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The Right Resistance: Nancy Pelosi, children, restoring America and battling the American Taliban

Forget the children’s future. Let’s talk about now.

You had to chuckle last week when Speaker Nancy Pelosi, as she often does, suggested that passing the Democrats’ high price tag welfare and infrastructure boondoggles are obligatory because the spending is “for the children” and to “save the planet.”

Pelosi went so far as to claim, “Everything I do is for the children” last year as she criticized then president Donald Trump’s COVID-19 response. San Fran Nan’s boast is remarkably ironic, since her radical pro-abortion views are universally-known and enacting her political policy agenda would almost assuredly guarantee that today’s and future children (excluding those millions killed in the womb) will grow up in a nation -- assuming it still exists -- torn apart by racial strife, buried under massive debt and culturally powerless to distinguish itself from a dystopian novelist’s wildest fantasies.

Much of Pelosi’s contemporary concern for youngins’ prospects for a happy life centers on “climate change,” the oft-employed excuse card liberals play to justify devoting hundreds of billions -- or trillions -- of 2021 dollars to purportedly produce benefits that will save the planet decades or centuries from now. In doing so, of course, it means “the children” of year 20xx will have a planet to inhabit as opposed to one that is somewhat smaller (in terms of land mass) due to the melting of the polar ice caps, causing flooding and other unpleasantness in coastal areas.

But that’s beside the point. Why should doing anything for future “children” impact what is done in 2021? Joe Biden will be seventy-nine years old in a month. Bernie Sanders is 80 already. Pelosi herself is 81-years-young. Heck, even Donald Trump is 75. Mitch McConnell? His birthday cake will have 80 candles next February.

Actuarial tables indicate this generation of leaders will not be around to see the after-effects of the policy packages they’re so adamant about passing today. This is not a call to ban older Americans from governing or holding positions of authority; it’s a plea to have them cease using children as pawns to justify their own selfish desires.

Ask a ten-year-old if he or she cares about the Democrats’ desperate attempt to pass free childcare or two years of community college or subsidies for “Green energy”, or amnesty for millions of illegal aliens and you’ll likely receive a look charitably described as, “Huh?”

It’s all well and good for Pelosi to claim she gets up every morning with wholesome thoughts of children on her mind, but isn’t it all just a ploy to use her last vestiges of political power while she still possesses it? The country is in deep trouble on so many fronts. Worrying about the children of fifty years hence is a little like fretting about what color your house’s subsequent owners will paint the master bedroom in the 2070’s, or whether they’ll tear out the precious cypress tree that you nurtured in your front yard that grew too large.

Let’s talk about today, shouldn’t we? It’s not as though there isn’t plenty to hash over with education and the state of the nation. Twenty-first century children will have their own anomalies to worry about.

“[O]ne must start somewhere, and now is better than later. And although it is necessary to stop inflicting damage on our polity and culture, applying the brakes is not enough. We must go further and reverse the process, restore what has been lost, reclaim and embrace what has been abandoned. Thorough and effective restoration is painstaking work, but it is worth it.

“Because America embodies universal truths, restoring it, like restoring great art, would refresh and renew something valuable not only to the citizens of this country but to everyone around the world. America and its founding ideals are scarred with the depredations of hostile ideologies and encrusted with the dust of long neglect. But this nation can again be a shining city on a hill — a repository of high ideals and a cause of hope for all the people of the Earth.

“It is in this spirit that the Washington Examiner is today launching a campaign, ‘Restoring America,’ that will draw attention in news reporting, commentary, and video to debate over the direction of the country. In our magazine and on our website, we commit ourselves to covering topics, restating principles, affirming beliefs, and raising concerns and dangers that together amount to a checklist for action.”

Wow. Gurdon’s piece is long but well worth a complete read if you have time. The Washington Examiner is embarking on a project to rebuild the country, and it won’t be a simple endeavor. In essence, Gurdon asserts that it’s not enough to put an end to the decay the ruling class is inflicting on the nation, we must go back and restore what’s already faded and gone.

Picture restoring an old car. Simply spraying a new coat of paint won’t do it. You must start with the engine and then work your way outward from there. There’s a lot of scrubbing involved and a healthy amount of frustration and heartache included. Some (many) parts will have been discontinued and arduous to locate. You might have to search through junkyards and attend a ton of antique car shows. Applying the paint is the last bit of labor. But the satisfaction from making the effort is complete.

Can we restore America? Luckily for us, the Examiner breaks the mission into six categories, but the central gist is the features and columns will support the reintroduction of the foundational principles that made America great in the first place. America is a place where individuals are free to make decisions on their own with as little interference from government as possible. It also means setting a strong American example to represent our ideals to foreign nations, and maintaining the best military in the world.

Will the “children” inherit a country that somewhat resembles the one most of us grew up with instead of the current version where youths are instructed to concentrate on America’s faults and taught to despise our history while homing in on its many warts and blemishes instead of reveling in its exceptionalism?

In order to restore our country, we’ll have to battle the headwinds of “woke” change. Two cases demonstrate the need. First, Las Vegas Raiders (formerly Oakland, then Los Angeles, then Oakland again) head football coach Jon Gruden resigned the other night due to a scandal involving decade old email conversations he conducted, where the then ESPN commentator made remarks some construed as racist, homophobic and sexist.

It was the latest iteration of the “cancel culture” plague that’s infested America, and the thought police (the only kind of police that the left supports) hooted and hollered about how awful Gruden was/is for making these kinds of remarks. One ESPN writer called for all 650,000 of Gruden’s messages to be examined for further traces of insensitivity -- not to further disgrace the man, but to root out others who might share in his mindset.

Talk about retroactive virtue shaming and witch hunting at the same time. Is nothing sacred?

What were Gruden’s crimes against the PC “woke” fascist thought controllers? The always candid Gruden allegedly questioned whether the St. Louis Rams should’ve been pressured by the media to draft a gay player (Michael Sam). He also called Joe Biden, while he was vice president, a “p---y.” Jon additionally said the black leader of the NFL player’s union had huge lips. Apparently, there was more, but what’s the use in examining microscopic details when the “woke” jury had already pronounced guilt and sentence?

These were private conversations, mind you, never meant to hit the public realm. Even in this age of constant suspicion and aggressive thought examination, Gruden had never been accused of being a racist. His players love him. Some defended him. Yet, in the minds of the leftists, he nevertheless had to go. Not only that, Gruden’s head had to be placed on a proverbial spike for others to gawk at. And be afraid -- very afraid -- to ever express your opinions, even in an email.

Restoring the country for the sake of the “children” is made all the more demanding when the ruling class elites patrol your brainwaves. Liberals are like an American Taliban.

The second example of “woke” change involved a climate study that pushed a doomsday scenario. The presentation included concocted photos of cities under water in the future -- if “climate change” isn’t confronted now. The catch? The photos depict what would happen in 300 years if emissions aren’t drastically reduced in the next ten years.

300 years? Assuming it’s true (I don’t), that’s a lot of children growing up, isn’t it? Should we be pressed to alter our current lifestyle to save coastal cities from drowning hundreds of trips around the sun in the future? Should we care about our children’s children’s children’s children’s children’s children?

Can’t they take care of themselves? If climate change is indeed the threat the elite “experts” say it is, why wouldn’t it be the responsibility of future grown-up children to deal with the issue?

Liberals like Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden will continue using children as props to ensure sensible people remain distracted from what’s really going on with their government spending monstrosities. The Democrats’ lies and distortions make it all the more difficult to restore America to its once-proud position as undisputable moral leader. We must meet the challenge.

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Pelosi does it "for the children" in the same way a pedophile does.


Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
Oct 15, 2021

We are being attack from the oval office shortages everyehere, sick and tired of looking at the back of bidens head what a fxxxin pussy, biden was unprepared to be president, shortages everywhere except for illegals, don't recall why he decided their was a national shortage of disease ridden invaders needed? We are under attack from the oval office, biden policies are killing our Country, No lunches for school kides, shortages everywhere, but let's talk abour raising taxes, get ready to chop the fromt door down to stay warm this winter,Joe Biden's energy policy, we hate Trump, won't keep you warm, more shortages, more inflation, more taxes, more illegal aliens, higher gas and gasoline prices, If you were hoping to…


James Bryson
James Bryson
Oct 15, 2021

Satan's mother-in-law...what a wretched, evil FRAUD.

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