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The Right Resistance: Kamala Harris’s illegal border symptom hits us all where it hurts

Kamala Harris is an embarrassment.

It’s not going out on a limb to say so, either. As everyone knows, Joe Biden’s gal pal vice president made her first trip to the U.S./Mexico border last Friday, over three months after the former junior California senator’s mentally slipping boss tapped her to confront the immigration surge that’s plagued the region ever since the changing of the guard from former president Donald Trump to the Democrats in January. Predictably, the geographically challenged second-in-command selected El Paso, Texas to visit, hundreds of safe miles away from the epicenter of the crisis in the Rio Grande Valley.

The vice president apparently didn’t realize -- yeah right -- that she would create an even bigger public relations enigma for the Biden administration by getting as far as practicable from the real trouble, and the photo op nature of her visit didn’t lend the aura of someone who’s on top of the situation and likely to present a workable solution. The scene looked more like a celebrity volunteer dropping in on a detention center than a powerful world leader taking on a catastrophe in the making.

Contrast Harris with Trump vice president Mike Pence, a man who exuded capability and possessed both a legislative and executive resume that demonstrated competence in government. Kamala was a politically-aided Attorney General from one of the most liberal states in the country and then was elected as a “next in line” senator when the awful Barbara Boxer retired. In Congress, Harris became notorious for her race and gender centered interrogations.

Kamala’s embarrassing personality shortcomings were yet to hit the national spotlight, however. Now they’re there for all to notice, including, for the first time in her current capacity, the good people being besieged along the border. Brett Samuels and Raphael Bernal reported at The Hill on Harris’s “visit” down south:

“Harris traveled to El Paso, Texas, her first trip to the U.S.-Mexico border as vice president and her first since President Biden announced she would lead the administration’s efforts to stem the flow of migrants to the border from Northern Triangle nations.

“While Harris did not make any policy announcements or urge migrants not to make the trip to the U.S. as she did during a recent trip to Guatemala, she declared her border appearance productive while keeping the focus on the administration's broader goals.

“’This has been a very important trip,’ Harris said during a press conference. ‘This has been a trip that also is connected with the obvious point: If you want to deal with a problem, you can’t just deal with the symptom of the problem, you’ve got to figure out what caused it to happen.’”

Is this for real? Hundreds of thousands of monthly border crossers is a mere symptom? Sounds great, doesn’t it? Convinced, are you? Harris’s quote reminded me of a line from “When Harry Met Sally” when co-lead character Harry spilled to his friend Jess about his failed marriage in the middle of the crowd at a New York Giants football game:

Jess: “Marriages don't break up on account of infidelity. It's just a symptom that something else is wrong.”

Harry Burns: “Oh, really? Well, that symptom is (blank)-ing my wife!”

In our contemporary border situation, the massive influx of illegal aliens is the “symptom” that’s plaguing as all. Pontificating Kamala Harris visits the line and talks about causes and symptoms and other non-sequiturs to distract from the obvious problem right in front of her face. It doesn’t take a genius from a liberal “woke” university to pin down where the actual blame lies.

If country X (in this case the United States) has the strongest economy in the world and country Y is a third world nation rocked by violence, pathetic living conditions, little opportunity to improve oneself, a poor education system and a government that sees its citizens as expendable and desirable to export somewhere else, then you’ve got your “cause”. The “symptom” of a porous border only entices citizens of country Y to go to country X, even if the journey is long and perilous through a hot and stone dry desert full of criminals who would exploit and victimize the aspiring migrants at every opportunity.

That “symptom” is “(blank)-ing” us right now and will continue doing so until the rulers of country X do whatever is necessary to treat the other signs (of which there are many) of neglect.

Kamala certainly realizes there isn’t much that can be done on the source front in country Y, even if the saying-so would ruin her biggest excuse for not doing anything to treat the disease. Dumping billions of dollars into central American economies has never worked to stem the outward flow. Cooperating with Mexico under the Trump administration succeeded while the former president was in charge, but now Mexico’s leaders have far less incentive to cooperate with dopey Joe and cackling Kamala. So they’re not doing it.

Polls continue to show that immigration -- and the Biden administration’s mishandling of it -- will be a big issue to voters in next year’s midterm elections, and if the current situation isn’t rectified (fat chance) that it will be talked about quite a lot in 2024 as well.

Rather than taking a get-tough stance on foreigners (excuse me, non-citizens) crossing the southern border and either seeking “asylum” from their economic woes in their home country or avoiding detection completely, Kamala ‘n Joe extend a welcoming hand. Meanwhile, Harris’s non-professional demeanor is drawing a plethora of uncomfortable comments from the news media, too. Here’s thinking there’s a lot of hand-wringing in the Democrat establishment about how they should’ve been a little more careful in vetting their VP candidate last year.

Harris’s border venture was as embarrassing as she is. She allegedly met with five migrant minor girls during her brief stay. Why? What did she say to them? We can only speculate:

Kamala, bending down to speak to a young illegal migrant girl, beamed a wide smile and giggled hideously as she spoke. Placing her hands gently on the child’s shoulders, the American vice president said in condescending voice: “Oh, hello there, is your name illegal alien? Pardon me, I didn’t mean to call you illegal. You’re a socially repressed little person from a poor country whose caring parents sent you north to jump the border and lay the groundwork for them to come once me ‘n Joe’s administration has given you all the welfare checks you can handle, found you a place to live and beaten back any attempt to send you back to wherever you came from.”

Belatedly appreciating that the youth didn’t understand a word she’d uttered, Kamala summonsed a Spanish-speaking interpreter and repeated her spiel, intentionally omitting the “illegal alien” part she’d carelessly blubbered on her first try.

Still bending down to address the child at eye level, Harris added with the interpreter translating simultaneously, “Don’t you worry, we’re doing everything we can to make sure you and your parents and your folks’ extended family can sink deep roots here in a community and state we choose so you can exercise the right to vote with no need for an I.D. Don’t forget to check the candidate with a ‘D’ next to his, her, or ze’s name. Those other guys would put you in cages and then deport you. Not us!”

At that, Kamala nearly lost her balance and toppled to the ground, practically bowling the kid over as she pushed the girl to steady herself.

Kamala continued, “Sorry about that. Us Democrats in the Harris-Biden administration concede that the only reason you’re here is because of climate change and the awful things we’re doing to planet earth due to burning of fossil fuels and stuff like that. I won’t hold it against you that you probably came here on carbon belching trucks, buses and trains or that the coyote who unloaded you over the line was an armed criminal who would shoot a border patrol officer if threatened.

“You’re safe with us. Toodeloo, pequeña pal. We’ll be bosom amigas for life!”

Seeing the news footage from Kamala Harris’s first trip to Texas as “border czar” was both a sad and disappointing experience. Just thinking about how Harris came into office was enough to question the validity of the 2020 election all over again, for if Americans realized at the time what they were getting when they voted for dumbo Joe Biden, they might not have gone through with it.

Voters certainly did not sign up to have Kamala Harris represent them. She’s embarrassing.

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Harris was NOT put in charge of the border to remedy anything, such was not ever the intent! Harris was designated for two reasons, to ignore the issue, allowing massive amounts of of criminal illegal aliens to storm the border, to allow the free flow of drugs, all to further weaken our nation. The other, the most important, was to send a clear message to those on the Right, a slap in the face of our laws and the Constitution, as a sardonic insult, being that she is a "Anchor Baby", not a natural born citizen and as such, NOT eligible to hold the position she has now usurped! They are rubbing our noses in it, making a clear statement…


James Bryson
James Bryson
Jun 30, 2021

The CCP have a solid strategic reason for bribing Xiden's puppeteers to force Kamalaho as VP?

What could be more defiling than an immoral, stone-ignorant backup?

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