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The Right Resistance: Memory challenged public won’t care about the Supreme Court in November

For those of you who haven’t looked at the calendar yet this morning, it’s February first.

What does it mean? Yesterday was the last day of January. The mortgage is due. Depending on your employer’s payroll practices, your paycheck is waiting in your in-box. Tomorrow is Groundhog Day (enough time to get to Punxsutawney, PA to see if Phil sees his shadow?). Four more weeks of meteorological winter. Spring Training starts this month (oops, no it doesn’t, the lockout, remember?). Twelve more days until the Super Bowl. Tom Brady is one day closer to retirement. Your mother’s birthday is on Valentine’s Day. Your sweetheart is expecting something tangible this year on the 14th. And… maybe this month you’ll finally stop writing “2021” in date boxes. There are others… how many new year’s resolutions have already gone down the tubes? Is it too late to get good use of that 2022 calendar your favorite charity sent you? The State of the Union address is coming up this month, right? Oh, wait, senile president Joe Biden and Speaker Nancy Pelosi -- who arguably is also senile -- put the yearly speech back until March this year, a month from today. Democrats will tell more lies (wait, that’s every month!). And in a tad over six weeks, March Madness will begin. Oh yeah, one additional thing. The 2022 midterm elections are now a little more than nine months away. That’s a lot of time, isn’t it? Yes, but last week’s announcement from Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer -- that he was retiring -- has got some in the bored and frustrated establishment media speculating that one man’s decision to call it a career at age 83 could change the course of history and save the Democrats from what promises to be an electoral drubbing (tsunami?) of historic proportions come November 8. Such conjecture is absurd but not unexpected from America’s pundit class, most of whom seem to believe if the sun rises tomorrow that it might change the way voters think about what’s in store later this year. While it’s true that a bright morning could cause the groundhog to see his shadow, I’m not sure what happens in the next however many hours that will dramatically alter Americans’ current and well-supported sour mood. Chances are, neither will Stephen Breyer’s retirement and the furious upcoming fight to confirm senile Joe’s replacement nominee, either. Let the blather commence! Tal Axelrod and Julia Manchester wrote at The Hill:

“Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer’s upcoming retirement is throwing a curveball into both parties’ midterm plans, injecting a highly partisan issue into an already combustible election cycle. “Supreme Court nominations have been the subjects of some of the most bitter fights between Democrats and Republicans in recent years, and Democrats are still smarting from the battles over former President Trump’s three conservative additions to the bench. Breyer’s retirement and his replacement won’t change the ideological makeup of the court, but it gives President Biden the opportunity to leave a long-lasting mark on the court — and his party a positive message to carry into November.

“’Look at what the conversation was as recently as yesterday. We're talking about inflation in practically every sector of Americans’ lives. We're talking about supply chain issues, rising violent crime, what's going on at the border, obviously Russia and Ukraine. All of these things, bad for Biden,’ said GOP strategist Doug Heye. ‘So he desperately needed a lifeline. And this is perhaps the best that he could get because this should galvanize Democrats.’”

Should galvanize Democrats? It doesn’t take much to stir a hornet’s nest, does it? Or to animate a mama grizzly bear watching her cubs? Or to agitate a crowd of brainless “woke” college kids to don Black Lives Matter t-shirts and march along with others equally bankrupt in a show of strength for “voting rights”, or to strip gun rights from decent citizens or because some miscreant was apprehended by police in a manner that didn’t look good on video.

Liberals won’t have difficulty getting up for this game. No sir. Because most if not all Democrats place a heavy premium on judgeships -- to declare rights that they couldn’t possibly obtain through legislative action -- leftist strike forces sit, awaiting a signal to crawl out of their holes with signs, slogans and raised fists at the ready. Molotov cocktails too.

But pundits who predict the Biden nominee’s confirmation will be a difficult one fail to acknowledge the main distinction between this Supreme Court vacancy and the previous three that arose under Donald Trump. This time it will be one liberal replacing another, so whomever senile Joe chooses, she will almost certainly pass approval with the activist reactionary crowd unless the African-American female he selects believes like Candice Owens does. If Biden’s nominee is anything akin to Whoopi Goldberg, they’ll be okay with it.

Of course “Chucky” Schumer said shortly after the Breyer-leaving news hit the airwaves that the new nominee would receive speedy consideration from the senate he presides over like a buzzard surveying fresh roadkill. Schumer’s attitude is noticeably different than it was when the previous three Supreme Court nominations were to be considered, where he preached that time was needed to thoroughly vet the Donald Trump-appointed individuals, and in Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s particular case, the whole scenario should’ve been shelved until the “new” president had moved into the White House after the 2020 election.

Except for inconsistency, Schumer would have no consistency at all. Try to unravel that one at your next friendly get-together.

But Schumer knows that any undue delay in seating the new justice before the October Supreme Court term begins wouldn’t be looked upon kindly by the Democrats’ rabid socialist base. Plus, Chucky wants to limit the amount of interview time Republicans would have with the person. To Democrats, they want to turn back the clock to the days before Robert Bork -- to a time when the senate generally went along with Supreme Court appointments if the individuals were deemed “qualified”, regardless of their ideological bent.

Senile Joe probably can’t recollect what he had for breakfast this morning but he surely recalls how he and his fellow Democrats (Teddy Kennedy, etc…) came together to smear the good name of originalist judges, intended to turn public opinion against the nominees to possibly defeat them. Where do you think the term “Borking” came from, anyway?

As tempting as revenge typically is, Republicans aren’t likely to return the favor this time. I predict they’ll do their research, ask pointed questions, reveal the biases the Biden nominee harbors and then simply vote “no” on advancing the woman out of committee and that will be that. The few remaining old-style go-along-to-get-along RINO senators will then vote yes on the full senate confirmation vote and that will be that.

Who are they? Senator Lindsey Graham will vote to confirm unless there’s something really wrong with the nominee’s character and it’s indisputable. So will Mitt Romney. So will Susan Collins. Possibly Rob Portman (since he’s retiring). So will a token GOP senator here and there, the ones who care about being “bipartisan.”

Will Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski take the plunge? She’s up for reelection this year and already in trouble with the conservative base in her state. Would she make it even harder for herself to win reelection or will she simply stick her thumbs in the eyes of critics by arguing that she couldn’t vote against a “qualified” female judge candidate?

Therefore, if the Biden nominee is confirmed rather easily, what’s there for the leftist wackos to get upset about? Will CNN still cover their antics if they’re not standing up in the committee hearings and shouting stupid slogans like they did for the Trump nominees? Or, if they’re not beating on the doors of the Supreme Court building, will they even get a segment on the evening news?

No controversy, no news making. Without a big show, who’s going to care about this all the way until November when the country goes to vote on candidates for the House and Senate? They can’t “win” a fight if there isn’t one to begin with. Republicans surely realize there’s very little chance of stopping this nomination outright, so they might save their powder for a more obtainable target.

That’s not to say they shouldn’t oppose the nomination. They should, vigorously. Or do everything within their power to defeat the woman if she’s as radical as Biden would require her to be. But this won’t be an election issue to coincide with everything else in Biden’s orbit. Senile Joe doesn’t suddenly become a good president because he keeps one promise -- to appoint a black female to the Supreme Court. Most of the country couldn’t care less about this kind of naked identity politics. Voters may even hold it against him as another obvious racial pander.

Reality says lots of things can and will happen before November. The new NFL season will be half complete. The World Series (if baseball even has a season) will be over. The party primaries will be done. Candidates will have won and lost. Joe Biden will have made a million more mistakes (because that’s what he does best). Voters will remember, no matter how the Supreme Court nomination turns out.

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