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The Right Resistance: (Part Two) The best way to beat Biden Derangement Syndrome is not to catch it

Yesterday I talked a little bit about President Joe Biden’s inauguration and how Democrats

are sure to be relieved that they no longer have to worry about an hour-by-hour dose of Donald Trump. In essence, their severe cases of “derangement syndrome” should theoretically subside or disappear completely. What about the GOP? Biden’s loyal opponents find themselves rudderless today. David M. Drucker wrote at The Washington Examiner:

Republican strategists say the party is not facing any problem that cannot be fixed by overreaching Democrats. Biden is proposing to regularize illegal immigrants, raise the federal, hourly minimum wage to $15, hike income taxes for people earning more than $400,000 annually, and cancel the Keystone XL oil pipeline. That liberal agenda could go a long way toward coalescing congressional Republicans divided over Trump and quelling the frustrations of a voting base that believes the GOP establishment did not fight hard enough to support his unfounded claims that the November election was stolen.

Unfounded? Unfounded? We all know there was plenty of foundation for the claims if they’d only been thoroughly investigated and litigated. The Trump-less GOP establishment is doing everything in its power to extinguish all vestiges of Trump.

Despite this, today, grassroots conservatives and Republicans remain a mostly united lot, but still they’re unlikely to develop a case of “derangement syndrome” like Democrats are so prone to doing, having freaked out in convulsive rage during the presidencies of both George W. Bush and Trump, though the two were light years apart in temperament and effectiveness in gaining ground on Making America Great Again.

Nevertheless, sane people should be on the lookout for possible signs of the sickness.

Probably the most obvious indicator is to accuse Joe Biden of some wild conspiracy theory involving the election. In doing so, we’d be no better off than Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi vowing to discover whether Donald Trump worked with Vladimir Putin to spark an “insurrection” at the Capitol on January 6. Crooked Hillary and San Fran Nan are just two examples of advanced Derangement Syndrome that’s infiltrated the craniums of Democrats (assuming most of them actually have brains) and stolen every last ounce of credibility with “normal” folks who just want to know what happened in November.

Our best bet is to ignore the conspiracy stuff and just stick to the mountains of evidence that something odd and potentially (likely?) illegal happened during the morning hours of November 4, when Trump’s significant lead in key swing states disappeared before our eyes. Let’s get to the bottom of it and systematically prove our case. Pelosi and Hill will be on the outside looking in, all the while wondering why those people look so shocked and concerned. Don’t be deranged.

Be coldly calculating and arm yourself with the irrefutable (except to the truly deranged) facts.

Next, don’t ascribe some sort of super human powers to Grampa Joe Biden. Whenever you feel yourself slipping into an establishment media induced coma, remember that Democrats aren’t competent enough to fool everyone forever. True, they are the “evil” party and Republicans are the “stupid” party, but not all GOPers lack the wherewithal to fight back against the forces of darkness.

I personally don’t believe Joe Biden is adept enough to deduce and plan a complicated plot and then pick the right talent to carry it out. Ditto for Kamala Harris. If either of them possesses some kind of extraordinary faculties that haven’t been evident from the moment they entered politics, please instruct me.

Grampa Joe is the living embodiment of Forrest Gump (some might say he’s Joe Biden Gump), a guy who’s been in the right place at the right time his whole life. And Kamala Harris? She’s the epitome of an opportunist who dated her way to a promising political career and then maneuvered from there, bolstered by the left’s fixation on her skin color and gender.

The last thing to do to avoid Biden Derangement Syndrome is to get involved, advocate and participate, but don’t forget that life is short and there are other things to do besides obsess over politics (granted, there’s a lot less to do with COVID-19 dominating our daily existence).

There are lots of ways to remain entrenched in politics that are much superior to memorizing the daily line-up of Fox News hosts and planning your 24-hour period around who’s talking when and about what.

The stakes in every election have elevated dramatically in recent times. As several George Soros-funded District Attorneys have amply demonstrated, which suspects ultimately get prosecuted -- or not prosecuted -- depends on who fills the seat. Too many voters only pay attention to the headlining races while completely ignoring the political offices that will arguably affect their day-to-day quality of life more than who is in charge of the Department of Energy. These are people you can actually meet with and talk to one-to-one if you so choose.

With the national political scene being as convoluted and hopeless as it now appears to be, local and state political contests take on even more importance. Gridlock at the federal level is the most likely scenario after the 2020 election, but they’ll be busy making real policy close to home. Only a fool would ignore it to go to emotional pieces over what Grampa Joe Biden does or says.

It's doubtful that myself or anyone I know will develop a severe case of Biden Derangement Syndrome. Today’s political issues are far too important and there’s too much at stake to lose it over one man (or even Kamala Harris), and there’s too much work to be done in fighting back against the establishment to lose focus. Get going on the next phase.

You’ll be happier for it.

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Good luck with this one. Wall Street wants the money spigot back on!


James Bryson
James Bryson
Jan 22, 2021

The GOP chose a bad time to "discredit themselves".

When the ranking GOP member in the Senate, the ranking GOP member in the House and the GOP Caucus leader make malicious, false statements about their party's leader, the President of the United are DONE.

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