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The Right Resistance: (Old) G.O.A.T. Joe Biden’s age – and arrogance – will be his downfall

He didn’t exactly utter the magic words the other night during his State of the Union address, but it was clear from the self-congratulatory tone of his oration that senile president

Joe Biden isn’t about to hang up his proverbial political loafers and retire anytime soon. Nope. He’s running for reelection.

How many times did he need to say “Let’s finish the job!!!” to make it clearer?

When it comes to Joe, all the Chinese spy balloons and mystifying classified document discoveries in the world couldn’t knock him from his lofty perch as the luckiest politician in the history of fib tellers, system benders, influence peddlers, power hungry egomaniacs, hairdo sniffers and general sleazebags of the highest order. Biden is perhaps the greatest of all-time (G.O.A.T.) at what he does best – namely, ignore all the stuff that matters to pursue one’s selfish quest for ruling the planet.

Nothing touches Biden in the moral sense. I suppose when you’ve got a son as awful as Hunter Biden, you become immune to anything that might dent your unflinching sense of electoral invincibility. Senile Joe earnestly believes he can overcome anything – age, inability to articulate coherent sentences and ethics lapses that would make Bill Clinton blush – to perpetuate his political career indefinitely.

Politically speaking, Joe Biden considers himself immortal. And with the average Democrat willing to back anyone who can bring home the “woke” bacon, he just might be. But make no mistake, to anyone who’s not under his spell, the 46th president still has a mountain of problems. In a piece titled “President nobody wants to run prepares reelection bid”, astute politics observer Byron York wrote at the Washington Examiner:

“[T]he Democratic Party's most faithful voters are lining up behind a Biden 2024 run. You know the old saying that ‘Democrats fall in love, and Republicans fall in line’? Well, this time, it's the Democrats, or at least the party's top operatives, who are falling in line. Last week, after the party's winter meeting in Philadelphia, the New York Times reported that despite Biden's weaknesses, top Democrats are behind Biden, mostly in hopes that Republicans will nominate former President Donald Trump and Biden can then defeat Trump. ‘Democrats, Seeing a Weaker Trump, Are Falling in Line Behind Biden,’ the New York Times reported.

“Maybe that will work, and maybe it won't. But the fact is, Democrats are led by a remarkably unpopular president whom most people, even those in his own party, do not want to run for reelection. At the State of the Union, Democrats … jump[ed] to their feet for Biden's applause lines. But do not be fooled. The party has a serious Biden problem.”

York wrote the column prior to Biden’s SOTU speech, but it’s still just as relevant after it. Basically, the longtime conservative political observer presented a number of polls showing Democrats as being hesitant to welcome Joe back for another go ‘round in 2024 – and the face they’re putting on to mask their concerns about him isn’t all that convincing.

In other words, the only guy who seems to be sure about a Biden reelection effort is Joe himself. No surprise there!

There’s much to fret about for Democrats despite senile Joe’s overly confident demeanor the other night. Seated behind Biden was the ever-shrinking-in-stature Kamala Harris and a very young-and-fresh-looking new Speaker Kevin McCarthy, whose appearance alone was sufficient to paint quite a contrast to the man talking the whole time.

Where to start? The Democrats’ worries over Kamala Harris aren’t just figurative this time. Every four or eight years when a party nominee chooses his or her running mate, the political talkers chatter on and on about “Is such and such ready to step in at a moment’s notice?” I’ve always thought it was just mindless conjecture intended to fill airtime or column space apart from waxing over the actual nominee for the millionth time, but in 2024, this hubbub over Biden’s veep choice won’t be quite so airy and frivolous.

Every time the subject of Joe Biden running for reelection comes up, the story inevitably turns to the fact Biden would be 82 at the start of his second term and 86 at the end – assuming he’d even make it through another four years (or even the next 21 months). So many factors are in play for him, including health, scandals, party politics, world events, and the hardest-to-predict notion of all, the dreaded unanticipated crisis.

Senile Joe certainly appears physically healthy. His mental state ain’t stellar, but the man’s been a walking/talking moron for his entire half-century-plus political career. The question is whether he’s gotten worse since taking residence at the White House a little over two years ago. Being as objective as I can, I’d say the answer is no. Biden’s handlers have done a fairly good job of limiting his exposure to the public, so his semi-controlled appearances – like his State of the Union address the other night – have gone rather smoothly.

Sure, Biden shuffles when he walks, often stumbles over words, does weird things like creepy whispering into microphones and shakes hands with the air, falls off a stopped bike at the beach and generally appears older than his age would indicate, but there’s no reason, at present, to believe he’s not up to fulfilling his duties. Senile Joe doesn’t travel all that much by presidential standards and spends an inordinate amount of time going home to Delaware on weekends. His stamina, for what he has to do, seems adequate.

That being said, with each passing day the possibility of America needing the vice president to take over is that much greater. With polls already overwhelmingly indicating that people don’t want Biden to run again – and it’s primarily due to his age – something must be done in Democrat-land to reassure voters that Kamala Harris is no longer “one heartbeat away” from the presidency.

The big obstacle for liberals is finding a way to ditch Kamala without alienating the Democrats’ most loyal voter constituency – black women. In 2020, Joe Biden and everyone else within Democrat earshot made a huge deal over his announced plan to nominate a woman and then the practical choice to narrow the consideration down to an African-American woman.

Back then there was speculation Biden was considering other categories of minorities for the position, but was anyone who wasn’t of African ancestry (partially in Kamala’s case) even vetted? Would a Hispanic woman set the Democrat world aflame? Aren’t many Hispanics considered “white” in the first place? Did Democrats additionally cull the field down to “dark” toned Hispanics? Or Asians? I didn’t hear a single word about Biden possibly considering an Asian woman in 2020.

If the Democrat powers-that-be made a firm decision to take Harris off the ticket this time, who would/could take her place? It’s conceivable that the Democrat “woke” hodgepodge of interest groups might find someone like Trans. Secretary Pete Buttigieg as a possibility, since he’s the LGBTQIA++++ (whatever) “community’s” highest ranking member. But who else? Cory Booker? Cori Bush? Alexandria Ocasio Cortez? Ayanna Pressley? Maxine Waters? Nah, she’s turning 85 later this summer. Maxine’s out.

There aren’t many stellar “woke” choices in the background for Democrats, so the fact that Biden is semi-stuck with Kamala Harris will serve as a heavy strike against his next candidacy. If the possibility of a mid-80’s-year-old senile Joe being in control of the nuclear codes doesn’t already terrify you, what about his backup being the dumbest human being ever to be that close to the world’s toughest job?

The calculus could slightly alter if Donald Trump ends up being the Republican nominee, because there will be just as relevant scrutiny of whoever Trump selects as his running mate. With the likelihood of Trump forgiving and forgetting his former veep (Mike Pence) at just about a degree above zero, the newly resurrected political Trump will need to tap someone in the steady Hoosier’s mold and with a similar level of credibility.

Byron York didn’t address it in his column, but there’s perhaps an equal amount of uncertainty in Republican circles concerning Donald Trump’s age as it relates to his own presidential run, though Trump appears as vigorous and “with it” as he always has. There will be a smidgen less worry over the need for Trump’s second-in-line to potentially jump in immediately, but the issue is still there.

Aside from his ever-present age problem, Biden will certainly have to answer for son Hunter’s exploits in the 2024 campaign. There’s no getting away from it this time, since even the liberal press has admitted that the famous “laptop from hell” is authentic. Senile Joe’s blanket denials are wearing thin.

The fact that senile Joe Biden is itching to run for reelection surprises no one, and the fact he was so arrogant and over-the-top about how great he is the other night isn’t exactly a shocker either. Biden’s sense of political invincibility will be sorely tested when he does make it official. Democrats don’t want a damaged old coot to ruin their chances of competing.

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Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
Feb 18, 2023


Feb 10, 2023

I agree that Little Joe Biden feels immortal. I'm sure that he knows something that we don't. Or shall I say, some of us know, but others may be in denial about. Little Joe Biden has probably received assurances that the cheating apparatus, that was set up in 2020 and stole the election for him, will be operational in 2024. Indeed, when you look at the 2022 midterms, what is there to not like, if you're Little Joe Biden? His goons will remain at the controls in 2024 in the States that he needs to win. His girl, Ronna McDaniel, remains at the helm of the RNC...huge victory for Biden. Republicans are out there asking the wrong questions, such as,…


Feb 09, 2023

It really does not matter whether he runs, Hillary or some other communist odeolgical leaning democrat. They control the vote fraud and know that they will retain power because nothing is ever done about the voting fraud!

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