere, out of control crime, roving blackouts, poor schools, etc.), instead, she concentrated on hot topic national liberal themes like abortion (Oh! That Texas law is horrible, and so are the Trump appointees to the Supreme Court!) and so-called “voting rights” (Oh! That new Texas law is horrible, at least as bad at the one passed in Georgia earlier this year!).

Since she’s been absent from the spotlight so much of late, one wonders, what does Kamala do during the day? Here’s thinking her main duty is to follow senile Joe around and bring him his slippers if he gets distracted and leaves one at a cabinet meeting or downstairs when he retires for the business day. Or, she could use some of her California art dealer contacts to try and jigger up the prices on Hunter Biden’s paintings. The “Big Guy” might even cut her a slice!

Kamala sure hasn’t busied herself with the still out-of-control situation at the U.S./Mexico border, where monthly records of illegal crossings are continually shattered. Senile Joe probably figured since Harris was from California that she’d know a lot about how to address amnesty and illegal aliens, but her regional familiarity hasn’t produced any noticeable results. Granted she doesn’t give many interviews much less answer questions from the press, but I don’t recall hearing her discuss the topic recently.

Kamala did make that official state visit to Asia a couple weeks ago, but other than photo opportunities with southeast Asian leaders, it wasn’t clear why she was there. It certainly wasn’t to intimidate China with her toughness and presence. Perhaps the reason was to drum up memories of the frenzied U.S. evacuation from Saigon in 1975 while the crisis at the Afghani international airport was occurring simultaneously. It’s clear that Biden’s public relations people intend to hide Harris as much as possible since she can’t refrain from giggling and grinning at inappropriate moments.

And this woman is one failed Joe Biden heartbeat away from the presidency? If foreign leaders already consider the United States a toothless tiger under senile Joe, what would happen if and when Kamala fills the high heels?

Couldn’t Biden’s handlers find something more productive for Kamala to do? Since she was in the senate as of earlier this year, wouldn’t she be a natural choice to represent the administration in meetings with Chucky Schumer, Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi and “The Squad”? Who knows, perhaps the president could remove her from her post as border czar and “voting rights” champion and place her in charge of something more to her liking and abilities, like slavery reparations expert or eliminating “systemic racism” via firing squad.

Or how about sending Kamala on a national bus tour to promote the Biden agenda and stump for embattled 2022 House and Senate Democrats? If she was on the road rather than sitting around the West Wing, reporters could be shielded from her on a regular basis and the local media coverage would likely be more favorable to the new president and vice president and their plunging approval ratings. Harris could guffaw and beam her smile all she wanted and people would assume it’s actually over something funny, not another sorry exhibition of her lack of substance and character.

The Democrat brains are facing a multitude of challenges all across the country. Not only have they needed to dump millions of dollars into defending the California governor from recall, they also persevered through the nightmare of New York (former) Gov. Andrew Cuomo resigning in disgrace over an embarrassing sex scandal. Then there’s Virginia, where polls now show Republican Glenn Youngkin has pulled even with heavy favorite and Clinton yes-man Terry McAuliffe, another sure-bet election liberals might lose.

The news isn’t any better in the administration’s ongoing battle against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP, or Wuhan, if you prefer) virus, with intense resistance against vaccine and mask mandates cropping up everywhere. Biden’s government doesn’t appear any more capable in this regard, either. Why doesn’t anyone ever ask Kamala Harris why she and Joe aren’t keeping their promise to eradicate the virus?

Toss in the Afghanistan debacle, and it’s looking pretty grim in Democrat-land.

If California opts against recalling Newsom, it isn’t necessarily a sign of renewed support for the controversial ultra-liberal pol. No, it’s because the race mongers, abortion lovers, climate tyrants, high tax do-gooders, welfare state dreamers, illegal alien embracing border erasers and every other big government favoring stooge couldn’t stand the prospect of losing control of the governor’s mansion to a Republican.

And it sure as heck isn’t because Kamala Harris came and spoke in Newsom’s favor last week. She’s the mistake that the Democrat higher-ups can no longer do anything about. California today… what could be next?

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16 de set. de 2021

This is what happens when elections are bought and payed for just to beet their opponent. Larry didn't have 70 million dollars to support his campaign. If we are not careful, this will happen in the 2022 election. Ca. has 1.7 million inactive voters on it's rolls that need to be taken off. The democrats tend to leave these inactive voters on the rolls even if they have passed or moved away. This is why we need voter ID and must request an absentee ballet to vote. Absentee ballets must not be sent out to every home, because of fraud.

Respondendo a

This also illustrates the need for meaningful campaign finance reform. A candidate has no chance of being elected if they cannot raise ridiculous amounts of money. That is not what the Founding Fathers envisioned.


It's been all downhill in California since Uncle Ronnie was governor. Harris literally worked her way up on her back. And the Terminator-turned Governor turned into a RINO traitor. And we'll see how bad Kalifornia really is after Newsome is retained as governor in today's election.

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