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The Right Resistance: Latest Karl Rovian-logic suggests Trump would need to help Biden win

I never thought I’d admit it, but I agreed with something Karl Rove said.

Well, to be completely forthright, I agreed with most of what Rove wrote regarding the state of the 2024 presidential election race, where the longtime Washington swamp dweller and “Bush’s brain” seized on the marked poll slide of the current president and coupled it with senile Joe’s disastrous reaction to the Special Counsel’s report (that indicated no charges would be filed against Biden for illegally retaining classified documents allegedly because the old dolt was too out of it to give reasonable fact finders the impression he did anything wrong intentionally) to conclude the Democrats were in deep, deep trouble.


I guess the Special Counsel’s findings meant Biden is as close to being “above the law” as anyone could ever get, merely because the man’s too dumb and senile to have a jury convict him.


Former president Donald Trump, on the other hand, is still confronted by a myriad of trumped-up charges from a variety of sources, none of which appear legitimate or based on anything other than a political vendetta. Nevertheless, Rove believes the only way Democrats could squeak by with Joe Biden this year would be for Trump to help make the opposition’s case by being, well, Donald Trump.


In an opinion piece titled “Biden Can’t Win Without Help From Trump”, Rove wrote last week at the Wall Street Journal:


“To win, Team Biden has only one option—an all-out attack on Mr. Trump, using every means of communication every day in an assault of unusual scope and expense. Victory would require Mr. Trump’s cooperation in making truly outrageous appeals to his hard-core supporters that alienate swing voters. Fortunately for Mr. Biden, the former president has done his best to help.


“There’s another path to Democratic victory, admittedly highly unlikely. Mr. Biden could pull a Lyndon Johnson and declare he’s not running. He could wait until after the anniversary of LBJ’s March 31, 1968, announcement. Unlike in 1968, that wouldn’t leave time for a primary contest. By April 3, almost 78% of Democratic convention delegates will have been selected and by April 29 nearly 85%....


“Americans have already decided Mr. Biden shouldn’t be president. His only path to victory is to convince them Mr. Trump is even less deserving. It’s a sorry situation for a great country to be in.”


I probably should clarify – I don’t agree with Rove’s last sentence at all. Contrary to Karl’s unsolicited assertion, the country has a darn good alternative in Donald Trump. Not everyone likes Trump’s personality, his sense of humor, his penchant for poking the political elites in the eye – but he’s got the best “plan” for turning the country around, which is a solid situation to be in.


Democrats are the ones searching the heavens for an answer to their candidate dilemma, but they have no one else but themselves to blame for their immediate problems. The party anointed the heinous, unpopular and repulsive Crooked Hillary Clinton to carry on the Clinton/Obama dynasty in 2016, and her loss to Trump helped launch the MAGA movement.


The party also could’ve foreseen that Biden would be a disaster as president, but they chose Barack Obama’s errand boy for pure electability considerations four years ago. Didn’t Obama himself once remark about Biden, “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f--- things up.” Who knows, perhaps Barack was prescient on that one.


And in case it wasn’t clear from the blurb quoted above, it’s evident from Rove’s words that he’s openly advocating for the Democrats to dump Biden (or more precisely, for the bumbling dolt president to step aside) and try to find some replacement to more capably compete with Trump. Rove is, after all, a pretty smart fellow, even if he is an establishment stooge to the nth degree and seemingly never says or writes anything that would truly get him in hot water with either the Bush crowd (i.e., his old homies) or the Trump-ites that have taken over the Republican party.


Karl’s bias is so blatant you’d almost think he’d don a Biden cheerleader outfit and fashion a couple makeshift pom poms to imply that he’s all-in with the DC Swamp side.


Rove understands that it would be career suicide for him to come out as blatant anti-Trump, so he only allows for suggestions or recommendations that could be interpreted widely. And it’s one of the reasons why Karl and his “white board” are typically armed with a multitude of poll findings that bolster whatever he has to say at any given moment.


Incidentally, with the South Carolina Republican primary coming up in the next few days, shouldn’t Rove be making a last-ditch effort to prop up Nikki Haley? If the Palmetto State “birdbrain” still had a ghost of a chance at scoring well on Saturday, the Never Trump/anti-Trump proponents would be pulling out all the stops to ensure that she receives every possible vote to “send a message” to the MAGA crowd and Trump himself.


Instead, hardly anyone outside the true Trump-haters in the establishment media are even talking about Haley any longer, which means her “earned” media is drying up. Politics is always a cruel business, but it’s hard to recall how Nikki was the flavor of the hour just a few short weeks ago and now she’s… toast?


The surprise here is that Karl Rove would be so candid in dismissing Biden’s chances in 2024. The Biden slime machine that Rove previewed above will do its level best to depict Trump as a horrible dictator, scofflaw, racist, sexist, xenophobe (for Trump’s position on illegal immigration), a NATO denier, Vladimir Putin-lover, self-interested business tycoon who’s only in it to enrich himself, moralistic scumbag and a poor role model for America’s youth.


It's basically what Democrats have been doing for the better part of eight years, the only question now remaining is whether Biden can convince a larger percentage of fence-sitting independent voters that he himself is a slightly less dangerous choice than switching to Trump would be. Hence the Biden team is blanketing the airwaves with ads trumpeting what a great man Biden has always been and what a terrific job he’s done in the White House.


Tell a lie often enough and it becomes accepted as the truth, right?


Heck, the Biden team received a cryptic endorsement from Vladimir Putin last week, something the American commander-in-chief could certainly use to persuade eastern European communists and Marxist academians to come to his aid. Will there be collusion with Russia on behalf of the Democrats this time?


It’s hard to say whether the Russian dictator was being serious, but he said he’d like to see Biden win the election because the current president is more “predictable” than Trump, a quality that’s nice to have when you’re plotting world domination schemes and your main adversary’s countermoves can be anticipated before they’re even made. Putin is correct – Biden is eminently predictable and unsophisticated. Choose a course that retards liberty and responsibility, and Biden will invariably follow it.


For his part, I believe that Trump would benefit from taking the gist of Rove’s advice by moving to the center on some parts of his campaign pitch – or at the very least, doing whatever he can do to avoid generating excessive controversy. Trump appears to have toned it down some regarding his campaigning against Nikki Haley, which hopefully will help the party unite in the next few weeks if/when Haley reads the writing on the wall and skedaddles from the Republican primary field.


Trump needn’t temper his critiques of Joe Biden or the media, however. The Special Counsel’s report in itself provides plenty of fodder for Trump to exploit, but voters are already aware of Joe Biden’s personal limitations. As bad as Biden is, it’s the Democrat agenda that represents the true threat to America’s future. Polls show that Americans think Biden is too old and senile to be reelected, but they also reveal a deep distrust among the citizenry for Biden’s handling of the economy, immigration… pretty much every issue.


If Biden does step away as Rove hints at above, the new Democrat standard-bearer, most likely Kamala Harris, will need to do her own tap dance to get around an issue agenda that’s turned this nation into the laughing stock of the world, a place where half the political representatives would purposely blur the distinction between male and female to be “woke”.


No wonder Vladimir Putin wants to see “predictable” Biden reelected. Four more years of American weakness will only make the Russia/China/Iran alliance stronger. Continuation of Biden and the Democrats’ sellouts on energy exploration and consumption will make Russia’s oil sales more lucrative and fund the Russian side of the war in Ukraine.


Here’s guessing that a Trump election would immediately send oil prices plunging, and therefore, Putin would be forced to scale back his military aims accordingly. Will Vlad have “Biden for President” campaign paraphernalia mounted in the Kremlin?


Lastly, Rove must recognize that the chances of Biden opting to take himself out of his reelection bid, at this point, are slim and none. The absence of any credible primary competition shores up the old dolt’s view that he’s the most popular Democrat in the land, so why would he volunteer to give up the nomination?


And hard as it is to fathom, senile Joe would need to experience a complete brain freeze (lasting moments) for the party elders to reach the absolute desperation point. Biden’s handlers will keep him juiced and stashed away just long enough to prevent such an occurrence.


Karl Rove could be right that Joe Biden’s 2024 chances have reached zero, and that only Donald Trump’s rhetorical excesses could bring Democrats back from the brink, but Trump has time – and the issues – in his corner, something that not even the Democrat slime apparatus can do much about. The establishment is looking at a losing hand this year. Let’s see how they play it.

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Rove is a throwback to when the parties were both patriotic and simply had a different approach from each other in how to further the country. He may have made some good points this time, but generally he is out of touch with the times. His advice should be taken with a grain of salt.

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