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The Right Resistance: On Trump’s birthday, the ultimate ‘unity’ ticket: DeSantis-Trump in ‘24

Happy Birthday, Donald Trump!

Yes, Donald John Trump was born seventy-six years ago today at Jamaica Hospital in Queens, New York. While it’s very hard to envision the 45th president of the United States as a newborn infant, one surmises that the newcomer was awake, active and demanding from his initial moments. If I didn’t know better, I’d assume that baby Trump probably critiqued in a nonverbal manner the quality and efficiency of the doctor’s and nurses’ care as well as the flavor of the facility’s formula. Was the room gold plated? The saying goes that old habits die hard -- but how about new habits just beginning?

I haven’t seen any media reports on how Trump plans to spend his special day today, but here’s guessing he will rise early and get to work on whatever he’s currently engrossed in, perhaps play a round of golf, eat a single large meal towards dinnertime and then attend a party thrown in his honor and converse with guests until the early hours of tomorrow morning. There’s no questioning that Trump loves his country and always puts America First, but far be it from him to partake in a little self-congratulatory celebration on the anniversary of his birth.

And why not? Having lived to the ripe old-age of 76 is nothing to scoff at. In his lifetime, DJT has been both loved and reviled like none other. It’s safe to say there are lots of people who revere Trump and at least an equal quantity who despise him, but there’s one thing that everyone in America shares in common: some sort of an opinion on the man.

Naturally, one of the biggest mysteries surrounding Trump’s life on this day or any other is what his future holds. Trump himself is a frequent commenter on daily political events and he’s dropped numerous hints as to what his true intentions are regarding the 2024 election. Adding up the clues, we still don’t know for sure what he’ll do. Keeping fans and enemies alike in suspense is one of Trump’s supreme talents.

One of the fun things about writing a political opinion column is the chance to toss out seemingly impossible suggestions with little or no repercussions to yourself personally. After all, an opinion is an opinion, supposedly not actionable in civil or criminal court, though the leftist haters would try anything to stifle contrary impressions these days.

As a wise Washington veteran once told me, “Advice is worth what you pay for it.” Since neither the DC swamp establishment and/or the Republican bluebloods, nor anyone in Trump’s immediate orbit are paying me, they can take my suggestions at face value to use or toss them in the round file as they deem prudent. The future is obviously unknown, but the indefinite nature of tomorrow, next week and next year won’t stop a political fan from offering thoughts and counsel on Trump’s birthday.

But first, in a piece titled “Should Trump Really Run in 2024?”, the always inimitable Scott McKay wrote at The American Spectator:

“If Donald Trump wants to run in 2024, he’s earned the right to carry the party’s standard and, wiser to the ways of the Swamp, he would be a formidable president for his second term. Trump is the guy who was finally able to connect the GOP’s grassroots revivalists with the resources and fighting spirit to run and win, and that means a great deal.

“But the future of America won’t be secure without a long string of revivalist presidencies — a generation’s worth. So whether Trump begins that string or it’s someone else is less important than building the movement which dominates this next era to come.

“Because if there is no revivalist era in American politics just over the horizon, in the long run, it might not matter who comes in 2024, 2028, or beyond.”

I completely concur with McKay’s final observation. Whether or not Trump actually runs in 2024 will, at best, pose a temporary fix to a systemwide problem that begs for a permanent solution. After a near year and a half of the disastrous Biden administration, McKay is about to publish a book which discusses the total reform that is needed. It sounds like a good tome to put on your “must read” list. To answer the simple question McKay posed in his piece -- “Should Trump Really Run in 2024?” -- the complicated answer is yes, and no. There’s little doubt Trump itches to take another bite at the apple, and also that he’s convinced the 2020 vote was taken from him. His skepticism is justified even if no one can definitively explain how or why.

What if Trump runs and doesn’t run at the same time? What if a younger, fresher Trump-like candidate stepped up and earned the GOP nomination with the former president’s blessing and support and then, in the surprise of the century, convinced Trump himself to join the ticket as the vice president candidate before the party convention?

Before you completely dismiss the concept, there’s nothing in the Constitution that would prevent Trump from reappearing in the number two slot. And here’s thinking Trump himself would love the news buzz generated by the announcement and anticipation of a virtually unstoppable MAGA one-two punch heading into the fall campaign against the senile Joe/Kamala repeat travesty coupling. For argument’s sake we’ll deem the 2024 winner could/will be Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, since much of the current Republican gossip surrounds whether the 43-year-old will toss his hat into the 2024 ring. Because DeSantis has somewhat distanced himself from the other not-Trump competition, it would take him not running at all for him to lose the honor. Again, this is the way it is at this moment.

If this were the case, why should DeSantis choose Trump? There are lots of reasons, but the best way to guarantee that he would never be impeached by any Democrat Congress -- if they should win control back during the next president’s tenure -- would be to choose Trump as his running mate! Besides, if Trump were on the ticket, the former White House occupant would still be free to do his barnstorming campaign rallies and not have to worry about the media relentlessly targeting himself and his family… or at least not to the same degree. Trump would still enjoy the immense media platform that he’s always attracted without the concerted negativity. Once a presidential team is in office, almost all the vitriol is directed at the man who signs the bills and executive orders and makes the appointments. Let’s not forget that the vice president has no constitutional duties other than to preside over the senate and break tie votes. Trump could do pretty much whatever he wanted in the intervening time as long as President DeSantis was onboard with it.

Egos would certainly clash. But with the right mindset on both of their parts, it could work swimmingly and effectively. Because the president and vice president nominees don’t often campaign together, this team concept would mean a few things. Number one, Trump could set up virtual camp in the swing states and concentrate solely on turning out the vote with his gigantic rallies while DeSantis would be emancipated to conduct a more national “unity” tour that would focus on billing the much younger politician as a “healer” and proponent of all the people -- like he is in Florida -- and not just the MAGA movement. Or, Trump could devote all his energies to rallying non-traditional Republican voters and leave the regular campaigning to DeSantis. Trump has already exhibited a unique ability to dip into typical Democrat constituencies and he could theoretically poach a few more percentage points of support from the liberals. Black men seem particularly open to ditching the Democrats. If Republicans could get as high as forty percent in this subgroup, Democrats would have a very hard time winning in many states and districts.

Two, there wouldn’t be jealousy or envy involved because Trump would still be on the ticket, and could bill himself and DeSantis as more of a “partnership” with the elder statesman serving in an advisory capacity to the man at the top. What better way to implement the Make America Great Again agenda than to have Trump and DeSantis together for big events, each speaking and appealing to Americans to lean on Congress to get something productive accomplished?

Lastly, by himself Trump wasn’t able to affect change in the Republican congressional leadership. As president, Trump was regularly thwarted in his drive for government reform by the snotty and aloof Speaker Paul Ryan (for the first two years of first term) and then the intractable, immovable dinosaur, Mitch McConnell in the senate.

A President Ron DeSantis would have more authority -- and luck -- in forcing both the house and senate GOP leadership to get in line behind his agenda or get the heck out of Dodge (Washington?).

Congress is a big part of the problem in America today. DeSantis and Trump would be elected with a significant mandate to come in and compel change. The “Bull in the China shop” analogy is overused, but the MAGA dynamic duo would be a serious team to reckon with. In addition, Trump could use his new constitutional senate position to make his presence felt on Capitol Hill, couldn’t he?

If I had a chance to sign a birthday card to Trump, here’s what I would say:

“President Trump, Thanks for giving us six years of your time and energy dedicated to the goal of Making America Great Again. We might not have accomplished everything we set out to do in those years but it wasn’t from want of trying. You remain the premier inspiration in politics today and looking forward to seeing you again in 2024. Do whatever it takes to make sure we win. You’ll recognize the right decision when the moment arrives.”

Now, let’s all join together in singing happy birthday to the man who saved the Republican party.

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Sylvia Wood Lauten
Sylvia Wood Lauten
Jun 15, 2022



Like your concept. Trump did save the party and it boggles the mind that many establishment types still don't get it. I know McConnell doesn't get it. I think he is more comfortable being the minority leader because he thinks he can escape responsibility for the many frequent screwups in the Senate than he would if he led the majority. DeSantis/Trump would be a knockout punch in the first minute of the campaign, but even the Mittens could beat the current incumbents. At this early date, I will withhold my opinion on who the candidates should be. Let's see if Republican majorities in the Congress can avoid squandering their power in 2023-24.


Imagine DJT with the time to focus on the rot in our Federal bureaucracy. He could seek and destroy the scheisskoepfe who cost him so much. Sweet revenge! Schadenfreude! It’s a great thought, I hope he gives it traction.


This is sooo inconceivable on many levels. First, Trump's ego would NEVER bow to be a second fiddle. Second, DeSantis is too smart and independent to tussle and argue with Trump on policy enforcement for every issue. With Trump, it's his way or the highway. Just look at the conservatives he refuses to endorse just because they won't kowtow to him. How is that putting AMERICA FIRST? Everyday would be a PUBLIC battle in the WH. It would tear the party apart and the nation. It would set the Republicans back decades and would roll out the RED carpet for the vile socialists to take over America, once and for all.

If this was just a click bait article, then…

Sylvia Wood Lauten
Sylvia Wood Lauten
Jun 15, 2022
Replying to


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