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The Right Resistance: News flash, Mitch: Joe Biden has never been, nor ever will be a ‘moderate’

Be honest. Given the choice, would you want President Joe Biden to “moderate” his policies?

As creatures of habit as well as followers of politics, we sometimes root for the wrong team by choice. If your kid’s recreational baseball team is awful, for example, you might silently wish the championship-level squad they’re playing scores that extra run in the bottom of the fourth inning to qualify for the “slaughter rule” and thus end the game before the allotted time expires (and save you the pain of having to watch more of it). Or you might hope that politician X from the other party keeps going on a radical path so as to self-sabotage his own chance at reelection in a district that should have opted for someone more representative of their values in the first place (See Jones, Doug, former senator from Alabama).

The latter scenario is something conservatives and Republicans face today. Last summer, then-presidential candidate Democrat Joe Biden time and again campaigned on his reputation as a “moderate”, someone who could “reach across the aisle” and “work with the opposition” to “get things done.” Though arguably a false notion -- that Biden was “moderate” at all -- most of those long-ago “compromises” Biden accomplished were more harmful to America than if he and his Republican go-alongs had done nothing at all.

As president, Biden -- or more likely his handlers -- has largely eschewed the “moderate” label to push hard for a big spending, race-based leftist agenda that’s already brought disastrous consequences to the country. Today, a simple trip to the gas station proves that the current regime’s obsession with “climate change” and callous cancellation of the energy sector (Keystone pipeline among others) has generated world supply worries and triggered higher prices as a result.

Or look to Biden and gal pal vice president Kamala Harris’s arrogant attitude towards the surging crisis at America’s southern border, which has manifested itself in hundreds of thousands -- or millions -- of illegal aliens invading our country within the span of a few months. Biden used to be known for his eagerness to at least enforce existing laws. No longer.

If Joe and other Democrats were to “moderate” their legislative proposals, the bills might change to something resembling warmed-over wishy-washy establishment half-hearted government work and earn the requisite passing votes. But would half a moldy loaf really be beneficial to the country?

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said last week that putting Republicans in control of Congress would force Biden to moderate. Is that a good thing? Zachary Stieber reported at The Epoch Times:

“President Joe Biden vowed on the campaign trail to govern as a moderate but quickly moved away from that pledge, issuing a flurry of executive orders opposed by most Republicans and backing his party’s play in Congress to ram through a $1.9 trillion package that included COVID-19 relief with zero GOP support...

“With Democrats barely having control in each chamber, McConnell alleged Biden has ‘misread the mandate’ from voters.

“’I don’t think the American people voted for all of this, but [Democrats] have narrow control here for the next year and a half. And the American people, I think, have to make a big decision in 2022—do they really want a moderate administration or not?’ he [asked his audience].”

NO! We don’t want a “moderate” administration at all! We want full advocacy for the conservative agenda by Republicans!

Mitch was mostly right, of course, but this was typical McConnell-establishment-speak for his “give me back power and I’ll get Biden to cut deals again” type of appeal. It’s not what the grassroots desires, put it that way. Conservatives on the ground don’t work for the chance to grant “Cocaine Mitch” another shot at thoroughly watering down the Democrats’ handiwork. No, they demand that Republicans not only stop Biden, but lay the foundation for reversing much of the harmful stuff that’s flowed through the congressional pipeline in this century.

Here’s a speculative glimpse at what “compromise” laws would look like under a Biden presidency coupled with an establishment-led Republican Congress. If you will, envision:

--A “compromise” on immigration that would include some miles of additional border wall construction, but probably not in areas needing it most and the project would be scaled back so as to render it practically ineffectual. Instead of the 30-foot-high formidable steel and concrete barrier honed under Trump, the new “moderate” 8-foot chain link fence will provide water and basic medical aid (on the U.S. side) for those who jump over it, together with rudimentary trail maps to the nearest U.S. government outpost and instructions printed in a hundred different languages on how to apply for asylum.

Further, the “compromise” package would grant blanket amnesty for the DREAMERS as well as immediate citizenship and full voting rights for any illegal alien who can prove that he or she came to this country as a minor. The gooey watered-down law would extend the age of eligibility to anyone under the age of 25, retroactive to January, 1973, since that’s when smilin’ Joe entered the senate for the first time.

“Moderate” Democrats will not concede an inch on reforming the legal immigration or refugee vetting system in return or GOP capitulations, since they’ll cry and moan about “opportunity” and a one-world orientation for America.

--Similarly, a “moderate” compromise on climate change with Biden and minority leaders “Chucky” Schumer and 83-year-old Nancy Pelosi would involve retaining full membership and ratification of the Paris Climate Accord and bind the United States to its provisions. The bill will appropriate a trillion dollars to boondoggle “clean energy” companies to build windmills and install solar panels up to the extreme northern borders of Alaska.

Biden will flaunt his “moderate” turn by ordering a gigantic 553-foot-high windmill constructed on the front lawn at the White House, but will keep the modern-art structure just under the full length of the Washington monument. (Note: The actual height of the obelisk is 554.46 feet.) Solar panels will occupy the balance of the grounds. Excess proceeds from the power generated will be devoted to teaching settled science to kindergarteners.

Since the District of Columbia isn’t consistently sunny or windy enough to keep the monster operating at all hours of the day and year, a backup fossil-fuel powered system will be put in place to give the appearance of perpetual motion and therefore increase public support for the endeavor.

In exchange for these modest allowances, Biden and Democrats will grandfather in a provision for Alaska drilling and permit the current pipeline to run until the year 2035, whereas the original proposal was to end all production there by 2030. McConnell will be ecstatic and brag that he was able to get liberals to agree to five more years of oil production.

--The nation’s social agenda will be moderated too. McConnell and the GOP will agree to fund transgender transition surgeries for high schoolers and set the minimum age at fourteen for individual choice. Meanwhile, abortion will be codified into federal law, alleviating the need for the Supreme Court to overturn the nearly half-century-old Roe v. Wade decision. RINO Republicans will feel satisfied that they will have protected the lives of some babies in the womb, since they won’t bow to Democrat demands for post-birth terminating procedures.

--As far as the budget goes, a “moderate” President Biden and Congress will put in place caps and sequesters similar to the 2013 law negotiated by Paul Ryan, but they’ll tolerate generous exceptions for “existential threats” like climate change emergencies (if there’s a tornado or hurricane anywhere in the northern hemisphere, the limits will be lifted) and welfare spending similar to that under the COVID-19 relief bills.

These predictions might be fantasy, but a “moderate” Congress and president coming together for “bipartisan” legislation almost always results in more-harmful-than-helpful new laws. Simply stated, there is no way to find middle ground on some issues. Democrats have made a mockery of practically every topic. Whereas people formerly could agree on the definition of “infrastructure”, liberals now include “social infrastructure” like childcare and paid leave as part of the concept. How do you “compromise” on this?

Mitch McConnell’s done good work in his principled defenses of Donald Trump’s judicial nominations and at other times in holding the line on Democrat inspired tax hikes. But as a rule, conservatives don’t want a “moderate” President Biden to jigger compromise deals with the RINO contingent of Republicans. That’s bad policy waiting to be realized.

Joe Biden is not and never has been “moderate”. It’s time that Republicans like Mitch McConnell acknowledge the truth.

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Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
Jul 14, 2021

Thank You Greg Abbott, Governor of Texas threatens to arrest the democrats who deserted their post, neglected their sworn duty, think we should return to the days of Judge Roy Beam who loved Texas, honored the law and it's responsibilities, not like big mouth democrats who are only interested in self indulgement of communism/socialism. Those who fled Texas never would never be the type to stand and fight like the hero's of the Alamo. The hypocrite democrats want open borders in Texas, yet closed borders for Cubans, they won't vote for communism, like the illegals, coming in from our southern border right. Time for change 2022 clear the house and senate of all democrats and get our Country back.


JoeB & Co. are the real-life embodiment of 'government run amok'. Responsibility for their actions isn't even a wispy cloud in their world. "Word Games" are part-and-parcel of this execrable assemblage of 'politicians'. They epitomize the 'living proof' of the saying: 'politics is a dirty business'. Who knew it could be THIS dirty? Biden has been 'feeding at the public trough' for more than 40 years, and he looks like it. Mitch better re-think ANY dealings with these weasels.


Philip A. Byler
Philip A. Byler
Jul 13, 2021

McConnell is an Establishment Republican, the kind of which needs to be retired as soon as can be. We don't need "deals" with Biden, deals as to which the radical socialists calling themselves Democrats will play the soft headed Establishment Republicans. We need conservative governance, which is what we had under Trump.

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