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The Right Resistance: One year since 11/3/20, America’s steady slide into ruin. Can it be reversed?

Congratulations to Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin, the apparent winner of the Virginia gubernatorial race over sleazebag Democrat Terry McAuliffe. Youngkin’s victory helps take the sting out of a painful anniversary.

November 3, 2020, a day that will live in infamy.

For those with short memories or poor recollection of dates, the third day of the eleventh month last year was Election Day, the quadrennial presidential balloting where Americans supposedly went to the polls to choose or reelect a president. Typically a time of reflection and sometimes joy, last year’s civic occasion was the worst in memory, and not just because the good guy lost (or was deemed by the powers-that-be to have lost) -- the way it was conducted further divided the nation, as though such a thing were even possible.

I beg your pardon for borrowing FDR’s famous historic line referencing the Empire of Japan’s unprovoked and secret attack on United States military forces in and around Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. November 3 of last year and December 7 nearly 80 years ago don’t really compare other than the fact that both infamous dates rocked the country and sent it reeling towards war.

December 7 led to the unprecedented mobilization of American military might whereby men and women from across the nation volunteered or were drafted to fight fascism in Europe, Africa and the Pacific, helping to bring a years-long end to dictatorships that killed tens of millions of people. November 3 of last year has not (yet) devolved into a shooting civil war, though the consequences of turning over America’s federal executive power to a mentally, morally and ethically challenged man like senile Joe Biden have not been fully realized.

For former President Donald Trump’s supporters, November 3, 2020, will always bring back bad memories. The campaign had become particularly nasty, led by outlandish accusations from Biden and his fellow Democrats that Trump had mismanaged the COVID-19 pandemic (pretty clearly caused by a manmade Chinese Communist Party (CCP, or Wuhan, if you prefer) virus, leading to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans and a near-total shutdown of the domestic economy.

School kids were ordered to stay home from “in person” schools, leaving many millions of children in an impossible situation. Businesses were told to curtail their operations and rearrange their work spaces to promote “social distancing”. Postal workers and hospital personnel were hailed as wartime-like “heroes” for simply staying on the job.

The George Floyd incident took place in Minneapolis in late May and suddenly it was okay to ignore the enlarged personal space dictates as long as one was protesting for “social justice” and demanding “equity” or to defund the police. Historical markers and statues were vandalized and torn down by miscreants, sometimes right in front of law enforcement personnel.

The keepers of the peace -- the police -- were demonized in the press and leftist politicians were jubilant and willing to fan the flames, calling for disbanding police departments in favor of social workers and even allowing spaces within cities to be taken over and declared “autonomous zones” by the lawless revolutionary leaders.

To try and combat the pandemic, Congress passed a series of “relief” bills which essentially paid businesses to shutdown and people not to work lest they spread the invisible plague. The spending spree added trillions to the 2020 federal budget, boosting debt to levels not seen since the end of World War II. Only this time, there were no triumphant soldiers and sailors returning home to ignite a booming post-war economy.

The standard of living went down, not up. Americans felt like they were shut up in their homes and could possibly get life threateningly sick if they ventured outside or dared to meet with friends and neighbors -- or other family members. We were told to be afraid, and Joe Biden’s campaign milked the fear for all it was worth.

And now, a year later, we’re living with the consequences of voters opting for “civility” (which we haven’t gotten) and “equity” (which can only exist in a truly free system, where everyone has equal opportunity under the law, not some trumped up excuse for dumbing down the productive class to match the least among us) and a government that judges based on what you are, not who you are.

How bad is it? We’ve reached the point where decent Americans just don’t care anymore, because the victims of this government travesty are the ones who voted for the chaos we’re experiencing today. Kurt Schlichter wrote at the other day:

“I would rail and wail about how the cities are turning into chaos, but then, I don’t live in one. I live in an affluent suburb by the beach where we don’t put up with that crap. You whisper ‘Cops’ and five back-and-whites show up looking to drag away what ever scumbag is getting out of line.

“But the city dwellers choose to live like they do. It’s democracy in action. They voted for chaos, and they should suffer for it appropriately.

“It is kind of sad that the rest of us will now avoid the cities, but I can live without them. ‘Frisco was always arrogant and boring. I used to go there back before I got married to see friends and it was, even then, full of dumb, commie people who think they are smart and girls so ugly that they would get passed over in DC, which is saying something. Now it’s worse, with hordes of savages chasing you as you dodge mounds of hobo excrement – hard pass. Philadelphia has the Liberty Bell and cheesesteak sandwiches and little else, while today’s New York is like Vegas – fun for about 72 hours then you have to leave. That assumes you are willing to produce your papers to go in anywhere, and I am not.”

In his usual inimitable way, Schlichter commented on the plight of crime ridden inner cities, but the logic just as easily extends to blue states vs. red states, a comparison we’ve seen a lot in the past 365 days. The images on TV news are so shocking and disheartening that it’s hard to engender sympathy for residents of places like Philadelphia, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and New York City, among others, that suffer year after year but don’t ever vote for real change.

Democrat vote generating machines are every bit as effective as they were in the days of Boss Tweed, the difference being the modern day corruptors are dying old leftist billionaires like George Soros raining seed money on local races that formerly wouldn’t automatically succumb to the notion of whoever has the most campaign cash, as well as khaki pants wearing social media barons like Mark Zuckerberg who merely contributed hundreds of millions of his Facebook money (a drop in the proverbial bucket to the spineless liberal moron) to turn government election offices into shills for the Democrat party.

For those clinging to the notion that last year’s election will eventually be overturned and Donald Trump returned to the seat of power, consider that many of the ballot counts that were closely contested were actually won fair and square by entities that took full advantage of changes in election law and out-organized the tens of millions of honest Trump supporters who couldn’t drum up hundreds of votes in one concentrated location like leftists can in urban areas.

Are these leftist forces capable of stealing elections on their own? Probably not. But if they’re able to bring balloting within the margin of fraud, their power increases exponentially. Think of the voters in a small rust belt town choosing Trump while one ambitious and Soros funded organization can merely case a single apartment building and cancel out the ballots of an entire population. (Read J. Christian Adams’ brilliant “The Real Kraken: What really happened to Donald Trump in the 2020 Election”)

What’s the answer? Vote for and elect people who will safeguard the balloting systems against fraud and those who perpetrate it. Don’t allow the voices shouting for “voting rights” legislation to get away with blatantly lying. Democrats routinely insist that voter integrity measures like voter ID and limited early or absentee balloting ends up denying certain classifications -- typically city-dwelling African-American populations -- their right to vote.

Like Schlichter argued above, ignorance rules the day in Democrat enclaves that have been under one party rule for decades, probably since before the Great Depression. Does anyone truly feel sympathy for the residents of Washington DC or Baltimore or Richmond or (insert your city here) when bad things happen?

Answer: No.

The people we should feel true compassion for are the common sense jurisdictions along the southern border that are enduring the wrath of Democrat policies without voting for it. Or workers in the oil and gas industry who see their livelihoods going down the tubes because of policies made in some conference room in a foreign city. Or on Capitol Hill.

November 3, 2020 will be with us forever, and as the days and weeks and months of the senile Joe Biden administration go by, the bad memories will only get worse. It truly was a day that will live in infamy. Someday, citizens and historians alike might pinpoint that period as the one that set America on the road to ruin. And it’s up to all of us to reverse it.

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Can it be reversed? The recent election results say maybe. Maybe enough eyes have been opened. But even then, election day 2022 is a long way off politically speaking, and considering the amount of damage done already, and the amount the Democrats propose to inflict before that time, suggests that we may be past the point of no return. Besides, once the 2022 and 2024 elections happen, and assuming things go well, we will still only have Republicans to fight with, so I don't know how much good it will do.

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