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The Right Resistance: No such thing as a restored American ‘soul’ under senile Joe Biden

In 2020, did Americans truly believe that, as president, senile Joe Biden would keep his promises?

Anyone who’d followed Biden’s decades in politics prior to that point reckoned senile Joe as a politician who would say anything to a particular audience to win their support – even if it was an obvious lie, or didn’t make any sense. Shyster Biden was often derided as a fraud by those who understood him, recognizing he wasn’t very bright, would articulate one position in one breath and say the complete opposite in the next, and could be synopsized as being full of… hot air.


But Biden also deserves a token of credit for being good at what he does, which is pander for political favor. Possessed with a nasty disposition and a penchant for giving back worse than he got, senile Joe promised susceptible people the moon for a chance to be elected president and serve what most observers consider to be Barack Obama’s third term. Biden didn’t care a lick how low he needed to go to win, even swearing that he’d mend the “soul” of the country to do it.


Did he succeed?


In a piece titled “Oath of Office: Biden took out Trump, once, but did he restore the 'soul of the nation?'”, Christian Datoc wrote at the Washington Examiner the other day:


“Unfortunately for the president … many of Biden's promises to voters from the 2020 campaign trail have yet to come to fruition, and there are concerns that enthusiasm for another four years of Biden might be waning among Democratic voters.


“Biden was unable to usher voting rights legislation through Congress successfully, a major sticking point for Black voters in particular, has been hampered by conservative lawsuits and even the Supreme Court in his efforts to extend student loan debt relief to American borrowers and the economy has not completed its post-coronavirus recovery, though the administration has collected a number positive indicators in that area in recent months.


“Furthermore, the Democratic Party itself is splintering over Biden's handling of U.S. involvement in the wars in Ukraine and Israel, operations regarding the southern border and immigration, abortion rights, gun violence, and more.”


Yeah, it’s true. The senile Joe Biden administration ain’t got much “soul”, so it’s no surprise that America’s supposed “soul” hasn’t been restored by the likes of a half-century career swamp dweller, his air-brained cackling sidekick Kamala Harris and a cast of corrupt-o-crats who couldn’t give a darn about limited constitutional government, free speech or God-given rights. No, they’re all about mind-control in the Biden sphere.


Biden’s “soul” concept was deeply flawed from the outset. Unlike Donald Trump’s much more famous and realistic catchphrase of “Make America Great Again”, Biden’s “restore the soul of the nation” slogan has no independent meaning. Nations don’t actually have souls as the notion of “soul” is generally understood. Nations are made up of millions of people who have individual personalities, thoughts, beliefs, religions, customs and traditions, and although there is a common culture, language, legal framework, etc. – there is no “soul” that meets a single definition.


It's more than safe to say that the “soul” of your average MAGA adherent differs markedly from the “soul” of the grifting, selfish, emotional, rights rescinding Democrats. Trump’s conservative/populist backers just want the government to do as little as possible to maintain order and keep the proverbial lights on. Democrats? They demand that everyone toe their line, or else.


I had an interesting conversation with a gentleman over the weekend that encapsulated today’s political situation. This person hailed from the northeast and admitted (let’s assume he was telling the truth) that he wasn’t overtly political, neither (in his words) “right nor left”. He asked me what I do for work and I said, without elaboration, that I write a column on politics, whereby he began telling me his take on the state of America’s political system on a more personal level.


“We just can’t talk to each other anymore,” he explained. “I can remember a time (he looked to be around forty) when you could go somewhere and meet a group of people, some of whom were Republicans, others Democrats, and you could all at least sit down around a table and express opinions without getting into a knock-down, drag-it-out brawl. I miss those days.”


I replied to him, again without much additional self-identifying embellishment, that yes, it’s become very difficult to discuss politics in an open-type forum without people getting emotional and elevating the previously placid discussion into a zero-sum game of “I’m right, you’re wrong.” What I didn’t add was, that people on the left side of the spectrum are primarily responsible for the nastiness in today’s political discourse and the current divisions we’re all seeing largely followed from Democrats taking bits of facts and twisting them into contortions that bear no resemblance to the truth – and then blaming the political opposition for their reactions.


It's a classic case of, “You do something ridiculous, I get mad at you and you then get mad at me for getting mad at you.”


This particular man was born and raised in a state where one of its senators was a recent presidential candidate, one known for being a tad on the crazy side but generally was appreciated by people from all ideologies as someone who spoke his mind without a lot of hyperbole or exaggeration (if you get past his absurd basic premises, that is). This longtime pol has appeared in town hall-type debates with conservatives and is thought to be fair, if a bit kooky and cranky.


Hint: He likes to wave his hands in circles when the talks and had one actor on Saturday Night Live playing him for years (Larry David).


Some notable conservatives have even suggested he was a “message carrier” for the Democrats since the career politician didn’t simply tout the party line on certain subjects (though most definitely a dedicated socialist income redistributor), and, to some extent, offered a refreshing departure from your standard establishment swamp liberal.


For this reason, run-of-the-mill Democrats panicked when said senator started becoming too popular, going to great lengths in both the 2016 and 2020 party nominating cycles to ensure that he didn’t end up the winner. And despite his well-articulated views, the now-octogenarian endorsed both Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden under the guise of “Donald Trump would be a disaster”.


It’s not as though, if someone other than Joe Biden had been the Democrat nominee in 2020 that he or she would’ve handled the campaign much differently. The Democrats’ message in the last presidential campaign was simple: Donald Trump is the devil, needs to be talked about as the devil, and our Democrat candidate represents healing and reconciliation, even if that coming together wouldn’t include Republicans and Donald Trump backers.


Poor simpleton Joe Biden didn’t even need to memorize a whole bunch of facts and figures about the Democrat platform or the actual issues in America, all he had to do was accomplish what he’d always done throughout his career: state that his opposition was awful, a divider, a loser, a hater, a racist, sexist, homophobe, against women (anti-abortion) and would deepen the fractures in our culture, like the ones that surfaced during the 2020 summer of riots.


Biden completely ignored the ugly parts from that post-George Floyd period – the attacks on police, the arson, the killings, the statue desecrations, the general mayhem, the blatant disregard for “essential” COVID protocols, the disrespect of the American flag, etc. – and simply homed-in on Trump’s establishment media-fostered reputation as a man who was only in it for himself.


Frequently referring back to the August, 2017 incident at Charlottesville, Virginia (where police intentionally pulled back so as to allow a clash between a small band of white supremacist idiots and a much larger collection of organized leftists, such as Antifa), Biden repeated the lie that Trump had “praised” the racists and concocted the nonsense about “healing the soul of the nation”.


The problem being that Biden and his Democrat handlers couldn’t care less about “healing” anything, they simply meant to squelch free speech, cleanse public discourse, impose their own “woke” language and thought-patterns on everyone else and bring down the law on anyone who disagreed with the official agenda emanating from Washington. Remember when Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris, “Chucky” Schumer and a smattering of brainless Democrats donned African Kente Cloths and kneeled in a moment of silence to honor George Floyd?


Was this tasteless stunt what Biden meant by “healing the soul of the nation” and “bringing people together”?


Further, it was announced earlier this week that the monument for Confederate soldiers buried at Arlington National Cemetery was to be removed and relocated. This had nothing to do with the soldiers themselves, who fought and died as Americans, just under a different flag. Confederate soldiers believed themselves to be the authentic inheritors of the American revolution. Their “souls” are part of the story and a monument to them is fitting and appropriate.


But senile Joe Biden and his band of “woke” Democrats aren’t about “restoring the soul” of a nation. If they were, they would’ve accepted and tolerated the other part of the country that held an alternative view. A war was fought. The matter was settled. And it’s been a century and a half since the conflict ended. Resolving the moral issue took longer – but progress was being made.


At least until Barack Obama and senile Joe Biden took over. No one is shocked or surprised when a politician doesn’t keep a promise, but there have been few such vows in the annals of American history that have been tortured and ignored as much as senile Joe Biden’s promise to “heal the soul of the nation.” Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats have fanned the flames of division – not much restoration or healing being done.

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