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The Right Resistance: Kicking dirt on the grave of 2021 and predicting a rosier outlook for 2022

The end of the year 2021 means it’s put up or shut up time.

Face it, there isn’t much that hasn’t already been said or written about this disastrous year for conservatives and all of America, which followed an equally distasteful and forgettable (as if we could actually forget it) 2020. Lots of media personalities and journalists have already completed their “Year in Review” analysis and compiled their predictions for the upcoming 2022. Granted, it doesn’t take a whole lot to peer into the future while enjoying the safe inner workings of one’s own mind, the challenge being to get the forecasts within the margin of error and avoid making wholesale false prophecies such as senile president Joe Biden’s infamous “I will restore the soul of our nation” boast from his 2020 campaign. Keep in mind that people will little note, nor long remember, what we say here (Thanks to the immortal words of Abraham Lincoln at Gettysburg in 1863), but it will never forget how awful 2021 was. It’s easy to project a huge Republican turnout and win in the biannual federal elections next November. The increasingly likely prospect of GOP success has sent Democrats scrambling with visions of terror and doom dancing in their heads, belatedly realizing that their Donald Trump-free governing period isn’t permanent and there’s a very good chance that the former president will be back de facto calling the shots (as agenda leader of the GOP) in little more than a year’s time. Can Democrats turn it around? Some people like to think so. In a piece titled “How Democrats can keep Republicans out of power”, Columbia University Professor Lincoln Mitchell wrote at CNN:

“A Republican victory likely means the end of the select committee investigating the US Capitol insurrection, the possibility of impeachment hearings against Biden for his handling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan and the daunting prospect that a Republican who has supported former President Donald Trump as he perpetuates the ‘Big Lie’ could soon hold the speaker's gavel.

“So, what can Democrats do? First is to take a deep breath and recognize that a lot can happen in the 11 months between now and the election. It is possible that we will definitively turn the corner on Covid-19 and that the positive economic indicators will win out over the more troubling indicators, giving the governing party a strong economy as the election approaches...

“Though historical precedent does not favor the president's party in the midterm elections, the stakes for American democracy are too high for the Democratic Party to go down without a fight. If voters see the midterm election as a simple referendum on a first-term president with a mixed record of success, that -- combined with redistricting in several states that favors Republicans -- all but guarantees a GOP victory. However, if the Democratic Party is to claim credit for its accomplishments and make the election about the threat represented by further GOP obstruction of Biden and a return to Trumpism, it may be able to avoid the worst outcome.”

Ah, such optimism! I’d never heard of Mitchell prior to reading his opinion piece. His words could’ve just as easily been scribed by more well-known cogs within the Democrat machine such as Donna Brazile or Juan Williams or any hack from the Washington Post or New York Times’ opinion pages. In other words, it’s standard boilerplate Democrat-speak for announcing, “Don’t give up the ship” or “I have not yet begun to fight.”

These sayings might be too patriotic for the woke liberal crowd to state, but you get the picture.

At any rate, I believe Mitchell is correct on his main point, which leads me to my first prediction for 2022. Democrats won’t give up, they’ll only get nastier.

Today’s Democrat party has few attributes, but fighting like heck for victory is one of them. Unlike most establishment Republican congressional leaders over the decades, Democrats never shy away from low blows, backhanded slaps, obnoxious (and false) media leaks and using their rabid killer instincts whenever a situation calls for it. Extremism in pursuit of power and big government is no vice in Democrat-land. Think of a cornered wolverine -- only meaner.

Democrats’ ferocity was on full display during Donald Trump’s presidency. If pundits believe that Trump may be on his way back to Washington DC in a few years’ time, they’ll dial up the power on the ol’ lie-o-meter and their consultant class will manufacture all the racist accusations, outlandish “collusion” barbs and factual departures that would be necessary to steal a political contest or two.

And when Republicans do retake Congress, Democrats will bring in Stacey Abrams to screech about the “voter suppression” that allegedly went on all across the country. Republicans concentrate on vote fraud and elections integrity. Democrats perpetuate the falsehood that eligible voters were denied the franchise strictly on skin color, religion or national origin alone. They’ll have zero evidence, but a cooperative media is all they need to spread the plague!

Obama Attorney General Eric Holder will file suit after suit after suit. It will be ugly.

Likelihood of prediction coming true? 100 percent.

Number two: Let’s Go Brandon! Will carry through at least until 2024.

Whereas in 2016, the massive crowds attending Donald Trump’s rallies were known to break out in familiar cheers of “Lock Her Up!”, the Republican candidate’s campaign attendees will chant “Let’s Go Brandon!” to the delight of all watching at home in 2022, 2023 and 2024! It’s a convenient and easily remembered slur that’s clean enough for TV and gets straight to the point.

Big Tech will set its filters to ban or flag any posts containing the phrase but will have to reconsider when nearly half of its traffic will disappear overnight. As soon as folks learn that the Silicon Valley Oligarchs are collaborating to completely stifle legitimate political discussion, the controversy will result in massive boycotts.

I must admit, I never thought the corny catchphrase would have staying power, but the depth of feeling against Biden is truer and much deeper than the antipathy surrounding Trump ever was -- which was a phony manifestation of frustrated “woke” liberals in the media together with spurned haters like Hillary Clinton. How wide is it today? I was strolling through a mall the other day in a solid blue neighborhood and I saw “Let’s Go Brandon!” on T-shirts to purchase. I gather there’s no longer a danger in donning Trump memorabilia, either.

Likelihood of prediction coming true? 75 percent.

Number three: Joe Biden will not be replaced by another Democrat before 2025.

Along with speculating on who might replace Joe Biden on the 2024 party ticket, Democrats and some bored media personalities seemingly enjoy dishing on who could supplant Biden if he were to become incapacitated before the conclusion of his constitutional term or be removed under the 25th Amendment.

Here’s thinking it won’t happen, period. Assuming Biden is still breathing and can continue mumbling in front of a teleprompter for the foreseeable future, he’ll remain right where he is with the full and happy support of the Democrat establishment and liberal leaders in Congress. Why? There’s no need to get rid of ol’ sleepy Joe now -- or ever. The swamp creature is doing everything Democrats want. As long as there’s the possibility Joe could turn things around and maybe even run again in 2024, Biden is still the party’s best political option.

Kamala Harris is much worse than Biden -- and she’s unpredictable. Pete Buttigieg is too unknown and outwardly ambitious to be controlled. Bernie Sanders isn’t a real threat any longer. Elizabeth Warren is too old. The reasons go on and on.

It’s fun to think about Democrats getting together to cashier Biden in front of the whole world. But he’s just a placeholder and a puppet at the same time. Why go to all the bother to expel him?

Likelihood of prediction coming true? 60 percent.

Lastly, COVID will never go away and the scaredy cat crowd will either get busy living or get busy… well, you know.

You might remember how a few sane voices at the first warning phases of the strange virus from China and the disease it caused -- COVID-19 -- instructed that it’s a virus related to commonly known coronaviruses that have been around forever. Like the common cold, it was very unlikely that the new bug could be completely eradicated or cured. Medical science hasn’t advanced that far and people got used to living with it.

Then the panic erupted, with nuts arguing that this particular virus was “novel” and originated in bats or other frightening animals and was plenty more dangerous than the wimpy coronaviruses we’d all learned to deal with and largely ignore. Oh, the thought of it! Bats live in caves! It’s dark and damp in there! They fly in wild patterns and are uglier than heck!

Yes, it looks like COVID-19 is a little more lethal than the flu and other common ailments, especially to the elderly and health vulnerable. But how much? Will it ever truly be known? And how about all the non-COVID related problems that government policies cause -- alcoholism, suicides, drug addiction, etc.?

I predict the virus will continue to mutate and the mind-controlling political establishment will use it to keep Anthony Fauci on TV… at least until he’s fired by Trump in 2025. Or perhaps congressional Republicans will get the stomach to eliminate his position or fail to appropriate Fauci’s salary and take away his retirement benefits. Would Dr. fuzzball serve for free like Trump did?

Until that time, COVID will remain. Better bring a mask to the airport, folks. Eventually everyone will have contracted the CCP virus. Hopefully the half of the population that hasn’t been infected with the more contagious ailment of stupidity will gain a foothold on the news narrative. But I doubt it.

How many positive discoveries could’ve been made if all that money that was tossed in the COVID fire and wasted forever would have been redirected to research on heart disease or cancer or diabetes or [insert disease here]? Years from now, everyone will be shaking their heads at the insanity that gripped the nation in 2020 and 2021. What a collection of dolts!

Likelihood of prediction coming true? 90 percent.

Have fun making your own 2022 predictions while waiting for the ball to drop or raising your champagne glass to toast to the end of two years that were gut-wrenching for everyone on earth. Even if your wishes don’t come true, rest assured that next year will certainly be better than this one. The future looks bright!

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I like your predictions. Isn't it fun to realize that the term "Let's go Brandon" was coined by an apparently deaf lefty television reporter? Maybe the word "dumb" applies here as well.


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Charles Wilkins
Dec 31, 2021

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