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The Right Resistance: On so-called voting rights, Joe Biden and Dems will get their just deserts

Has President Joe Biden finally lost it?

Though it’s always hard to determine Biden’s state of confidence in his own increasingly inexplicable administration, last week the man’s dramatic over-the-top performance in Philadelphia (suggesting Trump supporters were a bigger threat to the country’s democratic institutions than Confederate troops were during the Civil War) made it nearly impossible to take him seriously. If only there’d been the liberal establishment media’s horde of journalists and CNN cameras capturing battles back in 1861-1865, the senile near-octogenarian from Delaware might change his perspective.

It's true that if not for hyperbole and hypocrisy, Democrats would have nothing at all, but their repeated attempts to blow the events of January 6 out of proportion and couple those gripes with outlandish protests over new voting safeguard laws in a number of states is downright head-scratching. “Democracy” isn’t being threatened by requiring Voter ID, but the American republic was definitely put in peril in those four long years of brother vs. brother strife.

Was Joe just hamming it up for what turned out to be a national TV audience (at least on cable news), or has he finally checked out in the mental category and made himself eligible for a room and a bed in a full-time care facility? You decide.

“President Joe Biden is still acting like he can light a fire under S. 1. He has to largely show Democratic constituency groups he is fighting for the bill, even though he and everyone else knows it will not pass. The more extreme rhetoric Biden uses, the more those constituency groups will be satisfied he is really fighting for them — or at least making a good show of it.

“So on Tuesday, Biden traveled to the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia to deliver a speech on ‘protecting the sacred, constitutional right to vote.’ He told an audience of Democratic activists that some Republican voting bills around the country are ‘an attempt to suppress and subvert the right to vote in fair and free elections, an assault on democracy, an assault on liberty, an assault on who we are — who we are as Americans.’...

“...[I]n voting rights theater, the outrage doesn't have to be genuine. Its messaging, directed to the Democratic Party's liberal base and the media outlets that keep them in a constant state of agitation. And in that, both Biden and the Texas Democrats are succeeding.”

Yes indeed. I don’t watch much late night talk TV, but the liberal hosts seem enamored with the idea that senile Joe is a hero and Democrats protect the rights of the skin-pigmented downtrodden as though they’re the last few Christian knights outside the gate to Jerusalem.

I dispute, sort of, York’s final point. Senile Joe doesn’t have to go to the “theater” lengths he does to keep his liberal base agitated, because the Democrat grassroots lives in a perpetual state of agitation. If it could be said that all liberals are angry, pessimistic, antagonistic and eternally cranky, then they don’t need a reason to increase their level of rancor. Big Bubba Bill Clinton was probably the best example of a “happy warrior” among Democrats, but we also recognize that he had a nasty side outside of public view.

There’s no need to go into Big Bubba’s antics in the Oval Office library or his proclivity for using cigars in alternative ways. He was a happy man on those occasions, for sure!

Don’t believe that liberals are always at the ready to act and grandstand? Look at the lineup of current Democrat leaders. There’s the elitist, COVID-19 regulations-defying, hair appointment keeping Nancy Pelosi, who often clashed with former president Trump because she didn’t take to his personality and bluntness. Pelosi puts down reporters when she doesn’t like the question asked (Do you hate Donald Trump?) and pulls rank whenever one of her caucus underlings gets out of line. She’s a feisty one.

Biden spokesperson Jen Psaki gets similarly animated when confronted with queries on boss Joe’s uneven policy positions that are nearly impossible to explain, such as the administration’s views on vaccine mandates and the crisis in Cuba. Jen should be granted some allowance for the difficulty of trying to describe what Joe Biden feels about anything, but Psaki doesn’t come across as someone who’s approachable and likable, quite a contrast to her predecessor at the press podium, the lovely, brilliant and distinguished Kayleigh McEnany.

Senate Majority Leader “Chucky” Schumer is analogous to Biden in his willingness to play a theatrical role to stir up a hornet’s nest of substance-free emotion. A case could be made that Chucky is the biggest glory-seeker of all, which started way back in the 90’s when he was a lowly House member telling baseball players and owners to “Play Ball!” Now that he’s the one calling the shots in the upper chamber, Chucky tells Supreme Court justices to watch their backs and revels in lecturing Republicans about all the bad things that will happen if they don’t go along with the Democrat view of things.

How about Vice President Kamala Harris? She’s a lawyer, but somewhere along the line she must’ve done some stage acting. Harris can turn her smile on and off faster than a guard flicking a light switch at a penitentiary, and that cackling giggle of hers has become notorious. Kamala’s utter lack of substance must be cloaked by some sort of theatrical talent. She might’ve received affirmative action considerations to get her job in the first place, but now that she’s constantly around senile Joe, his ability to lie and invent stuff could be rubbing off.

Democrats could easily form a traveling troop of liberal thespians. But they’re somewhat limited in scope however, since they’d only be good at acting out murder mysteries and Shakespearian tragedies. Or black (non-racial here) comedies. They could make millions, couldn’t they?

Liberals would counter with their own assertions about the topsy-turvy nature of Donald Trump’s disposition. It’s true that the New Yorker has a temper, but he frequently had good reason to blow his top during his four years in the White House. Witnesses said they’d never seen Trump so upset after he met with former Attorney General William Barr (last December), for example, but that’s because the bespectacled man was neglecting his duty. Very understandable on Trump’s part.

Democrats would also argue that Trump does nothing else but put on theatrical performances. There is some truth to the claim, but only in the sense that he mixes in a ton of substance in an entertaining manner. Everyone knows that Ronald Reagan had been an actor before entering politics, but The Gipper was also a serious student of history and policy. One thing you’ll gather from a visit to the Reagan Presidential Library is his diligence in writing thoughts down on notecards for future use.

Trump did more than his share of acting as well, though his was more of the impromptu kind. Trump’s talent for non-stop promotion of his business brand prepared him for his stint as a politician. He knew the issues and understood messaging. Talented people around him filled in the details. Trump’s speeches today are long and still quite attention-holding, but they’re also packed with facts and statistics about the current state of things.

In contrast, senile Joe just lofts bombs and expects people to be motivated by them. Why else would he mention the Civil War and “voting rights” in the same context, except to drum up imagery of Robert E. Lee leading his ragtag army to victory after victory brandishing the distinctive Confederate flag? The fact that some Trump backers still use the flag as a rebellious symbol fits right into the liberals’ narrative of all conservatives as racists and insurrectionists.

Linking voter reform laws to racism is all Joe and the Democrats have. Once again, liberals count on the ignorance and stupidity of half the American public on this issue. Voter surveys indicate strong majorities favor more stringent rules to vote, including requiring ID and limiting the mail-in means to cast a ballot. It’s a misnomer created by the media that “voting rights” is in jeopardy here.

What liberals lack in substance they try to make up in style. Democrats harp on so-called “Voter suppression” yet can’t name a single instance that anyone was denied the ability and right to vote, save for state laws prohibiting convicted felons from doing so. Then there’s the issue of citizenship requirements. Lax California laws likely allow for illegal aliens to participate. Does anyone feel good about it?

Joe Biden can huff and puff about voting rights until he’s even redder in the face, but it won’t serve to rally his own voters to his phony cause. The truth is, there’s no cause to defend. The more ridiculous Democrats sound, the more likely they’ll receive their just deserts come November of next year.

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Say what you will about the left; they are winning. And Novemebr of next year may be moot if they get enough of their programs in place. The establishment GOP still doesn't seem to understand that there will be no place for them in the new order if it is allowed to succeed. Hey GOP, "Holding the Line"never was a winning strategy; it's (past) time to go on offense...and not against Trump, but with him.


Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
Jul 19, 2021

joe in your philly speech you forgot to mention, guess what's disappeared besides those millions of jobs Biden and Kerry promised with Solar panels from China? More Democrat blunders, more waste of tax payor money, The Democrat's just can't govern tax and spend tax and spend, corruption. The entire fleet of Proterra buses was removed from the roads by SEPTA, the city’s transit authority, in February 2020 due to both structural and logistical problems—the weight of the powerful battery was cracking the vehicles’ chassis, and the battery life was insufficient for the city’s bus routes. The city raised the issues with Proterra, which failed to adequately address the city’s concerns. The city paid $24 million for the 25 new Proterra buses,…


Van Snyder
Van Snyder
Jul 18, 2021

Do I have a right not to have my vote diluted by cheaters stuffing the ballot box?

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