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The Right Resistance: Obama, ‘white resistance’ and the Democrat party’s race obsession

Straight from the horse’s mouth: white supremacists (or more succinctly, “white resistance”)

prevented former president Barack Obama from pushing slavery reparations during his White House days.

Just when you thought American politics couldn’t get any crazier, the race obsessed Democrat party seems poised and enthusiastically willing to continue on a path towards consuming itself over the concept of overt and hidden prejudice, which nourishes the thought police and their enforcement wing, the weak-kneed political and corporate cancel culture barons.

In this suicidal societal-feeding frenzy, no one is immune. Be it the Seattle Mariners’ president and CEO (Kevin Mather) resigning over off-the-record remarks he made about foreign professional baseball players not speaking English or “The Bachelor” host Chris Harrison being denied the ability to complete the current season because he defended a contestant for going to a non-PC party three years ago, merely touching the white-hot topic of skin color and national origin in a way that offends the easily perturbed judgmental lot is dangerous. Such unintentional errors can cost you everything.

It wasn’t long ago that the #MeToo purge ensnared a gaggle of creepy media and entertainment industry perverts who had used their positions to make unwanted sexual advances and worse. But the improper move thing seems like child’s play (forgive the term) compared with racial matters these days. It’s like the difference between the minor and major leagues. If you’re a sex predator, you can sometimes survive in the social media driven culture (if you’re a Democrat, that is -- see Cuomo, Andrew, Biden, Joe and Clinton, Bill). But if you’re caught speaking on surface characteristics, watch out. Danger ahead! Turn back!

It's like your smart phone’s seemingly aggravated GPS voice warning, “Recalculating. Please make a U-turn in five hundred feet, then turn left at the stop sign. Your destination is on the right.”

That is, unless your race comments fit the narrative the lefties hope to advance. No one knows it better than Obama, the sleek politician with the golden voice and featherlight resume who got elected to the most powerful office in the world because he could sell racial division as something desirable. He’s still at it, too. Jessica Chasmar reported at The Washington Times:

“During his new ‘Renegades’ podcast with rock legend Bruce Springsteen, the former Democratic president argued that the descendants of slaves, who had suffered ‘terrible, cruel, often arbitrary injustices,’ are deserving of ‘some sort of compensation.’

“’So if you ask me theoretically: ‘Are reparations justified?’ The answer is yes,’ Mr. Obama said. ‘There’s not much question that the wealth of this country, the power of this country was built in significant part — not exclusively, maybe not even the majority of it — but a large portion of it was built on the backs of slaves’...

“’And what I saw during my presidency was that the politics of White resistance and resentment — the talk of ‘welfare queens’ and the talk of the ‘undeserving poor’ and the backlash against affirmative action — all that made the prospect of actually proposing any kind of coherent, meaningful reparations program struck me as, politically, not only a non-starter but potentially counterproductive,’ he added.”

Wow. Talk about feeling emboldened to say just about anything you want -- as long as you’re liberal, that is. Obama wears his skin color as though it were a superhero shield against any legitimate criticism of his point-of-view. In essence, here the 44th president is suggesting that anyone who would deny cash payments to people whose bloodline may be traced to long-dead enslaved Africans only does so out of hatred of their American descendants.

Really? Consider: Americans elected a black man president. Twice. Major cultural icons are well represented in “diverse” ways. Both parties emphasize outreach to minority communities. Many governments acquiesce to demands to sponge away pale-skinned historical figures regardless of reason or merit. We just finished up “Black History Month”. And “leaders” like Obama assert it all isn’t good enough unless the overtures involve wealth transfers.

It’s been happening for a long, long time, but liberals and Democrats turn everything into a race issue. Perhaps most astonishing of all, the same people who fell over themselves equating the January 6 capitol riot to the tragic 9/11 Muslim terrorist attack argued that if the frontline “protestors” of Black Lives Matter had been the ones breaking windows and roaming the halls of the vaunted building, the capitol police wouldn’t have been so gentle and restrained.

What the all-race-all-the-time nimrods purposely overlook is the Black Lives Matter movement is fueled to a large degree by young-ish white “wokesters” (Mitt Romney too!) who march and yell and decry “white privilege” along with the genuine militant ethnic faction. Does this mean the supposedly racist cops would’ve busted the heads of African-American leftist protesters only, yet granted the white girls and guys an unihibited self-guided tour of the building?

If it were up to him, would Obama go and hand out bags of bills and tell the angry rabble to stop being bitter? Is that how it works?

As far as reparations go, once you open Pandora’s Box (or Uncle Sam’s purse strings), you can’t shut it again. How long will it be until descendants of Hispanic illegal alien migrant laborers start demanding compensation for their ancestors’ underpaid exploitation? Or how about Americans who trace their ancestry to Chinese workers who built the transcontinental railroad? Or, gulp, white folks who somehow discovered their forebears were indentured and then gained their “freedom”, but only after seven years of hard toil under a master (who was probably bent on killing them before they reached the end of their term)?

Grampa Joe Biden has signaled that he’s good with authorizing a congressional commission to “study” the notion of reparations for slavery descendants. Does anyone believe that once authority to appropriate is granted to these politicians that the members will find it simply can’t be done? Or would they go with a compromise remedy -- that every individual with a drop of African blood is entitled to a slice of the pie?

Objective analysis of America’s inner-city poor problem invariably leads to Democrat politicians and their liberal policies. If “reparations” are owed to descendants of slaves living in these areas, it’s because of the leftist bureaucrats who empowered teacher’s unions to ruin public schools and politicians who ignored longstanding problems because they’d never suffer politically from it.

It's pretty hard to prove that “white resistance” is to blame for decades of contemporary urban malaise. This nation fought a civil war over the institution of slavery (and states rights and federalism, etc.). Well over 700,000 citizens paid for the resolution with their blood and lives. If “reparations” were passed today, would descendants of union soldiers receive their due too?

Democrats appear to want to solve perceived racism with more…racism. How much “unity” and “healing” will take place when the liberal party’s most popular figure talks about “white resistance” and brags that he would’ve advocated for slavery compensation if it weren’t for all those “deplorables” out there pushing back?

Democrats don’t want unity. They want power. And they’ll say and do anything to grab it.

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Mar 03, 2021

The Divider-In-Chief is at it again. What "white resistance" is he referring to? He could not have been elected without white people. Why so obsessed to make white people feel guilty about something? People alive today had no hand in slavery that last occurred 150+ years ago. Honestly, reparations should have been done long time ago, when those affected were still around. I bet Democrats back then made sure it didn't to comment on that, Mr. President? Sadly, I think most people are just looking for more free money, not righting wrongs done long ago. How much is appropriate? What was done cannot be measured. At a time when the government can't honor a $2000 pledge to its citizens,…


Obama continues to PUSH for his "INSURRECTION" against the United States and American Citizens. His prejudiced dialogue gave birth to the violence across the nation. And, I don't have to identify who the promoters of these violent acts are........because I'll be censored, but everybody knows anyway.


Mar 02, 2021

!#$%^&*(). And furthermore, !#$%^&*()...and the horse he rode in on.

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