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The Right Resistance: Pavlov-ian Democrats conditioned to ignoring damaging Hunter bells

It’s hard to go anywhere today (at least with a connection to media) and not notice the name and face of notorious presidential son Hunter Biden.

A brief example -- I was walking through an airport in the middle of the country recently and there were several bars and passenger waiting areas (at gates) where news channels, with captions flashing across the screens, had snippets of video with Hunter’s mug as the centerpiece. I didn’t read the words, much less hear what the network anchors were mumbling, but it’s evident that even the so-called “mainstream” outlets are now seeing the youngest Biden son as newsworthy and demanding of a public vetting.

Most decent people shake their heads when Hunter’s name is brought into a conversation, the tragic tale of yet another appealing and wayward Democrat family relation gone bad. Papa senile Joe has always waxed poetic about how proud he is of his boy, and that unshaking fatherly loyalty has painted Hunter in a sympathetic light – at least to Democrats. But, below the pleasantries, is Hunter’s slime tarnishing the future prospects of the world’s most powerful man?

In an article titled, “Democrats insist Hunter Biden won’t drag down his father’s reelection run”, Kerry Picket reported at The Washington Times earlier this week:

“House Democrats say President Biden’s record is strong enough to pull him through his reelection efforts regardless of Hunter Biden’s legal problems and allegations of influence peddling and bribery.

Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries of New York told The Washington Times that Mr. Biden is ‘going to have a phenomenal story to tell.’ ‘Illegal border crossings are down. Inflation is coming down, and gas prices are down, so the American people understand when folks are trying to distract the public … because the extreme MAGA Republicans don’t have the ability to talk about the economy.’ ...

“Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California said federal prosecutors are targeting Hunter Biden only because he is the president’s son. ‘I do think that if he were not the president’s son, he might not have been charged with some of those things in the first place,’ the former House speaker said.”

San Fran Nan ought to know, since her own man-boy, Paul Jr., has sidestepped his particular set of crooked connections while sometimes traveling with his mom on official trips. Apparently, Democrat kids are professionals when it comes to coasting on the coattails of aged parents in high position. It’s almost like it’s an innate liberal ability, a natural patriarchy or matriarchy without the royal titles.

Basically speaking, this is the Democrat chicken-and-the-egg game. Democrats reason that if little boy Hunter hadn’t been in the near proximity of all of his daddy’s power and influence that he wouldn’t have gone searching for lucrative foreign business deals, wouldn’t have made all that cash – for doing nothing – and therefore would’ve grown up like the choir boy he was destined to be… just like his brother Beau (a.k.a., the one Joe said was killed in Iraq) rather than the poster child of influence hawking.

Similarly, Hunter wouldn’t’ve met the Arkansas stripper who became impregnated with his child and no one would be talking about a seventh Biden grandchild who was only recently officially acknowledged by the clan. Or needed to hire those high-priced lawyers to answer to all those transgressions that someone in the higher-ups of Merrick Garland’s Department of Justice tried desperately to plea down to a few meetings with parole officers and no more future charges.

Because of this inconsistency with reality, Democrats feel they need to dismiss Hunter as a potential drag on senile Joe Biden’s reelection prospects. So Minority Leader Hakeem (the Dream?) reasons that Hunter kerfuffle is about Republicans turning attention from the economy (gas prices are coming down? They are?) and illegal immigration (where the cartels have shifted focus away from jamming drugs into America and are now homing in on human smuggling) and inflation and the great things Joe Biden represents.

It's only natural for Democrats to experience a sense of being bulletproof, no matter how guilty and sleazy a related cad like Hunter appears to be. The answer is (somewhat) obvious, but why would Democrats ever be concerned by the presence of Hunter Biden in the 2024 campaign?

Anyone who’s watched American politics for any appreciable time grasps that Democrats one, are trained to ignore data and evidence and witnesses and whistleblowers and DNA on blue dresses and visitor logs along with everything else that might make “normal” people nervous that the jig might finally be up.

Think of Democrat aloofness as kind of a reverse Pavlov’s dog syndrome. In the famous (1897) science experiment, all (most?) of us recall from middle school or high school, the conductor of the classical conditioning trial, Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov, would ring a bell each time he fed his dog. Over the course of time, whenever the dog heard the bell, he or she began salivating in anticipation of receiving vittles for the day or hour.

In 2023’s real life laboratory, Democrats are the dogs and the news media plays the scientist. Each time the news media reports on something potentially damaging to a prominent member of their pals in the liberal party, Democrats are classically conditioned to either ignore it, refute it, reject it passionately, or, even better (for those trained in advanced fibbing techniques), turn the tables on the conservative accusers and make it so they’re the ones who are corrupted or crazy.

Thus, in 2020 (and way, way, before), whenever something would come out about Hunter Biden’s sleazy business dealings, Democrats were already conditioned to reverse-salivate at the disclosures, while simultaneously preparing a news counteroffensive that would portray Republicans as the guilty ones just for bothering to ask questions and then desiring to enforce the laws.

Need evidence? Hunter’s laptop was found at a Delaware repair shop (only after the owner of the shop had repeatedly attempted to reconnect the machine with its legal title holder), and it had lots of damaging stuff on it, so Democrats were pre-conditioned to, one, attack the repair shop operator, two, round up a plethora of deep state Trump-haters to concoct an alibi about how the computer itself had all the earmarks of “Russian disinformation”, and three, basement dwelling senile Joe was already in full denial mode – he could be counted on to lie, lie, lie… about everything!

“Hunter is the smartest guy I know.” Or, “No one has ever said my son did anything wrong,” and “I never discussed any of my son’s business dealings with him -- ever!”

Hoot, Hoot, Hoot! Like reverse Pavlov’s dogs, Democrats “ate” up senile Joe’s explanations of what happened and the establishment media went into overdrive censoring critics, discrediting onlookers, ignoring witnesses (Tony Bobulinski, et al.) and, in characteristic fashion, turned everything around on Donald Trump! I can just hear their echoes now… “Trump is the most corrupt president of all time! Trump tried to make money off his position as president to further the family business! Trump tried to get the Ukrainians to delve into the Biden crime ring! Bad! Bad! Bad!”

Soon all Democrats were salivating like spoiled-brat elitist junkies conditioned to hearing the pleasing sound of Hunter lighting up a crack pipe at high time and figuring the good feelings would be spread around presently!

From those liberal politicians quoted in Picket’s news report, Democrats don’t feel much inclination to worry about Hunter’s legal sins potentially splattering unflattering inferences on his ethics challenged father. Senile Joe’s been slithering in the swamp for over a half-century, so what could possibly bring him down now? He was caught plagiarizing a British politician’s life story on film in the 80’s and hardly anyone even remembers it these days. Hunter’s affinity for foreign money pales in comparison to Joe’s evil deeds, doesn’t it?

Much will depend on how vigorously House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and his caucus pursue potential impeachment articles against the president – and by extension, son Hunter’s crimes. If the investigation and probable hearings into Hunter’s livelihood reveals an indisputable connection to daddy Joe, then Biden’s reelection path gets that much rockier.

Democrats will try every trick in the book to make Hunter’s name disappear from the national lexicon, but political conditions could also reach a point where Democrats want Joe gone. Victor Davis Hanson wrote the other day that the Biden presidency is unsustainable, which includes senile Joe’s cackling embarrassment of a veep, Kamala Harris. Hanson argued that Democrats can’t contemplate kicking Kamala off their presidential ticket because of her race and gender. And because it would look bad to push Kamala to the side, they can’t deal with Joe’s quandaries either.

No wonder Democrats are so vocal about Hunter Biden being a non-issue in this year’s campaign.

Hunter Biden is just the most visible member of the Biden crime syndicate that’s been knee-deep in sex crimes, drug crimes and business crimes for decades now. Democrats don’t think anything will come of the Hunter allegations because they never take the law seriously to begin with – because Democrat voters simply don’t care.

Time will tell whether the Hunter Biden charges will stick to Joe Biden’s reelection campaign. Taken in totality, Democrats have quite a lot to worry about. Hunter’s issues take some focus off of Joe’s. Isn’t that a good thing for them?

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"Biden is ‘going to have a phenomenal story to tell.’ ‘Illegal border crossings are down. Inflation is coming down, and gas prices are down" Uh-huh! One, it's a hot summer, wait until cooler weather; Two, inflation is cumulative and can only be down when it falls to 0%; and, three, gas prices have risen substantially in recent weeks.

This is a good one: "“Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California said federal prosecutors are targeting Hunter Biden only because he is the president’s son. ‘I do think that if he were not the president’s son, he might not have been charged with some of those things in the first place,’ the former House speaker said.”" Would Hunter have any clout with foreig…


Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
Aug 03, 2023

Mike Pence sat beside Pelosi as she ripped up the formal Trump speech that should have been a cooy for Congress and saw nothing and said nothing and this is what he will do in any kind of leadereship position three blind mice all rolled into one person lacks leadeship skills for the top position now wants to attack Trump guess this his way od showing the swamp he will fit in and make a decision against the swamp..............Don't need him don't want him take your 3% and go home.........

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