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The Right Resistance: Obama and Terry McAuliffe bring change you won’t believe in to Virginia

The Democrats are getting desperate.

Such a statement should come as no shocker to anyone, least of all close observers of politics who’ve watched the liberal (bare) federal majority party stumble and bumble the entire year of 2021. Ever since January 6’s “mostly peaceful” protest and former president Donald Trump’s quiet exit, Democrats have struggled to find a footing in a new America that no longer trusts or believes in them as they move to transform what’s left of the traditional, constitution-led nation that citizens grew up with.

Signs of the Democrat policy implosion are everywhere, of course. As has been mentioned a lot lately, simply driving down the road and taking note of gas prices that have practically doubled in the past year is sufficient to give just about everyone pause -- excepting the elites who couldn’t care less if the asking rate were $2 or $20 for 128 fluid ounces of refined petroleum. Shortages on store shelves have also materialized, but the real consumer pain may still be months away as our incompetent government works to sort things out at the borders and the ports, and invariably fails.

Another telltale sign of lingering anguish among Democrats is their worry over losing next week’s Virginia gubernatorial (and state legislature) election. Liberal Terry McAuliffe’s once substantial polling lead has steadily eroded away, with current tallies showing the former governor (and de facto incumbent) either tied or minimally ahead of Republican challenger and political novice Glenn Youngkin.

It hasn’t gotten a lot of attention in the media, but Youngkin is mostly campaigning on his own in the Commonwealth, displaying his confidence and independence, but also accounting for the political demographic makeup of the state which isn’t friendly towards the GOP. McAuliffe, on the other hand, has dragged in a who’s who of national Democrats to try and amp up enthusiasm amidst the disaffected and bored Democrat base. Georgia eternal election whiner Stacey Abrams visited last week and president senile Joe Biden managed to stand erect next to Terry earlier this week.

Kamala Harris appeared via a video sent to Black churches. What a way to convince folks! At least she probably didn’t giggle at an inappropriate time.

Then there was former president Barack Obama, who invaded state capital Richmond to deliver his usual airy gobbledygook to a mildly enthusiastic crowd last weekend. In his introductory remarks, the former White House occupant and still popular party patriarch ticked down the current roster of Virginia Democrats who supported his two presidential campaigns and who he hoped would help McAuliffe to continue the socialist slide in the Commonwealth if the longtime Clinton-honk political sleazebag were to win another term.

Obama delivered on his “Change” theme (from 2008) alright. But where’s the Hope part? At any rate, the community organizer-turned world leader appeared on morning TV this week to promote his new book and podcast venture with leftist singer/agitator Bruce Springsteen. In his presentation, Obama criticized Americans who aren’t ready for “change.”

“Former President Obama says while change can't come soon enough for some Americans, for others it might be coming ‘too rapidly’ to feel comfortable.

“’You end up having, on the one hand, change happening very rapidly, too rapidly for a big portion of the population,’ Obama said during a ‘CBS Mornings’ interview alongside Bruce Springsteen on Monday. ‘For another portion of the population, it's like, 'You know, how long are we gonna keep having to defer this dream?’’ he said...

“Obama … said, ‘I think that part of what we tried to do in the podcast was get everybody to feel a little more willing to recognize, you know, our own faults.’ The 44th president said no longer occupying the Oval Office was a ‘little bit like figuring out how to make a transition from a player to a coach.’ ‘You're not going to get the same, maybe, highs that you got on the court,’ Obama, 60, said.”

I wonder which “portion of the population” Obama thinks is resisting “change”? Could it be the nearly 75 million Americans who voted for Donald Trump a year ago? The people who chose Biden certainly weren’t opting for change -- they hid behind the establishment status quo.

Addressing Obama’s last point, in the average Democrat’s mind, Obama never left the proverbial “court” and he sure as heck isn’t anyone’s “coach.” He lives the life of a liberal superstar, rotating between his Georgetown (Washington DC) mansion and a Martha’s Vineyard seaside estate, hobnobbing with the rich and famous and… hypocritical. The Big O shows up when he feels like it to tout morons like Terry McAuliffe and increase his stature with the gullible, angry and uninformed by appearing alongside losers like Bruce Springsteen.

Whoever said that Springsteen represented the voice of the “common” man from small towns and flyover country across America is flat-out wrong. The singer’s been a country-bashing complainer his whole career, one who’s made a good living off of appealing to the eternally ticked off and resentful tradition haters.

Further, Obama isn’t anyone’s “coach.” And if he feels that segments of the country aren’t ready to embrace his brand of “change,” he’s correct. Is what Barry said this week any different than his past condescending remarks about “bitter clingers” or the police “acting stupidly” or his insinuating that juvenile delinquent Trayvon Martin was only killed because of his skin color?

If that’s the case, then Obama is right again. The “change” he talked about is a growing unease with accepting government dictated healthcare, or Critical Race Theory, where school-aged white children are lectured to hate themselves and black kids are told that the only thing that’s standing in their way is racial barriers created by non-black people. Or how about transgender-ism where acknowledging “change” includes looking the other way when biological males use girls’ bathroom facilities, take over female high school sports and push things like “Drag Queen Story Hour”?

Or how about Obama’s protégé, senile Joe Biden, finding that systemic racism exists in government and needs corrective measures to foster “equity”? What should we do about it, create massive “safe spaces” and formulate new causes of action for those in certain categories to sue for invisible but assumed racial prejudice?

In Richmond, Obama called parental concerns about education “phony, trumped-up culture wars.”

What other “change” was Obama referring to? How about decent citizens rejecting the deep state’s explanation for where the Chinese Communist Party (CCP, or Wuhan, if you prefer) virus came from? Or that our own government’s health authorities, under the direction of TV news doctor Anthony Fauci, helped pay for the outbreak?

Should we now come to grips with “change” that suggests the government should command whether we take a flu-type vaccine for an affliction that is only dangerous to a small segment of the population and can be treated with drugs in nearly all cases? Can the government order private employers to require the vaccine or else threaten to fire their employers?

Should we embrace the new reality where businesses are literally begging people to work but can’t find enough willing laborers because of misguided government policies? One of the reasons the so-called “supply chain” is fouled up is because of a dramatic shortage of truck drivers to haul the imported goods once they’re offloaded from cargo ships. Is this “change” we can believe in?

Should we also be eager to agree to “change” that involves squelching one’s closely held religious views to open the door for more legalized abortions, or to demand that business owners put their beliefs to the side in order to serve same-sex weddings? Or to compel religious adoption charities to supply children to same-sex couples against their established testaments?

Americans also aren’t wild about the spike in crime since “woke” defund-the-police movements sprouted up in urban areas. The change in emphasis from safe streets towards leniency for criminals is another area that alarms decent people. Where was Obama when law enforcement forces were under assault from leftist miscreants and paid activists?

Want some “change” to believe in, Obama? How about school choice, where parents can use some or all of their own tax dollars to send their children to schools that teach academic basics and core values at the same time? What would happen to government schools if they had to compete for what people wanted? They’d risk losing massive amounts of funding if they didn’t.

Or how about “change” that includes teaching children the value of liberty and responsibility rather than “equity” based on artificial statistics and bogus emphasis on “racism”? Or to fund educational initiatives that encourage traditional nuclear families and a hard work ethic rather than set-asides and institutional preferences based on race?

Virginians don’t want the “change” Obama talked about. We’ll see evidence of it next week.

Democrats are desperate these days because Americans are rejecting “change” for change’s sake, and politicians like Virginia’s Terry McAuliffe don’t represent anything other than “woke” public schools, more abortions, higher taxes and stepped-up racial preferences for party constituencies. Barack Obama isn’t fooling anyone with his post-presidency lies and distortion.

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Interesting how easily Americans fall for that "change" word, isn't it?


Joe Biden and the Socialist Democrats make me want to . . . !


Can anyone tell me when B. Hussein Obama and the Democrats have ever given us Change we believed in . . . ?

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